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Lesbian Vloggers Hit Back At ‘Haters’ Who Said The ‘Wrong One’ Got Pregnant

Domo and Crissy – who rose to fame through their daily vlogging on YouTube – have hit back at haters who said “the wrong one” got pregnant.

The couple, who have over 1.4 million followers, are a expecting a child, but it would appear some people cannot handle the fact Domo is the one carrying the baby.

Why? Well she’s being called to “masculine” to carry a baby, unlike her feminine looking girlfriend.

Domo took to Instagram to debunk the comments, saying that she is a woman who has always wanted a child – and that her clothes do not dictate that fact.

I am a woman. I am a woman who has always wanted a child. I am a woman who likes to dress how she pleases and doesn’t give two shits about your stereotypes,” she starts off in the post that was published yesterday.

Who cares if I like to wear snap backs and joggers? Who cares that I’m not the “normal” look of a pregnant woman. I am Domonic’s mom and I am proud!

There’s a lot of hate going around with me being a “pregnant stud” which is soooo funny to me. Like you people cry all day “don’t judge” or “I hate when people judge” but are the MAIN ONES.

Dom wrote that she was “blessed to be able to bring him into this world” and that she would teach him to stand up for himself.

“He will have the best life. So Domonic, mommy is sorry that you have to be born in a world full of hate, but just know that I will do my best to protect you. I love you Domonic Cristopher Wilson. You make me a better person.”


Domo said she was ‘blessed to bring him into this world’, and that she would teach him to be who he is and always stand up for himself.

So Domonic, mommy is sorry that you have to be born in a world full of hate. But just know that I will do my best to protect you.”

The couple are expecting the child, who they plan to call Domonic Christopher Wilson, on the 19th of March.

‘Can butches even get pregnant?’ A.K. Summers Answers That

A.K. Summers began working on Pregnant Butch in 2005, following the birth of her son, and, in 2012, serialised it on webcomics site Activate Comix. Now a book has been published – a graphic memoir, which chronicles a ‘neurotic bull-dagger’s’ unique perspective on pregnancy.

First pregnancy can be a fraught, uncomfortable experience for any woman, but for resolutely butch lesbian Teek Thomasson, it is exceptionally challenging: Teek identifies as a masculine woman in a world bent on associating pregnancy with a cult of über-femininity. Teek wonders,

“Can butches even get pregnant?”

Of course, as she and her pragmatic femme girlfriend Vee discover, they can – but what happens when they do?

Written and illustrated by Summers, Pregnant Butch strives to depict the increasingly common, but still underrepresented experience of queer pregnancy humour and complexity. Offering smart, ambitious art, this graphic memoir is a must-read for would-be pregnant butches and anyone interested in the intersection of birth and gender, as well as a perfect queer baby shower gift and a conversation starter for those who always assumed they “got” what it’s like to be pregnant.

See excerpts of the book below:

with Pregnant Butch 01 Pregnant Butch 02 Pregnant Butch 03 Pregnant Butch 04 Pregnant Butch 05