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‘Queen of Geeks’ Is the Lesbian Love Story You Need Right Now

There’s something magical about Young Adult fiction. It exists in a realm all of its own – no matter how bad your day is, it’s not as bad as fighting in the Hunger Games like Katniss Everdeen, or as crazy as getting a box of thirteen suicide tapes from your crush, like in the book 13 Reasons Why.

Queens of Geeks is another great story that sucks you right in. If you’ve ever dreamed about becoming a YouTube celebrity, dressed up for a convention, or secretly bookmarked your favorite fanfiction, this Australian YA book is for you.

Check out the official description:

Three friends, two love stories, one convention: this fun, feminist love letter to geek culture is all about fandom, friendship, and finding the courage to be yourself. “

Charlie is famous. Well, YouTube famous. But with millions of followers, she’s one of the hottest young stars in the world.

She goes to SupaCon (a geek convention very close to Comic-Con), in order to promote her first movie and prove that she’s over her breakup with her co-star, Reese Ryan.

When Alyssa Huntington, Charlie’s longtime crush and even more successful vlogger, shows up, Charlie discovers that maybe she has a chance at love after all.

Taylor, Charlie’s best friend, couldn’t be more different. She’s extremely shy and averse to crowds or change. But maybe SupaCon is her chance to finally break out of her shell and win the fan contest of her dreams.

This book is strong on diversity. Charlie is a bisexual woman of color, and Taylor has autism, both of which are rare in book characters. This book touches on mental health, the politics of race and sexual orientation, feminism, body image, and whether Internet fame is all it’s cracked up to be. It’s a fantastic, feminist romp and hilarious quick read that will make your day.

Pick it up on Amazon or learn more at the official website.