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David Beckham’s New H&M Range Clearly Has Queer Appeal

Will the new David Beckham’s H&M collection be entering your wardrobe the season?

Well, I have to say yes. Why, because the new collection is made up of key and essential pieces for spring, including a classic poplin white shirt, linen bomber jacket, white chalk-washed denim jacket and a sharp linen blazer – ideal for a queer tomboy edge or dapper style.


This week David Beckham announced he would be extending his role at H&M beyond his body-wear range with a new collection of his favourite pieces.

The new range is called Modern Essentials by David Beckham, which has been specially curated from his favourite pieces for the season.


Speaking about the campaign and new collection – which will be launched in stores and online worldwide on March 5, 2015 – he enthused:

“I am thrilled to continue and extend my collaboration with H&M by selecting my favourite pieces from this spring’s Modern Essentials collection. Each piece is a new wardrobe classic that will update every man’s spring wardrobe with great style. Marc Forster is one of my favourite directors – I can’t wait to reveal the new campaign with H&M”

David Beckham

David-Beckham-07 David-Beckham-02 David-Beckham-04 David-Beckham-06

Watch H&M’s behind the scenes film with David Beckham and Marc Forster below:

Cara Delevingne Butches It Up For New DKNY Menswear Campaign

Cara Delevingne is once again shining for DKNY, but this time she is butching things up for the new menswear campaign.

Wearing a dapper three-piece suit and tie, wedged trainers and no make-up for the shoot, she stars alongside male models Binx Walton, Xiao Wen Ju and Sam Rollinson in the brand’s SS15 campaign, shot in New York City.

The model-come-actress-come-singer is no stranger to the androyonous look having confessed to being a “total tomboy” on many occasions.


Proving her versatility, Delevingne also poses for the womenswear campaign too, channeling urban ’90s with Sam Rollinson and Binx Walton. The women’s outfits showcase the label’s sporty and striped collection.


So which Delevingne look do you prefer?

Cara Delevingne Turns Up The Heat For DKNY’s Latest Lingerie Campaign 

Right now, we all know Cara Delevingne is one of the world’s biggest supermodels. Always out with different female celebs in tow, photoed 24/7 and in every magazine. However, we very rarely get to see a sexy side of her… well that is until now, where she is turning up the heat for DKNY, proving she’s capable of juggling a successful career and a booming social life.

Off the catwalk she’s famed for wearing jeans, hipster T-Shirts and baseball caps, but the 22-year-old Brit model has totally transformed for her latest campaign with DKNY.

Cara T-shirts 02

Wearing nothing with the garments except for an unzipped black hoodie and a pair of grey socks, Cara smolders to the camera while she makes a call on a payphone.


A Christmas Present gift with a difference, Tom Ford’s Phallic Accessory

For those of you in search of a Crimbo gift with a difference, then designer Tom Ford has a creative suggestion.

The fashion designer has just released a perfectly phallic accessory, which is setting the prudent public alight.

The new crafted necklace is similar in design to a crucifix, and this design coincidence has the Catholic Church enraged.


Ford’s controversial ‘Penis Pendant’ fittingly comes in small, medium and large sizes, in either palladium-plated silver or gold plated brass. Priced at $790 each, they’re certainly among the more opulent gifts this season.

Ford’s decision to market these pendants near the holidays has caused a massive backlash, with anti-gay Catholic League president Bill Donohue being among those haters to speak out loudest – targeting Ford’s sexuality in his ranting.

He writes…

“When we learned of this item, I said to the staff that I bet this guy Tom Ford is a homosexual. I was right. He even thinks he’s married.”

Hurrah for the homophobes Christmas spirit.

dapperQ Presents: (un)Heeled: A Fashion Show for the Unconventionally Masculine at Brooklyn Museum

Watch April Maxey’s amazing video footage from dapperQ’s stunning fashion show at Brooklyn Museum.

Since launching, dapperQ have quickly become the leading style website for ‘the unconventionally masculine’; champion menswear for masculine presenting women and trans* identified individuals.

The team have now taken their work to the next level, producing a unique fashion events to celebrate masculine gender queer style.

(un)Heeled: A Fashion Show for the Unconventionally Masculine at Brooklyn Museum, was one of the largest runway shows to celebrate styles for masculine women and trans* identified individuals.

Exploring the new frontiers of fashion, and displaying an alternative narrative to Brooklyn Museum’s current exhibit Killer Heels: The Art of the High-Heeled Shoe.

The show featured key designers; Bindle & Keep, Sir New York, St. Harridan, Goorin Bros., Sharpe Suiting, Jag & Co., and Angie Chuang; and dashing models, including celebrity model Elliot Sailors.

“Freed from the confines of academic discourse, (un)Heeled is an opportunity for museum visitors to engage with those who are using fashion as a springboard for redefining masculinity.”

Anita Dolce Vita, Editor-in-Chief of dapperQ

Photos by Steve Prue, JChuangphotograph, Maro Hagopian and Suri

The Perfect Fit: An Interview with Vanessa Craig of Sharpe Suiting

Tom Sykes: Sharpe Suiting makes customised apparel for the LGBTQ community. What sorts of clothing do LGBTQ people ask you to make?

Vanessa Craig: We specialise in LGBTQ clients because they have a hard time finding a good fit whether they’re buying off the rack or going to a standard tailor. A typical tailor doesn’t understand that butch women usually want a more masculine fit and he’ll make the clothes curvy and design them to more closely fit to the body. Sharpe Suiting does understand masculine tastes!

TS: How did you start up?

VC: My business partner, Leon Wu, is a trans guy and we had been talking about the idea of a masculine clothes line for a long time. A couple of businesses in San Francisco had started to offer these products and I thought, ‘Yeah we might be onto something here.’ It made sense because my background is in fashion, I went to fashion school and I’ve always loved suits. So Leon became the business guy and I the marketing/promotions person. We then found an awesome Ukrainian tailor, Oksana Putyatina, who had been working in menswear for 25 years. She really understands both menswear and womenswear and works with our clients to get the ideal tailored fit for them.

TS: Your website talks about your products being ‘inspired by social context’? Could you tell us a little bit more about that?

VC: When you look at the history of queer clothing, it’s always been hard for people like myself who do not identify with her assigned gender role. So if you identify as butch, even now there’s no big department store selling the clothes I want. With Sharpe Suiting we’re trying to meet that demand.

TS: You recently raised $69,000 using Kickstarter. How was the experience?

VC: I didn’t sleep in maybe two months because of the workload! I never realised how much effort fundraising is. We did great and went from $50,000 to $69,000 in just the last 7 days. Our final fundraising event was in Los Angeles on November 12th and it involved a model search, an auction and a trivia quiz night. Kickstarter is kinda like a baby; you have to give it constant attention.

TS: How do you plan to use the funding?

VC: Right now all we do is custom suiting and that’s a very personalised and finely-tuned service. We want to branch out into ready-to-wear so that people can buy our products online as well as in shops. What we’re hoping for with this expansion is that the straight shops will start carrying these more androgynous clothes that we make. We want a situation where anyone, wherever they are in the world, can get the suit they want.

TS: You have some high-profile lesbian clients and I wondered if you could talk a little bit about working with them.

VC: It’s always good to have a spokesperson for your brand who is part of your community and that your specific clientele can relate to. Our models are diverse: trans, butch, femme, every gender, every ethnicity. We try to incorporate them all into our brand because we have friends belonging to each of those subcultures.

Our main model is Kelsey Grace from The Real L Word. She has such a good reputation and the perfect look for the clothes. There’s nothing polarised about her; she’s neither extremely butch nor extremely femme, but somewhere in the middle. This is why she catches everyone’s attention and promotes the suits to all the various markets.

TS: Did you approach her?

VC: Yes. I’m an event promoter in LA so I’d worked with Kelsey on an event before she signed with Sharpe Suiting. Like a lot of celebrities here, she’s actually real down to earth and surprisingly easy to get in touch with.

We approached her, took her measurements and then asked her what sort of suit would she like. What would she feel comfortable in? She said she was going to a wedding and, for once in her life, wanted to look good in a suit so that her family would appreciate it.

At these kinds of events sometimes families don’t like the idea of women wearing non-traditional clothing. For that reason it was important for Kelsey to have the suit fit perfectly. She picked out a blue double-breasted, we had it tailored for her and she felt confident in it. Our minds were blown minds when we saw how good she looked! We’re so grateful to her for being part of our brand.

Sharpe-Suiting-15 Sharpe-Suiting-12

TS: What’s the most interesting suit you’ve ever been asked to create?

VC: Recently someone wanted a Boardwalk Empire-style 1920s gangster pin stripe suit for their wedding. It was very flashy and gorgeous and she was so excited. For a woman there is no other way to buy an outfit like this unless you get it made through custom suiting.

So, What is the Fitting Room Policy for Transgenders in Major Retail Store?

Having a salesperson refuses to serve you, or asks you for your license is bad enough, but being denied access to a fitting room because you don’t look the norm is rather sh*tty and pretty de-humanising, especially if its due to your gender not being the norm.

After transgender woman Kylie Jack was refused access to a female dressing room at a local retailers, Styleite decide to find out what were high street retailer (H&M, Urban Outfitters, Zara, Victoria’s Secret, Forever 21, and American Apparel) official policy on fitting room access for different gender identities (be it for transgender, butch females or studs).

See below for their responses.


Transgender people are the same as everyone else, you can take your things to the women’s area or the men’s. All of the fitting rooms are unisex, like there will be a fitting room on the men’s floor, but anyone can change. There’s a women’s fitting room by the women’s clothing, but anyone can try on clothes there.”

Urban Outfitters

If you’re transgender, it doesn’t matter. Anyone can go into either of the fitting rooms, like we have a men’s floor fitting room, but people use whichever one they want. That’s our official policy, anyone can try on in the men’s or women’s areas, anyone.”


No, if you want to go to try some clothes, you are not able to do that. If a man wants to go, no we don’t allow that. It’s because that’s our policy, we don’t allow men to try some clothes, and vice versa for women.” If the ‘man’ identifies as a woman? [After a hold….] “You can talk to the manager. if you have any issue or concern, you can go to the customer service department.”

American Apparel

If you’re transgneder, there’s absolutely no problem, you can change. A man or a woman can go to the fitting rooms, they wouldn’t have to be concerned. We’re not one of those stores. You can be perfectly comfortable if you choose to try anything on. We would help you.”


In most stores, there aren’t women’s or men’s fitting rooms, the fitting rooms are for both men and women. If someone’s transgender, yeah that’s totally fine, yeah it’s totally… there’s no preference. If someone wants to try on clothes you can try them on. There’s no discrimination against anybody.”

Victoria’s Secret

Well because sometimes, women feel uncomfortable, it would have to be more on the side to make sure other women aren’t there feeling uncomfortable, but we could allow it [a transgender woman or man changing.] It really depends on the management and how people feel, but it should be fine, you would just have to ask the manager.”

Why We Love The Latest Collection From Homme Boy

The new collection from HOMME BOY‘s designer Kyle Pak offers consumers, and collaborators a chance to watch the brand evolve.

The Los Angeles-based label latest collection – ‘101’ – consists of totally unique, one-off pieces that incorporate custom cuts, exclusive fabrics, and artful reinterpretations of their signature styles.

Still rooted in clashing subcultures, the collection encapsulates a mixture HOMME BOY’s past, present, and future, with ‘101’ signifying the way Pak revises, in order to refine, modifies and magnify the power of his products.








Addicted to Taylor Swift’s New Androgynous Look For Wonderland Magazine.

Taylor Swift has unveiled a brand new look for the latest edition of Wonderland magazine, and I love the androgynous style she is pulling off.

This is a brand new Taylor, which shows the versatility to her wardrobe and look. The chart-topper is seen sporting a retro inspired style – 80s in feel.



Films That Inspire Our Wardrobe | Rebel Without A Cause

James Dean was the epitome of cool in “Rebel Without A Cause” with his Lee 101 Rider jeans, white tee, and work boots. The outfit made the look famous and became a staple in everyday butch wear.

Why we love it

James Dean’s immortal sense of style is easy to infuse into your wardrobe, and the truth is, you’re probably already halfway there. Everyone has a T-shirt and jeans – right? They just have to be cut right.

Dean’s look comes from an era when clothes fitted properly by hugging the body rather than hanging. The ‘Rebel Without A Cause’ style is about understanding denim, and understanding the simple side of fashion.

And why we really love him

James Dean is also credited with popularising the vest as part of his Texas oil tycoon role in the posthumously released film Giant. He also had his hands on dressier duds like the shawl collar dinner jacket that he is recognized for having resurrected. From the familiar to the formal, James Dean was a timeless trendsetter.

His legacy will far outlives his short time on Earth for one simple reason: He embodied the essence of cool. He was one of the first male actors who garnered as much attention from women as he did from men. And while James Dean’s sexual past remains shrouded in mystery to this day, one thing is clear: Everyone either wanted him or wanted to be like him.


‘Why Do Lesbian Dress Like Men?’, the Wonders of the Butch Aesthetics Explained

In this week latest instalment of “Ask a Homo,” Slate’s LGBTQ section editor and culture critic June Thomas, answered the age old question straight people seem to have about why we lesbians sometimes dress and cut their hair in styles traditionally adopted by men.

Thomas reply is simple, explaining that the reason lesbians dress and cut their hair in a style seen as masculine, is simply because they can, and because our lesbian foremothers set a bad-ass precedent of dressing however the hell they wanted.

Cutting your hair short is not for all women though. It’s important to remember, that there are lesbians out there who don’t cut their hair short or ‘dress like men’. Their are lesbian who want to wear their hair long and dress in a conventionally feminine way. Some lesbian’s dress femme, but have there hair short, or ‘shock-horror’ have long hair but, dress masculine.  Dressing and cutting your hair however you want is about freedom of expression

What society needs to understand is we are starting to live in a world where we can express ourselves how we want – be it as feminine and masculine presentation.

Also, there is no inherent reason for men to wear their hair short and women to wear dresses, so even the question “why do lesbians dress and cut their hair like men” should be be taken with the grain of salt because there is no real way of “dressing like men.”

lesbian-dress-03 lesbian-dress-04 lesbian-dress-05

The Art of Androgyny – Androgynous Models Turning Gender Expectations Inside Out

Sexual ambiguity is in, and to celebrate we’ve listed out the hottest models to take into consideration for rocking gender identity.

Here 10 androgynous models turning gender expectations inside out

1. Ari Fitz (@itsarifitz)

It’s like an unspoken trust – that i will give them something powerful, unique, and new … every time i create.”

Ari Fitz

2. Jana Knauer (@janaknauer)

When you start your career as a fashion model, you usually know what the industry likes about you most. It is either your agent who tells you right away, or you will learn on jobs… for me: eyebrows.”

Jana Knauer

3. Elliott Sailors (@Elliottsailors)

It was a natural transition earlier on in my career, I would get frustrated because I thought I looked too masculine. I have a strong jaw, wide forehead, huge eyebrows. I thought I looked like a man wearing make-up… One of my favorite things, actually, about working in menswear is that people are much more direct about what they want.”

Elliott Sailors

4. Beck Holladay (@mickeypancake)

…dressing like a boy and having the biggest hair”

Beck Holladay

5. Erika Linder (@richiephoenix)

The fashion world always changes. You can’t keep up and it’s not something I keep up with to be honest. I think it’s hard for androgynous models to really get known or get a good gig. This world in general is hard to get into and do well I reckon. It all depends on how far you wanna go. I just imagine that I wanna be the best that I can be…”

Erika Linder

6. Courtney McCullough (@courtneymccullough6)

I find utter enjoyment in travel planning and researching rather than leaving it up to a travel agent. In another life, I’d be THE perfect travel agent; just give me a budget and what you’re looking for and I’ll create the perfect trip for you.”

Courtney McCullough

7. Agathe Mougin (@agathemougin)

8. Agyness Deyn (@agynessdeyn)

When I started modeling, I didn’t have a fucking clue what I was doing. Actually, I still don’t know what I’m doing while modeling. But at the beginning, it was like, “Oh, god, is this right? Is it not?” So I’m kind of going through that again, but I think it’s a discovery, which is fun.”

Agyness Deyn

Films That Inspire Our Wardrobe | The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Rooney Mara’s adaptation of Lisbeth Salander in “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” helped bring the character’s bad-ass attitude – punky looks mixed with a leather-heavy wardrobe – to a mainstream audience. H&M even partnered with the film’s costume designer, Trish Summerville to bring out a range to mark the launch.

Why we love it

The whole style has that gothy-vibe going-on. Its a wearable classic and chic-looking, with a black coat, printed vest, denim jacket with leather sleeves, complete with leather pants and studs.

Dragon-Tattoo-13 Dragon-Tattoo-12 Dragon-Tattoo-10
Dragon-Tattoo-07 Dragon-Tattoo-06

Dragon-Tattoo-03 Dragon-Tattoo-04

The New Prince(ss) of Androgynous Style; Fashion Model, Erika Linder

Erika Linder is androgynous modelling royalty, cultivating a successful career by creating her own modelling category. Neither feminine, nor masculine.

The fashion world always changes. You can’t keep up and it’s not something I keep up with to be honest. I think it’s hard for androgynous models to really get known or get a good gig. This world in general is hard to get into and do well I reckon. It all depends on how far you wanna go. I just imagine that I wanna be the best that I can be…

I feel like you have to be to get somewhere. Not pretend to be anything that you’re not. It’s easier for me. The term of being consider as an androgynous model is not something I really care about like that, not something I think about but I love doing both. It’s fun and interesting. I love getting into character. I’d be bored just doing one of the two. I’m just having loads of fun with it.

I have has pretty much embraced everything I’ve done. To be honest I feel like one of the first photo shoots I’ve done as a young Leonardo DiCaprio for Candy magazine back in 2011 made a big difference. It was the shoot that made people realize that I could shoot as both genders. I have done so much in such little time, it’s crazy. Commercial stuff mixed with edgy work and everything goes hand in hand so every little thing counts.

That’s what’s so great about it. Everything just works well together by being completely different. I have some major stuff coming out still, campaigns, movies, music and designing so I’m looking forward to that.”

Erika Linder

Photographed by Graham Dunn at I Heart Reps

Queer Fashion: Doing Male Fashion the Butch Way

Queer Fashion | Doing Male Fashion Style the Butch Way – When it comes to looking good, in any type of clothing whether it’s a dress or a 3-piece suit, fit is everything.

Wearing male fashion and looking good doing it is all about fit. If you can afford to buy a custom-made suit, consider yourself lucky. That’s pretty much the pinnacle of dapper butch fashion. Buying a suit or men’s clothing off-the-rack can be tough, you never want to look like you just grabbed your dad’s suit right? A possible solution is to have that purchase altered to fit your body. Finding a good tailor you can always go to takes a lot of time, money, and resources on your part. But believe me, it’ll be well worth it. Remember that when it comes to looking good, in any type of clothing whether it’s a dress or a 3-piece suit, fit is everything.

Here are some quick tips on how to do butch wear in style:

  1. Avoid bulky cuts. Always aspire to look sleek.
  2. Personalize your menswear look. Whether it’s a pair of colourful socks or antique cuff links, these little details are what make your outfit stand out.
  3. Don’t write off the women’s wear department. There has been an influx of menswear-inspired pieces on the runway as of late. Take advantage of this and open your mind to the possibilities of tailoring that is more suited to your body.
  4. The same goes for shoes too, there are so many colour options in the women’s shoe department that you won’t see in men’s.

On that note, here are some stores that fit your needs to a T, and will provide stylish butch fashion that goes beyond traditional suiting.

KitschKandy – A real mix of fashion, homeware, and everything in between

Androgyny This store makes button down shirts in different fabrications that’ll fit your perfectly. The shirt length is just right, and the conspicuous darting in women’s shirt is absent from their designs.

Marimacho The most noteworthy section is their swimwear. The swim separates are utilitarian and athletic.

Wildfang For a sportier tomboy style, look no further than Wildfang’s T-shirt, hoodies, and cardigans.

Cara Delevingne’s New DKNY Collection

Supermodel Cara Delevingne is on a mission to get into our wardrobes next season. First came her Mulberry bag collection, and now her full sports-tastic 15-piece ‘capsule collection’ with Donna Karan’s much-loved diffusion label seals her status as a bona fide fashion designer.

Cara Delevingne DKNY 15

“There are 15 pieces to play with—no rules, no ‘looks,’ just opportunities. DKNY is urban and edgy but most of all, it’s individual! They truly embrace the weirdness in all ofc  us, so you can really be yourself.”

Cara Delevingne

Cara has been heavily involved in this collaboration – she’s already been the casting agent and stylist for the campaign. Now she’s even put on her PR hat and written her own press release littered with exclamation marks and capital letters.

Cara Delevingne DKNY 04

CaraD4DKNY doesn’t officially launch until October, but we’re already getting a sneak peek at the items.

Watch Cara Delevingne ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Queer Fashion | The Bold and Beautiful Dare to Wear

Queer Fashion | The Bold and Beautiful Dare to Wear – They say that fortune favours the brave. In the case of this season’s boldest accessories, fashion fortune favours those who dare to wear these eye-catching outfit extras. Each trend is a bold statement in itself so make sure that you keep the rest of your look simple, and let your bling be the focal point.

Also keep in mind, to pick the daring jewellery trend that goes best with your frame. Do not pick pieces that will overwhelm you. The key to this trend is confidence, and knowing what bold accessory works well with your style and personality.

These pieces prove that there are fashion risks worth taking.

Ear Cuffs – Popularised by red carpet rebels, such as Rihanna, Cara Delevingne and Miley Cyrus, Ear Cuffs have now become one of the most coveted accessories. These punk influenced ear jewellery has many incarnations, from a simple hammered silver cuff to a full-on brass cuff that envelopes the entire side of your ear. Usually just worn in one ear, you can wear it on both if you’re feeling extra gutsy.

Body Chain – Body Chains have long been a staple in the closets of edgy fashionistas. Kate Hudson is the latest celeb to be seen walking around with body chains. Fair warning though, this a very body-conscious trend so better hit the gym before stepping out of the house draped in body chains.

Embellished Sunglasses – Seen on the runways of Dolce and Gabbana, Prada, and Roberto Cavalli, this trend is definitely one to watch. Fashion editor, Anna dello Russo, was one of the first ones to adopt this trend. Wearing large sunglasses outlined in large pearls, or large floral appliqués—this trend is most definitely made for the fearless fashionista. Anna Karin-Karlsson is the latest designer to adopt this bold and brash trend, check out her wares if you dare.

Queer Fashion | Streets of the World; Trends Across the Globe

Queer Fashion | Streets of the World, Trends Across the Globe – What are the 5 trends that unite the world? Read on and see.

Stockholm and New York. Singapore and Cape Town. Paris and Hong Kong. All these places are separated by thousands of miles and have distinctive cultural differences, and yet they seemingly share a collective fashion consciousness.

Maybe it is the Internet and social media that allows for the fashion trends to spread widely and rapidly, or maybe the Internet allows everyone from any corner of the globe to tap into a singular fashion zeitgeist.

Who knows? All we know is that it is this same technological wonder that allows us to peep through the lenses of street style photographers all over the world, and here are the top 5 trends we saw from the streets of Berlin to the streets of L.A.


The flat footwear of choice is currently the sneaker. From Jordans to Isabel Marant sneaker wedges, from Nike Dunks to Vans slip-ons, and even onto the now ubiquitous designer sneakers like Givenchy and Louboutin, sneakers are having a major fashion moment worldwide.

Minimalist Footwear

Say adios to platform pumps and overly embellished heels of the early to mid 2000s, this year is all about the minimalist sandal. With a single thin strap over the toes and single ankle strap, this sky-high shoe is the weapon of choice of chic women everywhere.


Not the velour kind, mind you. These are luxurious lounge pants that are well tailored, and more often than not worn cropped close to the ankles. The better to show off the shoes, you see.

Print on Print

Gone are the days when everyone was told to wear prints with basics. Everyone is getting creative with mixing florals with plaids, stripes with tartans. It’s time you get in on that action too.


Minimalist and monochromatic is a common street style battle cry. Fashionistas all over the globe are letting silhouettes and textures do the talking as the dress in head to toe grey or all black everything.

Queer Fashion | Power Dressing

Queer Fashion | Power dressing in 2014 is all about tailoring and accessorising.

The term ‘power dressing’ or ‘power suits’ conjure up bad images of shoulder pads, oversized and unflattering blazers, and perms. Eww.

Power dressing in 2014 is a bit different. Women’s wear has long taken a turn toward tailoring, and it looks like tailoring is becoming just as important for women’s fashion as it had always been in menswear.

Of course, the number one power-dressing item is and will always be the suit. Pantsuits are now one of the hottest looks in fashion. What’s great about pantsuits is the infinite ways you can style it to make it your own. If you’re in a more creative field like advertising or new media, you can be more adventurous with your pantsuit style. Try wearing a mismatching pantsuit; say a royal blue tuxedo jacket with black high-waist wide leg trousers and an embellished belt.

If you’re in a more corporate work environment, there are various ways to dress up your pantsuit. Don’t limit yourself to all black. Experiment with an all grey pantsuit and add pops of colour via your pumps or a scarf.

As always, fit is important. You may have the right accessories but if you wear an ill-fitting pantsuit, it’s all-downhill from there.

Another important element to power dressing is shirting. Gone are the days when women wore shiny satin button-down shirts underneath their work blazers. Make sure that your button-down shirts are in flattering cuts that cinch at the waits and end right above the hipbone. A shirt that is too long makes you look unpolished.

Cuff and collar details are elements that you should watch out for when picking out work-appropriate blouses. You can even take a cue from menswear and add pocket squares and cuff links to your ensemble.

Although there are lots of style guides (including this one) out there for power dressing, keep in mind that power dressing’s end goal is to make you feel confident and make you look capable. Any item that you wear that doesn’t make you feel that isn’t worth the closet space.

Cuff and collar 05 Cuff and collar 06 pantsuits 07 pantsuits 06 pantsuits 05 Cuff and collar 04   pantsuits 03 Cuff and collar 03 Cuff and collar 02

Suits, Shirts and Ties | The KitschMix Fashion Round

Suits, Shirts and Ties | The KitschMix Fashion Round – This season add some tailoring to your wardrobe. A shirt and tie has become a staple for any urban lesbian.

Wear a white shirt and black dress pants with a nice fitted black jacket, then add a vibrant color tie and you will be sexy and in fashion this season.

Suits can be worn to work or out on the town. The important thing to remember is to be sure of the fit of the suit is correct. Take in wear needed and let out wear needed.

It is also important to have it pressed or ironed regularly. Wrinkles are not in fashion and can ruin a look of a suit, shirt or tie over time. Shirts come in a variety of colors and this is great, just remember that if you have a neon pink tie that a bright neon green shirt can clash.

Remember, the suit can be a sexy fashionable clothing item to have in your wardrobe but you need to wear it and not let it wear you. Wear it with confidence because confidence is sexy.

Ties are a great accessory that can be found in solids or prints. Printed ties need to be a little tame, such as a small stripe rather than a large stripe. Small stripe ties look best and can give a little bit of accent to just a solid color tie.

Have fun with ties and you will always have a great accessory to add to your wardrobe. But remember, it is important to know how to tie a tie correctly, so practice

Butch Fashion 12 Butch Fashion 10 Butch Fashion 09 Butch Fashion 08 Butch Fashion 02 Butch Fashion 03 Butch Fashion 04 Butch Fashion 05 Butch Fashion 06

Leather Luxe | The KitschMix Fashion Round-Up

Nothing quite rivals the richness and texture that leather brings to an outfit. Leather is buttery, luscious, and sexy. This material has become more than just a fall/winter staple, and it has become a yearlong trend. You can’t argue with the timelessness and chic luxury that it adds to your wardrobe.

The question now is how to incorporate leather effortlessly into your everyday dressing, and the easiest way to do this is through accessorizing. No need to the break the bank on this one though since there are a lot of chic and inexpensive options out there for leather accessories. You can start with this season’s hottest leather trend—perforated lather. Whether it’s a laser-cut leather clutch or a dotted perforated black ankle bootie, this trend can easily up the ante of any ensemble. It adds edge without looking seasonally inappropriate. Pro tip: Keep an eye out for eyelet leather. It’s a great way to keep your leather accent light and feminine.

Another hot summer leather trend is fringe. With Roberto Cavalli and Valentino blazing the trail for bohemian luxe with their leather fringe bags, you can be sure that this style will go from runway to reality. You can opt for leather fringe on your low-cut boots, perfect for those breezy summer dresses. Fringe might be typically of the boho aesthetic, but it can also easily be translated into cocktail hour with a black leather clutch with sleek fringe accents.

If you count yourself as a fashion risk taker, bravely embrace this trend in leather skirts, shorts, and tops. Leather has become a fashion tour de force that designers are now using it as a material for pretty much everything, from full midi skirts, crop tops, boxy blouses, shorts, and even as sleeve accents for T-shirts. When purchasing a major leather piece, make sure that the tailoring is top-notch and the fit is just right. Keep in mind that this is not fabric, which has some give; so fit is very important. When styling your latest leather purchase, be sure to balance its toughness with softer accents like a draped silk shirt or a delicate pair of nude sandals.

For the classicists, a leather motorcycle jacket is a style essential that will go a long way. It is a piece you can wear as a cover-up over anything in your closet. It can be thrown on a T-shirt and jeans for more casual days, or wear over a bright-colored sheath dress for an edgy take on cocktail dressing.


Queer Fashion | Fit to A Tee

Queer Fashion | Fit to A Tee – To say that T-shirts are a style staple is an understatement. It is the comfiest and easiest thing to wear. It is easy to accessorize, easy to pair with anything in your closet. Did I mention that it’s comfy and cozy?

Denim and T-shirts are the uniform of the 21st century, still there’s no reason why we can’t mix it up. We know that white tees are the best (and they are), but we’re here to step away from basics and show you 4 new T-shirt designs that you’re sure to fall in love with.

Raglan T-shirts

Athletic-inspired fashion is all the rage these days, and a raglan tee is one of the simple ways you can mix some sportswear into your look. Remember, you’re not on the pitcher’s mound so don’t overdo this trend. Wear your raglan tee with a skirt or with jeans and strappy sandals for a more feminine casual look.

Tomboy T-shirts

Steal some ideas from the Tomboy’s department and grab a slouchy T-shirt. You don’t actually need a boyfriend to own this trend (you can borrow from your brother maybe), because there are so many stores that carry this style. The relaxed and loose fit of this tee is ideal for summer layering.

Striped T-shirts

We know that everyone has a basic white and basic black T-shirt that you practically live in. Here’s another T-shirt to add to your basics—the classic striped tee or the Breton shirt. These shirts were originally designed for French sailors, and now these tees are on the backs of the chicest celebs like Jessica Alba, Hillary Duff, and Mila Kunis.

Tunic T-shirts

Swap out your typical T-shirt length for tunic T-shirts that you can wear over leggings or jeans. These tees are made out of lightweight material and usually ends mid-thigh or just above the knee. You can also use these as a beach cover-up. For petite girls, tunic tees can even be worn as dresses!


Summer Boots: The KitschMix Fashion Round-Up

Summer boots are a must-have when the weather warms up; and come rain or shine, these boots will inject urban appeal into every outfit. So take your pick – from ankle boots and sports-luxe styles, to women’s Desert Boots and Chelsea boots.

Remember shoes trends come and go but ankle boots are always on the fashionista’s agenda; lighter than knee high boots but smarter than pumps, the summer boot is a wardrobe winner. Versatile, you can wear them with a pair of jeans or with funky tights and leggings.


Vogue’s Tomboy Styles Throughout Years

Hurrah – Vogue has a feature on Tomboy style throughout fashion history. From Coco Chanel to Daria Werbowy, to Marlene Dietrich, Katherine Hepburn, Winona Ryder and lesbian favourite Cara Delevingne.

The word tomboy dates to the late 1500s, when it was used to describe a bold-spirited or immodest woman. Fashionably speaking, the tomboy came of age in the Roaring Twenties, a time of great liberation for women in every way, including dress. The Jazz Age gave birth to the garçonne—a word referring both to the sporty, bob-haired look that women adopted, and a specific type of dress (described at the time by Vogueas being “good for the woman who wishes to look trim and boyish. It is as simple as its name implies, straight in line, one-piece, beltless.”… read the article

Queer Fashion | Curves Ahead

Embrace your every curve and have fun with fashion! We’ve picked out 5 summer fashion must-haves are perfect for your figure. You’d be surprised at some of our picks and fashion tricks. (Helpful Hint: Not all stripes are evil.)

Nautical Stripes – Yes, you heard us right. Stripes can be slimming, the right kind of stripes that is. Choose a slender stripe in a dark background color and make sure that the fit is not too loose. A striped top worn with distressed denim, espadrilles, and red lips—can you say tres chic?

Maxi Dress – A long, flowing dress is a quick fashion fix, especially during the warm summer months. Don’t get those strapless or empire maxi dresses, those tend to be unflattering. Choose a maxi dress with a vertical drape from the bust line that’ll elongate, or opt for a maxi tank dress and show off your curves.

Sheer Kimono – A sheer lightweight layer over a tank top or a T-shirt is summer layering at its best. Steer clear of those draped cardigans; it looks bulky when layered. Sheer kimonos are refreshing and right on trend. Pick a kimono in a fun and playful print, and it’ll up the style quotient of your summer outfits. Bonus: you can use these as cover-ups either beachside or poolside.

Printed Skirts – Full skirts are a bona fide spring/summer trend. Show off that gorgeous hourglass in full skirts that cinch at the waist. The volume of the skirt is very flattering. Choose a skirt that ends in the middle of your calf and pair it with wedges or kitten heels, skirts are the best part of seasonal dressing so have fun with it! Printed bottoms are a great way to balance out your body. If you want a shorter hem, go for a printed skater skirt. It has a flattering cut and skims your hips quite nicely.

Espadrille Wedges – Cork and wood wedges are permanent fixtures in any woman’s shoe rack. Espadrille wedges are summer’s it shoe. Wedges make your calves look amazing and the height instantly makes you look more statuesque, all without sacrificing comfort. Suitable for both your city escapades and weekend getaways, espadrille wedges give a global elegance to any ensemble. Plus you can wear it with almost anything!

Tips For Choosing the Right Scent

A great scent becomes as much a part of you as your clothes and hairstyle. You look good so you should smell good too. However, with the release of new perfume and aftershaves happening weekly, every gay-gal needs tip or two on how to choose the perfect scent.

Learn about scents – Choosing the right scent means getting to know the fragrance families that work for you, and how different fragrances combine. The standard system used to classify fragrances involves woody fragrances (cedar and sandalwood), amber fragrances (which are sweeter) and floral fragrances. Understanding how these scents work together will make picking a new scent simple.

First impressions counts – There are lots of different types of scent that fit in with different personality types, but knowing which scent to choose means knowing the sort of person that you are. Remember, your scent can quite often be first point of contact with a woman, and this makes it important to choose a fragrance that fits in with your personality. For example, if you are a sporty person, go with a scent which is citrusy and fresh. If, on the other hand, you are confident and ambitious, go with something stronger.

Know your skin type – Did you know that your skin type affects how long your scent will last? Dry skin absorbs more than oily skin, so if this is your skin may need to re-apply over the day. Oily skin tends to maintain scent for longer, so the trick here is to not apply as much, or reapply as often.

Think about your lifestyle – Did you know changes in weather can affect how your scent smells? Also times of the day can play a part. Therefore, changes in seasons and lifestyle should also affect the fragrance and intensity of your scent. Stronger perfumes last longer than subtler ones, so think about this when applying a scent for the day or night ahead. In the daytime, you’ll want something that isn’t too overpowering, but at night, you can go for impact to compete in the crowd.

Know how to combine – If you want a completely unique scent that no one else has, then you should learn how to mix fragrances. Mixing can be a case of trial and error, but the tip is to mix complementary scents such as musky with sweet scents. You want to end up with a mixture that is better than either scent when worn on its own.

Seek advice from your nearest and dearest – Be it your BFF or your GF – seeking a second opinion from someone you who (and is around your age) is going to be better than yours. Pick something and see if they them, and get them to pick a few options for you. If you can settle on something that you both like, then you know you’re on to a winner.

Lesbian Fashion Icons – Yes We Have Them, and WOW They’re Hot

Our list of Lesbian Fashion Icons. From the way they wear a shirt, to the cut of their blazers, lesbian celebrities are certainly making their mark and the age of dyke chic is here…

Beth Ditto

We just adore Beth Ditto’s style. Why, because there is no one in this world quite like her or in her league when it comes to fashion. Known for her band, Gossip, Beth Ditto radical feminist ora could not give a crap if she is a size 26, as she has never heard of the term “self conscious”. In fact, give her an item of clothing three sizes too small and she’d be all over it. Her brightly coloured Lycra playsuits seem to be her favourite. She’s loud and proud and we look up to this.

Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose certainly knows what she’s going to wear in the morning before she steps out the front door. She is the definition of style – tattoo’d sleeve, vests and skinny jeans is her signature outfit, along with quirky piece of jewellery, which she nails it every time. Ms Rose came out as a big lesbian young, and since then she has always had this edgy cool look about her – she is a women who know’s what she wants in life and that is always a positive thing.

Kate Moennig

In The L Word, Kate Moennig played the tomboy / butch, against the ultra femme backdrop. In playing Shane, she has started a trend, which queer girls all over the world began to copy. The look is simple – white vests with blazers, converse on feet, and straight black hair with a floppy fringe. Most want to be her, and in the L word every lesbian wanted her. Her just-out-of-bed hair, is now the definition of ‘alternative lifestyle haircut’ – its bends gender.

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen’s classic suits, crisp trousers, body-conscious sweaters and vests are tailored to be youthful, trendy and flattering. Matched with bright, playful colours and worn with sporty white trainers, Ellen have carved a fashion look that American go crazy for. She is the lesbian staple when it comes to fashion – she proves that menswear is not just for stone butches, but soft and fuzzy day-time-TV super stylist divas too.

AzMarie Livingston

Far from being a classic metropolitan girl, AzMarie Livingston hails from the conservative mid-west town of Milwaukee Wisconsin. Standing almost 5’10″, AzMarie gay essence certainly informs her fashion style. Blazing her own trail, she is unafraid to show her tattoos and sports a crew cut. Her look is unique and she is stunning. We completely understand why Raven-Symoné is smiling so sweetly now.



Summer Shorts: The KitschMix Fashion Round-Up

It’s been a long time coming, but winter is officially behind us and summer is on its way, so shorts are now top of our wish list.

This means one vital change to your wardrobe – shorts. It’s time to ditch the jeans and invest in our key shapes for the season, whether you’re going away on a beach holiday or planning a much-needed stay-cation.

So are legs waxed and tanned to perfection? Well kinda –to the knee counts right?! So now the next question is which shorts style are you going for this season?

Sports shorts – yep, a pair of truly comfy, roomy shorts. For the standout summer look go for shorts have mesh detailing, which can go as part of a street inspired outfit, or lying poolside after a heavy night, or even as an option for gym.

Ripped Shorts – The staple check shirt and cut off tank are a must when it comes to building a retro inspired vacation outfit, but pair it with a pair of ripped denim shorts and you’ll be trending with the best.

Chino Shorts – Ladies when it comes to the dapper suit shorts, luxury printed chino shorts will make that statement this summer. Checks remain strong, along with luxury printed, but hot shades of blue, khaki, stone and burgundy should be a everyday staple. Remember, chinos are becoming a smarter alternative; and more.

Denim Shorts – Jeans are great, but sometimes they just aren’t right for what you’re doing. So when that is the case opt for the denim short, because this season it’s all about light washes, dark blues and black denim shorts.

Gotta Love a Well-dressed Stud | Butch Fashion Styles From Tumblr This Week

Butch Fashion styles grasp the masculinity of fashion with a sturdy leather shoes mixed with a well placed belt and a variety hair styles.

Although butch styles vary from person to person it is the overall masculinity that we love. From Techie chic, to Summer Whites, Jeans & Blazer, to the Dandy – this week Tumblr has presented the best of the best of STUD style.

The Best Camel Coats: The KitschMix Fashion Round-Up

For those who want to add a little glamour to their wardrobe, a camel coat could be the answer. Camel coats are a perfect solution to a transitional season, when your summer tops leave you freezing and winter jumpers can see you sweltering on the bus.

Why KitschMix loves the Camel Coat – well it’s simple, this sumptuous colour suits most skin tones and is a softer alternative to black. You can choose a three-quarter length, belted style if you want glamour, or opt for a classic crombie to smarten up your office look. Here, is our selection of camel coats to style to things up.