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London Queer Fashion Show Returns For its Third Instalment

Marking its 3rd year, the annual London Queer Fashion Show gives visibility to new talent and helps to break down gender norms in fashion.

This Friday, London’s most diverse and inclusive fashion show returns to the V&A Museum of Childhood in East London.

The London Queer Fashion Show stage is home to established and emerging fashion designers and is the show within season to spot new queer talent. The purpose of the show is to express all identities in order for every individual to be recognised and acknowledged.

With dancers, voguers, hula hoop acts, the evening is full of surprises, live and electric energy to split and divide to mainstream catwalks whilst championing up and coming queer designers, with queer models.

Designers for the 2019 show consist of: Gzell, Ellise Lawrence, Plus Equals, Duygu, Insantible Lust, Sophie Cochevelou, Paula Herrera, Vanessa Nicholson, Annam, and The Avenue.

This year the event will be hosted by Ru Paul’s Drag Race and Celebrity Big Brother star x, and walking the stage are models of all identities. From Tess Holiday, Rain Dove and Saara Aalto to leaders and influencers from London’s community like Jamie Windust, Stefan Howste, Kenny Jones, Asttina Mandella, Char Bailey, Helen Scott and Jason Kwan, this event is championing gender-fluid fashion and inclusivity to the core.

Founder of London Queer Fashion Show, Robyn Exton, comments:

“The London Queer Fashion Show is completely unique – we’re bringing together the phenomenal power of both the fashion and queer communities in an explosive experience. This is what real representation and inclusivity should look like, not the tokenism we’re seeing far too often. A stage for all those who exist in our community, real identities, real voices and real people.”

Gates open at 6.30pm for drinks and entertainment at V&A Museum of Childhood forecourt, with doors to the venue open at 7.30pm, where attendees can explore the Selling Floor with over 20 LGBTQ+ vendors.

Show begins at 8.30pm. Tickets are available via Eventbrite.

Androgynous Model Rain Dove Shares Her Story in New Campaign

Androgynous model Rain Dove shares her story for Dove’s new #MyBeautyMySay campaign.

The gender non-conforming model opens up about the struggles and triumphs of rocking an androgynous look.

You don’t get to tell me how I need to look.”

According to Dove, 85% of women 79% of girls with low body-esteem are more likely to stop doing the things they love, including opting out of sports activities, if they don’t feel good about the way they look.

In her campaign video, Rain recalls how an agent mis-cast her thinking she’s a man:

I went to this casting call after losing a bet and they cast me as a male by accident. Two choices: I can say, one, ‘I’m sorry, there’s been a huge mistake, I’m a woman and I’m really sorry for wasting your time. Or I could own it.”


I loved the fact that I was different. I loved that I was unique. I may not be the conventional girl, but that doesn’t mean I’m not a pretty girl, or that any girl’s not a pretty girl.”

Dove’s film hopes to change a recent finding that half of women have not felt like they could stand up for their opinions because of insecurities about their appearance.

Check out the full video, below:


Rain Dove Proves North Carolina’s House Bill 2 Hurts More Than The Trans Community

A wide range of people – from musicians to politicians – are taking a stand against North Carolina’s House Bill 2.

Thankfully, one of the most outspoken is activist Rain Dove.


The androgynous supermodel has released a short video on Facebook about discriminatory new laws.

With almost half a million views in one day, an essay that dismantles the bill accompanies the video.

Dove begins the essay by writing

DISCOVERY! HB2 IS NO LONGER VALID OR ENFORCEABLE! As of TODAY this minute-this very second that you read this the discriminatory ‘bathroom’ part of the bill can’t be upheld! Here’s why North Carolina’s HB2 Law is NOT VALID.”

[interaction id=”57279128d1fca18d369a9a4a”]

Dove goes onto explain that North Carolina does not have a statute requiring an individual to give their ID when approached by police.

The only circumstance that would allow for an officer to be able to take your birth certificate or ID force fully (whether you like it or not) would be if you are driving a vehicle or REASONABLY SUSPICIOUS of committing a crime.”

The essay highlights how law enforcement officers, as well as the general public, cannot decide if someone is of the “right sex” to use the restroom. Dove states that doing so is “called PROFILING” and also notes that

In 2014 Eric Holder BANNED Racial, Religious, and Gender profiling in the United States for Federal Officers as a technique to determine ‘potential guilt’. It’s called ‘Gender’ Profiling and not “Sex” Profiling because Sex refers to your sexual organs and/or birth certificate status. Gender refers to ‘the state of being’ aka your energy, aesthetics, clothing, voice, hair style – the you that is you.”

Watch the video below:


Out Androgynous Model Proves Lesbians Most Definitely Can Wear Hervé Léger Dresses

Rain Dove – who models both men and women’s clothes – won the internet this week when she posted this picture of her trying on three dresses by the French fashion house Hervé Léger – complete with baseball cap. Proving lesbian can wear these figure hugging dresses perfectly.

rain-dove-en-herve-leger-01 rain-dove-en-herve-leger-02 rain-dove-en-herve-leger

Earlier this month, Patrick Couderc, the former Managing Director of Hervé Léger in the UK, lost his job following insensitive remarks he made which included jibes about lesbians.

Hervé Léger Patrick Couderc

If you’re a committed lesbian and you are wearing trousers all your life, you won’t want to buy a Léger dress. Lesbians would want to be rather butch and leisurely.”