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Ellen Degeneres Slams Mississippi’s New Religious Discrimination Law (Video)

Ellen Degeneres is making a stand against the recent spate of laws allowing discrimination against LGBT people in America.

Ellen Degeneres Slams Mississippi’s

Speaking on her show this, Degeneres addressed Mississippi‘s new law on and the impact it has on us all.

Now, I’m not a political person, I’m really not. But this is not politics this is human rights.And I mean, when I see something wrong, I have to talk about it. It’s the same thing that I do when I see men wearing Spandex in line at Starbucks. It’s wrong and I need to discuss it.”

Mississippi’s religious freedom bill, which was passed earlier this week, allows businesses to discriminate against LGBT people.

However, unlike bills passed in other states, Mississippi’s House Bill 1523 only protects people with anti-LGBT religious views, making it the most anti-LGBT bill to date.

It states that it’s acceptable to discriminate someone who identifies as LGBT, if the view is held that marriage should only be between a man and a woman, sex should only happen in marriage and male and female refer only to someone’s anatomy.

Watch Ellen take a stand against bigotry below.