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Keke Palmer’s New Song Highlights A Sexist Double Standard About Cheating

‘To change the thoughts of men, it takes a real woman to reverse his psychology’ reads the opening message in Keke Palmer‘s new video for Reverse Psychology.


The track features a role reversal similar to Beyoncé’s If I Were a Boy, in which Palmer asks her cheating boyfriend how he would feel if she used the same excuses.

What if I told you I was out loving another man? What if I told you it didn’t mean a thing? / What if I told you that I loved you so, but these hoes, I can’t let go? / Could you handle all the things that you told me? / How about some reverse psychology?”


Talking to Billboard, Palmer explained about the underlying meaning of the song.

I think for me, especially with the continuation of my shadow kids, it’s all about awareness.” She adds, “I think, while staying true to myself and whatever my current disposition is, it’s important for me to display consciousness or the process of being aware of your thoughts as a young person. Whether it be abstract or actual or both.” Her “shadow kids” were first introduced in her “Enemiez” video, which she says represents her conscience.

Watch Keke Palmer’s latest offering below.