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‘Rooms’ New Music Video ‘Stars Beyond’ Is A Story About Falling Out Of Love (Video)

This visually stunning and clever video, directed by Rory Pearson, is the latest release from Australian pop duo, Rooms. The emotional story clearly hits the turmoil felt when a relationship has come to an end and communication, attraction and understanding is lost.

When asked about the video Rooms said:

Pearson wanted the music video to tap into the thoughts and feelings you experience when you feel a relationship is slipping away; with that inherent fear of loss that creeps in slowly and consumes your thoughts. The end of a relationship, whether you simply grow apart or lose attraction for one another is one of the hardest emotional roads to navigate.”

The song itself entwines perfectly within the film and the lyrics are as haunting and as emotional as the video itself. The pain the two protagonists are feeling in the film is obvious and Rooms stated:

All the normal signals and signs from your partner become muddled and communication begins to deteriorate”

This psychedelic pop duo are extremely talented and have produced an amazing combination of film and music which together creates a stunning and clever piece of art. Definitely worth watching.