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Kate McKinnon’s ‘The Magic School Bus Rides Again’ Gets A Premiere Date

Though Kate McKinnon’s film career is taking off thanks to her work in Ghostbusters and Rough Night, she’s best known as one of the regular players on Saturday Night Live.

McKinnon has shown, whether it’s channeling Justin Bieber or a woman who claims she was abducted by aliens, that she’s adept at voice work and impressions.

Thus her role in the animated The Magic School Bus Rides Again is a natural fit. Here she’ll voice the beloved character of Ms. Frizzle.

McKinnon is also voicing three characters in the animated flick Leap


Rough Night Cast Talk About The Film’s LGBT-Inclusivity

The cast of Rough Night, including SNL’s Kate McKinnon – our lesbian national treasure – recently sat down with drag personality Paige Turner to talk about the LGBT-inclusive film.

Rough Night follows McKinnon, Jillian Bell, Scarlett Johansson, Ilana Glazer, and Zoë Kravitz on the night of a bachelorette party that quickly turns hilariously lethal.

Rough Nights is out in cinemas now. Watch the trailer below.

Kate McKinnon Makes Epic Talk Show Entrance

The art of the talk show entrance is something many have attempted to master of the years, but Kate McKinnon made quite the impression on “Live with Kelly & Ryan” show this week.

Instead of politely waving to the crowd or pretending to sign autographs, McKinnon performed a 35 seconds full-on dance routine, kicking off her shoes, high fiving audience members, and more.

Kate went on the show to promote her new film Rough Night, in theatres on Friday!