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Making a Difference – ‘Love Leaf Books’ by Sarah and Amanda Berry-Williams

Sarah and Amanda Berry-Williams are two women making a difference for themselves, their family and other gay parents.

We are a family of five : two moms, and three kids, who believe that all families are important and special. We want every parent to feel included in every aspect of their child’s life, and this includes the baby book.

Amanda Berry-Williams

They have come up with a series of baby books – entitled Love Leaf Books

My wife Sarah and I started Love Leaf Books because when we had our children, we couldn’t find any affordable baby books that fit our two-mom family (two moms, three kids). We ended up with one really ugly book for our first son, which only referenced ‘Parent’ throughout, and was as generic as it could be. For our second son, we simply crossed out ‘Daddy’ throughout, and wrote in Mama. It looked bad. It felt bad. And it made us want to give other families like ours the option of an affordable baby book that really FIT them. Really recognized them as a family.

Amanda Berry-Williams

Their books are personalised throughout and hand made to order.

After months and months of preparation, my wife and I opened our little store on Etsy, and have since sold over 350 books (to four countries!) in less than a year. We’ve made books for straight couples, single parents, two moms, two dads, transgendered parents, etc. We’ve made books for families created through surrogacy or adoption. Any family is a family, whether that be Mom, Dad, and Baby, or Two moms, a co-parenting dad, and two foster siblings. We just want every family to feel recognized and honored as the family they are.

Amanda Berry-Williams

The inspiring due are based in the US, but are selling their books in Australia, the UK, Ireland, Canada, etc.

You can purchase the books on etsy – www.etsy.com/uk/shop/loveleafbooks