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Watch Kate Mckinnon Being a Relatable Gay Icon for 5 minutes

Get ready to laugh out loud, because today we’re all about Kate McKinnon!

Throughout her career the Saturday Night Live star has made fans laugh and cry at her funny skits and epic characters. From her time on The Big Gay Sketch Show to her SNL years, Kate Mckinnon has won us over through jokes and wit and we are so grateful that she has.

In addition to her TV work, the comedian has proven herself as a movie star as well over the past few years with small roles in movies like Sisters to big roles in hits like Ghostbusters.

As her name has become bigger and bigger in Hollywood, McKinnon has lived up to her hype and made fans all over the world smile and break into laughter thanks to her killer comedic timing and spot-on accents.

So sit back and watch an icon deliver.

Here Are The Queerest Moments From This Year’s Emmys

Among the biggest winners at the 2017 Emmy Awards: LGBTQ stories and storytellers.

We’ve put together the top rainbow moments of the 2017 Emmys just for you:

Lena Whaithe made her-story

This year’s Emmy Awards were full of historical moments, including Lena Waithe’s incredible and well-deserved win.

At the award show, the Master of None actress became the first black woman to win an award for comedy writing for the show’s Thanksgiving episode, which she cowrote with Aziz Ansari.

Black Mirror’s San Junipero proved queer stories do work

San Junipero broke with Black Mirror’s usually-bleak depiction of technology and the future, with a notably upbeat and heart-warming love story between two women.

The acclaimed episode, which was near-universally acclaimed, picked up an Emmy Award for Outstanding Television Movie.

Charlie Brooker, who wrote the episode himself, also picked up the award for Outstanding Writing for a TV Movie.

The episode starred Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Mackenzie Davis as lovers Kelly and Yorkie.

Kate McKinnon showed the world she’s a comedy goddess

Kate McKinnon was one of the early winners of the evening Sunday, beating a field that included some of her Saturday Night Live colleagues to take home the award for supporting actress in a comedy series.

The first openly lesbian cast member of the sketch comedy show, McKinnon made her mark this season with portrayals of Hillary Clinton, Jeff Sessions, Kellyanne Conway, Betsy DeVos and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

‘Gender traitor’ Alexis Bledel is recognized

Picking up her award at last week’s pre-show Emmy’s, Alexis Bledel won the outstanding guest actress in a drama series for her haunting performance as Ofglen, in the dystopian The Handmaid’s Tale.

It was her first Emmy win.

RuPaul played a living Emmy statue

During the telecast, host Stephen Colbert sat down for an interview with the Emmy statue herself, a golden-winged woman played by RuPaul, TV’s most famous drag queen.
RuPaul was a winner this year too, nabbing the award for host of a reality or reality-competition series for the second consecutive year at the Creative Arts Emmys last weekend.

Samira Wiley looked way to cute with her wife, Lauren Morelli

Wiley and her wife, Orange is the New Black writer, Lauren Morelli stole everyone’s hearts with how cute they were on the red carpet and during the ceremony.

Wiley was nominated for outstanding supporting actress in a drama series for her work on The Handmaid’s Tale.

But she was pipped at the post by her co-star, Ann Dowd.

The Cast of 9 to 5 Reunited at the Emmys to Blast Donald Trump

Lily Tomlin, Dolly Parton and Jane Fonda reunited to present at the award ceremony, and used it as an opportunity to tear down Donald Trump

Kate McKinnon Continues To Dominate The Emmys With Second Big Win

For her outstanding work on Saturday Night Live playing Hilary Clinton during an election year, Kate McKinnon was recognised with her second Emmy for best supporting actress in a comedy series.

Being part of this season of Saturday Night Live is the most meaningful thing I will ever do. Congratulations to our incredible cast,”

During her acceptance speech, she also took a moment to specifically thank the former presidential candidate.

On a very personal note I want to thank Hilary Clinton for her grace.”

McKinnon – who is Saturday Night Live‘s first openly gay female cast member – back-to-back wins also makes Emmys history for S.N.L., which has actually seen very few of its regular players nominated (let alone win).

Kate McKinnon Playing Kristen Stewart On SNL Was Everything We Hoped And Dreamed

Whether she’s playing Justin Beiber or Hillary Clinton, Kate McKinnon comedy is always spot-on.

Last weekend on Saturday Night Live, the show pitted stars from 1977 against stars from 2017 in a time-traveling Family Feud.

Harry Styles cameo’d as Mick Jagger, and host Jimmy Fallon played both a younger, and an older, John Travolta.

However, Kate McKinnon really stole the show. Her impression of Kristen Stewart? Flawless.


Between her slight mumble, her “mind=blown” gesturing, and her awkward physicality, McKinnon totally nailed it.


Kristen Stewart: ‘I’m Like, Soooo Gay Dude”

Kristen Stewart hosted Saturday Night Live over the weekend and appeared in one of SNL‘s famous recurring Totino’s sketches.

The sketches satirise Super Bowl ads in which women are often forced into stereotypical wife roles.

SNL cast member Vanessa Bayer spruiks Totino’s pizza rolls, speaking about how she needs to feed her “hungry guys” until Stewart’s Sabine shows up and rocks her world.

The sketch’s second half turns into a hilarious riff on European art-house lesbian romances, all while promoting the snack food.

Melissa McCarthy’s Impression Of Sean Spicer On ‘Saturday Night Live’ Is everything

Melissa McCarthy made a surprise appearance as press secretary Sean Spicer during this weekend’s Saturday Night Live, and she was barely recognizable.

“Before we begin,” McCarthy-as-Spicer screamed, “I know that the press and myself have gotten off to a rocky start.”

“When I say rocky start, I mean it in the sense of Rocky the movie, because I came out here to punch you,” she continued to yell.

Watch the full sketch below:

Kristen Stewart Makes Her Mark On Saturday Night Live

Kristen Stewart hosted SNL this weekend, which included a fun (albeit a bit nervous) opening monologue where she brought up the 11 tweets Donald Trump sent in 2012 about her relationship to Robert Pattinson.

Trump repeatedly shamed Stewart for stepping out on Pattinson and told him to dump her.



The president doesn’t need to worry about her getting back with Pattinson, though.

“I’m like so gay, dude,” she said, shortly before accidentally uttering an expletive during the live broadcast.

SNL‘s out MVP Kate McKinnon has a butch cameo in the monologue; check it out below.

Stewart followed up her monologue with an ingenious take on silly commercials that show women happily cooking for their sports-loving men. Everything changes for such a suburban lady (played by Vanessa Bayer) — in a Blue Is the Warmest Color sense — when a mysterious woman (played by Stewart) shows up at her husband’s football bash.

Kate McKinnon To Finally Star in Own Movie

For four years, Kate McKinnon has been slaying audiences on Saturday Night Live. You’ve probably guffawed at her Hillary Clinton impression, cheered as she won an Emmy and nursed a major crush on Ghostbusters’ Jillian Holtzmann.

She’s finally going to steal the lead in a major film. She’ll play Grunhilda the Lunch Witch in the adaptation of young adult novel The Lunch Witch, about a malevolent sorceress forced to work in a school cafeteria. The sorceress connects with a misfit student named Madison, who is the only person who believes in Grunhilda’s magic, and the two help each other against all odds.

Clay Kaytis, who directed The Angry Birds Movie, will direct.

Sadly, this is not the edgy girl-on-girl lesbian romantic comedy that fans were hoping for. In fact, Grunhilda the Lunch Witch isn’t queer. But the fact that the leading actress in a major motion picture is a lesbian is a major leap forward.

McKinnon is one of the few openly gay actresses whose commercial career seems to be on the rise. Ellen Page, who acted in Juno (2007 – grossed $231 million) and Inception (2010 – grossed $800 million), has not starred in a film that’s grossed over $20 million since then. Kristen Stewart, known for the Twilight series (grossed over $1 billion), has stuck to low-budget independent films since openly dating Alicia Cargile.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with Page’s and Stewart’s career decisions. Perhaps they’re more comfortable with small indie films, or perhaps they’ve found it more difficult to find big-budget work in Hollywood since coming out. It’s most likely a combination of both. That said, it’s refreshing for an openly gay actress to head up a major film.

McKinnon fans agree that her step into stardom is long overdue. She has, according to The Daily Beast, “that rare quality that megastars have of commanding our attention even when they aren’t actually doing anything.”

The Lunch Witch is expected to open in 2018.

Kate McKinnon’s ‘Hallelujah’ Will Break Your Heart

Now, I’ve heard there was a secret chord

That David played, and it pleased the Lord

Around the country, millions of viewers hold their breath, eager to see how Saturday Night Live will address the shocking 2016 election. Will Alec Baldwin-as-Donald Trump swagger out, telling America they’re in for “yuge” changes? Will he peel off his mask to reveal he’s a killer clown?

Will Larry David return as Bernie Sanders to scream about Armageddon?

But you don’t really care for music, do you?

A pool of light illuminates a simple piano. Kate McKinnon, Saturday Night Live‘s first openly gay cast member, sits behind it. For the past two years, she has played Hillary Clinton.

McKinnon’s Clinton is a robotic, power-crazed woman two steps removed from being human. But now, etched into the lines on McKinnon’s face, we see depression. Resignation. The weariness it takes to move forward.

It goes like this

The fourth, the fifth

The minor fall, the major lift

While sixty million Americans were ecstatic about Trump’s win, the proposed policy of his Vice President threatens to set back women’s and minority’s rights. The election strikes a major blow for Hillary Clinton, who was projected to win in nearly every major poll. The election also strikes a blow for people like Kate McKinnon, whose right to love seems suddenly tenuous.

The baffled king composing Hallelujah

The song could be seen as a tribute to songwriter Leonard Cohen, who passed away early last week. If not for his death, SNL probably wouldn’t have opened with the song – and yet, “Hallelujah” is heartbreakingly perfect. That week’s episode couldn’t have opened any other way.


I did my best, it wasn’t much

I couldn’t feel, so I tried to touch

Those two lines are buried within Cohen’s rendition of the song and were eliminated from Jeff Buckley’s, so they may sound new to you. However, when McKinnon sings them, the song seems to come to a standstill. She is playing Hillary Clinton, a woman who gave her whole life to politics and yet seems to be left with nothing after this election. She did her best, it wasn’t much. And McKinnon is also being herself, a woman who is now faced with a Republican vice president who openly hates LGBT people. She did her best, it wasn’t much.


And yet, despite the skyrocketing hate crimes, despite the growing number of KKK protests in the South, and despite the frightening policy that Trump promised to enact – despite all of that, McKinnon sings, “Hallelujah.” She sings “Hallelujah” on behalf of every LGBT, Muslim, black, impoverished, marginalized and oppressed person whose life has just been turned upside down. She sings “Hallelujah” on behalf of every queer girl reading this article.


I’m not giving up, America
And neither should you

When McKinnon finishes the song, she snaps back into her Hillary impersonation, but there are tears in her eyes. Her voice cracks. We are supposed to see her as Clinton, but instead we see a fractured and vulnerable Kate. We see a fractured and vulnerable America. We see ourselves.

Why You Have A Crush On Kate McKinnon (Even If You Don’t Know It Yet)

She oozes swagger as Holtzmann in Ghostbusters. She floats as Fitzwilliam the Boy Who Wants a Vagina on The Big Gay Sketch Show. She embodies the Clinton presidency on Saturday Night Live. And she loves cats.

Kate McKinnon is every queer woman’s dream.

1. She’s Saturday Night Live‘s first openly gay cast member.


SNL has been around since the 1970s, but it wasn’t until 2012 that Kate McKinnon became the first cast member to acknowledge her sexuality – breaking barriers for LGBT comediennes everywhere. Thank you, Kate!

2. Her Crazy Eyes are legendary.


Ice blue and sharply slanted, Kate’s trademark Crazy Eyes could cut through glass. There’s even a website devoted to them called Kate McKinnon’s Crazy Eyes. Sure, they may be unsettling at first, but she loves with the same intensity as her gaze.

3. She loves her cats.


According to her, they are her sons. They are her husbands. She has talked about her cats on Ellen a hundred times. Wouldn’t you like to raise a cat family together?

4. She’s better at being Justin Bieber than Justin Bieber is at being Justin Bieber.


She definitely looks better in Calvin Klein.

5. She’s as passionate about theatre as she is about women.


She’s been performing and making people laugh for decades. She’s staged three sold-out one man shows – that’s right, she entertained hundreds of people completely by herself – and critics loved it.

Watch Disenchanted: “The beloved fairy princesses of your childhood pop a few Klonopins and eat themselves into a coma.”

6. She’s a dedicated musician.


She plays the piano, cello and guitar, and at Columbia University she founded a musical improv group called Tea Party.

7. She runs Vag Magazine.


At least she does on screen. She starred in a kick-ass web series about a feminist magazine that will hit home for anyone trying to start their own radfem zine.

8. She brings sexy to steampunk.


She proved lady ghostbusters do it better (and queer lady ghostbusters do it best) on the female reboot of Ghostbusters. Thanks to her, steampunk goggles and jumpsuits are this fall’s hottest outfit.

9. She’s award-winning.


She won an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for her work on SNL, cementing what we already knew – she’s not just cute, she’s also hilarious and talented.

10. Dimples, dimples and more dimples.


Look at that smile!

Tina Fey And Amy Poehler Go Sapphic In Hilarious SNL Sketch

Over the weekend, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler returned to their old stomping ground last night to host Saturday Night Live together.

Our comedy heroes Tina Fey, and Amy Poehler, took over Saturday Night Live, and we still can’t stop re-watching the clips…

There was Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” parody was on point.


Everyone needs an Amy Schumer in their squad.


Fey and Poehler made sure to reprise their impressions of Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton in a sketch with gay actress Kate McKinnon.


In one, the two stars of Sisters were co-stars in a Carol-esque drama about two women who reveal they are ‘lesbian together’.


And finally there was Meet Your Second Wife – a textbook example of how to squeeze everything out of a simple premise by playing the ridiculous conceit straight and without embellishment.

Amy Schumer’s SNL Opening Monologue Was Genius

After Hillary Clinton hosted Saturday Night Live last week with special guest Miley Cyrus‘s tongue (well, that’s basically how I remember it), Amy Schumer was the star of this week’s much-improved episode.



Schumer’s opening monologue was a whirlwind tour de Schumer.

She talks about wanting better role models for young girls than the Kardashians and the time she thought she was dating Bradley Cooper.

Am I dating Bradley Cooper? I don’t know how Hollywood works, but I’m pretty sure that I’m dating Bradley Cooper.”

It was simple and no-frills and so good, just Shumer’s particular concoction of confidence and self-deprecation.

This year has arguably been the comedian’s biggest professional year: winning an Emmy, and starring in a hit movie.

Watch and enjoy


Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein Campaign Gets the Kate McKinnon Treatment

Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein campaign got the Kate McKinnon and SNL treatment this weekend.

Kate McKinnon reprised her Bieber impersonation in sketch, which spoofs the much talked about black-and-white underwear campaign in singer did for CK, along with the Photoshop allegations that followed.


Cecily Strong also appears in the video as model Lara Stone, who has to put up with the pop star’s childish behavior.

We’ll let you decide which bit is best.

Cat-Obsessed Lesbians – Need We Say More, This Video Was the Best Way to Start Our Day

Amy Adams and Kate McKinnon played cat-obsessed girlfriends on the weekend’s Saturday Night Live.


Playing Barbara and Ashley, the two, did a hilarious ketch about cat adoption. In the set, it appears Barb has broken up with Cat (once played by Charlize Theron), who was her companion last time she encouraged viewers to save a kitty. However, now she is with Ashley who just wants Barb to say she loves her.

Cat-Rescue-Commercial-01 Cat-Rescue-Commercial-02 Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 10.50.52 Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 10.51.07

Meet ‘The Dudleys’, Saturday Night Live’s Alternative Sitcom Family

Meet the Dudleys! There’s Mrs. Dudley, Mr. Dudley, and their two loving daughters. Actually its Mr. Dudley, Mr. Dudley, and their two loving daughters. No, now it Mr. Dudley, a new alternative Mr. Dudley (this is getting confusing). Oh and is that Crazy Eyes from ‘Orange is the New Black’?


Guest starring Woody Harrelson, Uzo Aduba, and Saturday Night Live team, the sketch takes the Mickey out Twitter feedback and token representation. Parodying the network changes to a traditional sitcom to appeal to online complaints. The sketch lampoons stereotypical sitcoms, cynical business decisions, Twitter, and even snail mail.

However, when it receives so many makeovers that it is completely unrecognisable as the show it started out as, it then receives complaints from narrow-minded, homophobic idiots, and we are back to square one.

Watch below: