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Rio 2016: The Decidedly Gay-Friendly Olympics

Unlike the Sochi Games two years ago, where gay rights were called into question over anti-gay laws enacted by Russia’s government, the Rio Games seem to be increasingly tolerant by comparison.

It hasn’t been flawless — for example, homophobic slurs were shouted by some in the stands at a U.S. women’s soccer match as the games opened — but there’s certain signs of progress on the inclusion front.

Olympic beach volleyball bronze medalist Larissa Franca of Brazil, said in a recent interview

I know all the prejudice that exists in society against homosexuals. We don’t choose our feelings, let alone control them.”


Her comments, mirrored U.S. women’s basketball star Elena Delle Donne, who came out and announced her engagement last week.

That’s what I hope for and I feel like our society is going in the right direction. That’s not a story. It’s normal.”

So far in these Olympics, there seems to be far more cheering than prejudice.

Whether it was a transgender model appearing in the athletes’ parade at the opening ceremony, two men kissing during their leg of the torch relay along Copacabana Beach or the British women’s field hockey team including two teammates who are married — an Olympic first — it has already been a games unlike any other for the LGBTQ community.


That’s as the International Olympic Committee intended, too. After Sochi, the IOC required future Olympic host cities to abide by rules that forbid any kind of discrimination, including with regard to sexual orientation.

IOC spokesman Mark Adams said Tuesday.

It’s in the charter that we don’t accept any discrimination on grounds of race or religion and sexuality is now included in that.”

Outsports.com reported that there are at least 46 publicly known LGBT athletes in the Rio Games, the highest number of any Olympics.

British diver Tom Daley won a bronze medal in the synchronized competition, with his fiance in the stands to cheer him on — and whatever buzz that created didn’t seem to overshadow the medal accomplishment whatsoever.

Daley came out in 2013 and said he’s never been happier.

I’m at my most consistent. I feel ready physically, psychologically, everything, so I’m really excited.”

Daley said the support he’s gotten has been empowering, and British racewalker Tom Bosworth can relate. When Bosworth revealed his sexuality publicly last year, he said he was blown away by the support from those who already knew and people he never met.

It’s actually spurred me on. It’s actually given me more motivation. … Now I feel like I’m doing it for even more people than before.”

10 Awesome Queer Women We’ve Been Rooting For At Rio 2016

Apparently there are double the amount of out LGBT athletes competing in Rio this year compared to the 2012 London Olympics and the majority of them are gay women.

So, we have compiled a list of our top 10 favourites for you to all look out for.

Put those tongues away ladies, these gals have got medals to win.

1. Elena Delle Donne

Elena is 26, a basketball player, and is representing the USA. She only recently came out as gay in the August issue of Vogue. What a complete babe she is and her partner, Amanda Clifton, must be very proud indeed.

2. Seimone Augustus


Seimone is 32 and a 2014 Basketball World Champion as well as a two-time gold medallist as well. Seimone married her wife Lataya Varner in 2015 and is sure to give her best in Rio this year. Go girl!

3. Kate and Helen Richardson-Walsh

103834959-HelenRichardson-Walsh-sport-large_trans++qVzuuqpFlyLIwiB6NTmJwfSVWeZ_vEN7c6bHu2jJnT8 helen-richardson-walsh-emily-wold_3489377

These two just have to be one of the sweetest married lez couples in sport. They both play Hockey for the UK team and married in 2013. They secured the bronze medal in London 2012 and have every chance of bringing it home together this year.

4. Larissa Franca


Larissa is a beach volleyball player and will be representing Brazil. She married her wife, Liliane Maestrini in 2013. Larissa is the 2012 Olympic Bronze medallist and 2011 World Champion so she is sure to do well again this year.

5. Megan Rapinoe


Super cute Megan plays Woman’s soccer for team USA. She recently got engaged to her girlfriend, singer/songwriter Sera Cahoone. The team are the world cup champions and it would be amazing if they could take home the Olympic gold as well. Do your best Megan, we’re all right behind you!

6. Hedvig Lindahl


Hedvig represents Sweden in women’s soccer and she is their goalkeeper. She has a wife and a son who apparently go with her when she plays and cheer her on from the side-lines. We’re cheering you as well, Hedvig.

7. Ashley Nee


Ashley is a little cutie and at 27 years old she represents the USA in kayaking. She is married to Ashley McEwen and they got married on the Potomac River where Ashley first learnt how to paddle. That’s just so darn super cute and gives us all a warm, fuzzy glow.

8. Katie Duncan

Katie represents New Zealand in the football team. Her wife Priscilla is also a New Zealand footballer. Before Katie left for Rio she shaved her head for charity so not only is she super sexy she’s also super kind as well.

9. Michelle Heyman


Michelle is a striker for Australia and this is her first Olympic Games appearance. She is 28 and also sports some of the coolest tats ever. She said in an interview once that she has always been out and proud and when she returns from Rio she is going to get some Olympic Rings tattooed on her body somewhere as a memento.

10. Nadine Muller


Nadine is a discus thrower representing Germany and has never earned an Olympic Medal so now is her chance. She married her wife on New Year’s Eve in 2013 and announced it publically on Facebook. We all hope she will be throwing her discus as far as possible with those awesome biceps of hers flexing away.

Six Out WNBA Players Whose Names You Need to Know in 2015

Despite the WNBA as we know it being quite gay friendly and accepting of all orientations, it actually has a history of shunning its gay audiences. In moves designed to draw in a straight, nuclear family crowd and avoid the ‘all female athletes are lesbians’ stereotype, the WNBA spent years trying to avoid all things lesbian.

It began at its launch in 1997 when it tried to market Sheryl Swoopes as the face of its league (Swoopes being married and pregnant at the time) and then in 1998 The Advocate reported that “don’t come out” was often the advice given to gay WNBA players. In 2000 the WNBA released a list of engaged or married players to the press in an effort to prove how small the lesbian player presence was and even by 2008 players were being taught how to wear clothes and put on make-up as if the male gaze should ever be considered in the sporting world.

The past events of one of the world’s most important establishments for women’s sports leave a dark blotch of a mark on its past. But the past is the past and after recent WNBA marketing initiatives have targeted towards lesbians, the organisation seems to be cleaning up its act. And, as the below list will show you, there are plenty of gay WNBA players for queer women to support too.

WNBA-Brittney-GrinerBrittney Griner

Brittney Griner’s name being featured on this list probably negates the wording of the title – you likely already know who she is.

The number one pick in the 2013 WNBA draft, Griner has already had massive success on the professional court. In her first game for the Phoenix Mercury she recorded two slam dunks, equalling the WNBA dunk record and becoming the first WNBA player to dunk twice in one game. She helped the team to win the 2014 WNBA title, has been named a WNBA all-star twice and was featured on the roster for the USA at the 2014 FIBA World Championship for women

Such a phenomenally talented player, Griner is also out and proud and as the first openly gay athlete to be sponsored by Nike, she also looks tremendously good whilst doing so.

WNBA-Glory-JohnsonGlory Johnson

Similarly talented is Glory Johnson. Playing collegiately for the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, Johnson recorded 36 double doubles (double digit figures in two of five categories – points, steals, blocks, assists or rebounds – in one game) across the course of her collegiate career and trained under head coach Pat Summitt. For those out of the loop, Summitt holds the record for the most wins recorded in NCAA basketball history (men or women’s teams) meaning that Johnson’s talented was in good hands. Johnson was also picked 4th by Tulsa Shock in the first round of the 2012 WNBA draft and has since been named to the Western Conference All-Star team twice.

Oh and she also happens to be engaged to Brittney Griner, which is just adorable

WNBA-Angel-McCoughtryAngel McCoughtry

As worthy of the ‘supremely talented’ moniker as Johnson and Griner is Angel McCoughtry. Where Griner has dunks and blocks, McCoughtry just has outright scoring, having been a two time WNBA scoring champion as a player for Atlanta Dream (which she was drafted to as 1st overall in the 2009 draft), a two time WNBA all star and led the league in steals in 2012. The defensive side of her game isn’t shabby either, being voted as a member of the WNBA All Defensive Team in every year she’s played in the league.

As for her sexuality, McCoughtry makes hers no secret and as well as being a fantastic basketball player in the city, the community also loves her for her hosting and supporting of Atlanta pride events during Summer.

WNBA-Cappie-PondexterCappie Pondexter

Know for her scrappy play, there’s a reason that Cappie Pondexter was voted by fans as one of the top 15 players in WNBA history. That’s certainly some high praise but she has the talent to back it up having won an Olympic gold medal at Beijing 2008, she was named a WNBA all star three times and won the WNBA title with the Phoenix Mercury twice (she was even named MVP of their 2007 finals) before requesting a trade that sent her to the New York Liberty in 2010.

Off the court Pondexter is also a savvy businesswoman. She recently set up 4 Seasons Style Management, a company helps people tailor their images – showing that she has tactical sports smarts as well as business ones.

WNBA-Seimone-AugustusSeimone Augustus

Drafted number one in 2006 by the Minnesota Lynx, Seimone Augustus was named the Rookie of the Year. As her career has progressed, her talent has only increased even further having since gone on to become a five time WNBA all star, a two time WNBA champion (in 2011 she the MVP of the finals) and outside of the United States she has also been a two time EuroCup Champion and was a EuroCup MVP too.

As well as being one the most recognised WNBA players around, Augustus is also outspoken on the topic of gay rights too. In 2012 she voiced her opinion against the Minnesota gay marriage ban (marriage equality became legal in 2013), even appearing in an ESPN Outside the Lines reports with her then fiancé LaTaya Varner.

WNBA-Janel-McCarvilleJanel McCarville

Drafted number one in 2005 by the (now defunct) Charlotte Sting, Janel McCarville has played all across the international map. She’s been at New York Liberty in the US, Good Angels Košice in Slovakia, CCC Polkowice in Poland and Spartak Moscow Region in Russia. She currently plays for the Minnesota Lynx with Seimone Augustus, having been part of the side that won the 2013 WNBA title.

Like her teammate, McCarville is also outspoken and appeared in Curve Magazine in 2011 speaking openly about her sexuality, saying that it’s nothing she’s ever felt the need to hide away.