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New Concealed Carry Law Has Students in an Uproar

There’s a new law being passed in Texas that would allow students to carry concealed weapons onto campus – as long as that concealed weapon didn’t look like a penis.

Texas University music student Jessica Jin is facing a great deal of publicity lately as she has spoken of her intention to start bringing a dildo to her classes with her, starting August 1st, 2016, and her invitations for others to do so as well.

Jessica Jin 01

This decision was made in protest of a new “concealed carry” law that will allow licensed gun owners to bring their guns onto the school property, including public hallways and even classrooms. This law is being touted as an effort to discourage school shootings, but Jin’s supporters think that this is a grievous mistake.

Especially, when you consider the fact that Jessica could face serious consequences for her protest. According to Texas University’s code of conduct:

“Subchapter 13–200. Prohibited Expression

Sec. 13–201. Obscenity

No person or organization will distribute or display on the campus any writing or visual image, or engage in any public performance, that is obscene. A writing, image, or performance is “obscene” if it is obscene as defined in Texas Penal Code, Section 43.21 or successor provisions, and is within the constitutional definition of obscenity as set forth in decisions of the United States Supreme Court.”

This would, in theory, cover any type of sexual expression – which, while potentially distracting, doesn’t carry the dangerous risks that would be associated with allowing the guns to enter the campus as the law entails.

Originally, Jin was unaware that this stipulation existed – she was simply planning the dildos to make a statement about how those involved with the new law were “a bunch of dildos” because they couldn’t see how their well-intending “safety measure” was nothing more than Texas’s long-standing opinions on gun ownership.

Gun owners especially are giving Jin a great amount of backlash, with some making accusations that if she were less inclined to make “pointless statements” that she might be able to get an actual human penis – which is a thinly veiled attack at her person, rather than her views. This friction has strengthened Jin’s resolve, and her following – which stands at almost 11,000 supporters on the event’s Facebook page alone.

Jessica Jin 02

This preference of gun ownership versus sexual freedoms isn’t a new thing for Texas, however. In 2008, the Supreme Court was involved in a decision that would end a 35-year-long ban against the sale or use of sex toys within the state. The Supreme Court decided that it was not Constitutional to regulate the sexual activities of a consenting adult, and therefore the states had no powers to impose or enforce laws that would limit their sexual expression.

Jin and her followers feel that it’s ridiculous that the school could impose laws that would, essentially, be limiting that guaranteed sexual freedom, while also passing a bill that put their personal safety at risk. After all, there should never be a situation where it is appropriate for a student to have a weapon in a classroom – and many feel that allowing this activity would only be inviting more trouble than it could possibly hope to prevent.

Our society as a whole has taken to criminalizing our sexual lives in whatever ways they feel they can. In the gay community, we certainly feel the most pressure from these laws, but certainly there are a number of other groups speaking out about it as well.

Jessica, we at KitschMix wish you the best in your protest – it’s time to fight back against slut shaming and senseless bans on our private lives!

A Woman Creates Vibrator Selfie Stick; Just In Case You Wanted To Share An Orgasm Selfie

And there we were thinking dildos were the original selfie stick…


Yup, it’s a vibrator attached to selfie stick.

So now, you can capture the moment you make yourself orgasm.

We wish. In society were everything is shared and nothing is sacred – why not share with the world.

Alas (for the moment) the innovative creation appears to be just an elaborate joke – making fun of the extent to which we over share every detail of our lives through social media.

After all, the website looks basic to say the least and there’s no clear place to purchase it from.

But some people seem pretty keen on the idea.

One person commented on YouTube:

This is literally [the] invention of the year.”

We may disagree with that, but we’ll keep you updated if its finally launched.

Sex Toys or Beauty Products? Let The Awkwardness Ensue (Video)

So in a fabulously cheeky video, C Fashion invited people into a studio to test some of the most cutting edge beauty products about to hit the market – without telling them they were actually, um, pleasure aids.

Let’s just say awkwardness ensued… 


st-video-02 st-video-01 st-video-04


Sex Toys or Beauty Products?

Lesbians Explain Sex Toys (video)

Some lesbians use sex toys, some don’t. Some enjoy penetration, and some enjoy giving. There is no real rule.

Truth be told, most sex toys can be used for any and all bodies in any and all couples or groupings. All you need is a little creativity, an open mind, and possibly some lube.

You can catch more videos from Arielle Scarcella on her YouTube channel – so good and so funny.

Are Sex Toys Something to be Ashamed of?

Once something you could only find in a shady sex shop, sex toys are now mainstream. So mainstream, in fact, that both Trojan and Durex have products you can pick up at your local chemist.

The fact is, more people are bringing sex toys to bed, and they’re not ashamed to do so. We all have a healthy stash of goodies somewhere around our homes, just barely out of hand’s reach, for fun times.

But where to stash them? Where do you hide your dildo…


Sex toy fail

Here are a few tips from the wonderful Arielle Scarcel and friends – so take note 😉

Arielle Scarcel - Where To Hide Your Dildo...

Margaret Thatcher Wanted Banning Sex Toys to Protect ‘Public Decency’

That’s correct, the late Margaret Thatcher wanted to banning sex toys when she was Prime Minster, to protect ‘public decency’.

According to documents from the National Archives released today, Thatcher met with anti-obscenity campaigner Mary Whitehouse, with the intention to use an anti-pornography law to ban the sex toys.

In a memo from then Home Secretary Leon Brittan, to Thatcher, he said there was a “strong case” to legislate to ban sex toys under the law.

“Some of the items in circulation are most objectionable, including some which can cause physical injury. 

There is a strong case for bringing sex aids fully within the scope of the ‘deprave and corrupt’ test in the 1959 [Obscene Publications] Act.

However, certain conceptual difficulties in extending an act designed only to deal with pornography would need to be overcome.”

The Anti-Pornography Act has been used in the past to ban Lady Chatterley’s Lover in 1960. It is also responsible for banning the DH Lawrence novel through defining “obscene” items as those which were “such as to tend to deprave and corrupt.”