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Single You vs. Relationship You and 7 Things You Said You Wouldn’t do

Single You told yourself you wouldn’t become one of ‘those girlfriends’ who neglects all other responsibilities, dumps their relationship issues on others, drops out of parties, and neglects their personal goals for a relationship.

But here comes Relationship You, and you’re in love, and sometimes its really worth putting these things on hold – right?!

So regardless if you’ve been in a relationship for two weeks or three years, here are all the things Single You said Relationship You would never do.

Single You vs. Relationship You 05

1. Shacking up and playing “house” all weekend

You used to hate that one friend who couldn’t come across town to hang because she was having too much fun cooking and cuddling with her girlfriend.

Now you ARE her, and you get it. And what can you say? The option to not leave your couch sounds better.

Single You vs. Relationship You 04

2. Bringing girlfriend drama out with you

No one wants to hear about the latest soap opera that is your relationship, let alone make you feel better about having a girlfriend when their single. Relationship You should know her audience better.

Single You vs. Relationship You 07

3. Giving up plans with your friends to attend your girlfriends aunt’s birthday

While you could have been eating and gossiping with your mates, you are instead doing it with OAPs – long gone are the frills and spoils of a carefree single life, doing as and what you please.

Single You vs. Relationship You 01

4. Referring to your partner in every story

It’s like you don’t live separate lives anymore. This used to scare Single You and made you say harsh things like, “She’s not her own person.”

But now, it makes you feel good to have each other’s backs and say things like, “I get to hang out with my best friend.”

Single You vs. Relationship You 10

5. Referring to yourselves as a “WE”

This one always made Single You especially bitter – women who are part of a couple and thus, need to refer to her other half as a “WE.”

And yet, here you are, answering people’s questions about your weekend plans almost instinctively as “Us.”

Single You vs. Relationship You 09

6. Staying in because your girlfriend isn’t going out

Nooooo – your internally pouting. This one takes guts to admit, so at least you’re not totally betraying your moral high ground.

Single You knew how to spot one when she saw the “I’m not feeling well” excuses coming on.

You’re not trying to get all dolled up for no one’s attention. There, you said it. You can go back to rubbing your boy toy’s back now.

Single You vs. Relationship You 03

7. Posting to many “wefies”

Vacation pics are already upsetting to everyone who isn’t there.

Why make it worse by showcasing lovey-dovey, vomit-inducing pictures of you and your boy making out? Single You would have called you out two Snapchat stories ago.

Single You vs. Relationship You 02


Are you a Single Lesbian? Then Look Out For These 5 Sayings People Love to Say

We have all being single at one point in life either by choice or due to circumstances. Everyone can attest that during this period all sorts of remarks and statements are directed towards you by others already in relationships or by people in the same situation as yours.

All the good girls are taken – Don’t even bother looking for one, as you will never find a suitable partner is what this over used line is saying. Mostly heard from other singles that have given up on relationships. It’s a naked lie. The number of women in the world is growing, in fact according to INED females actually out numbering men in many countries. There is no way all these women are straight or rotten apples!

You should get out more – It is true that if you are not going out and meeting new people ‘out there’, finding a partner is next to impossible. The funny thing about this statement is that it is usually uttered by people who are in a relationship that doesn’t involve socializing!

Have you met anyone? – The opening question every single person dreads answering every time he meets up with a friend he has hasn’t seen in a while. It is a high pressure question with the answer being “no” after all meeting someone is big news.

You just need to – Put on a suit, dress younger, get a new haircut, grow your hair out, talk less, talk more, change your car, change your cologne, change your phone, smile more, be a bit serious, know what you want, be spontaneous, make your profile funnier, make your profile less creepy, know what you want and many more others. People are terribly verbal about what they think is wrong with you when it is about dating and relationship.

Mrs. Right is out there somewhere – She sure is but you have to be proactive and put in some effort. Getting a partner requires work and having a good relationship with someone also requires work.