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Famously Single‘s Somaya Reece On Dating Rapper Lady Luck

In a new video interview, Somaya Reece of the original Love & Hip Hop clan, and rapper Lady Luck talk about their relationship.

In the post, Reece explains that her relationship with Lady Luck is her first public same-sex relationship, but she has been in several long-term, same-sex relationships in the past.


Both women told DJ Vlad that they do not like labeling their sexuality as gay, lesbian, or bisexual, but there was no denying that they’re happy in their current situation.

During the conversation, Somaya also spoke about dating men, in particular, the late actor Paul Walker. She explained that they first met when William Morris Talent Agency was managing her, and she thought he was cute, so she decided to talk to him.

Afterward, Lady Luck said she couldn’t be mad at Somaya for dating Paul, whom she also thinks is cute.