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Behind the Scenes of Spanish Lesbian Feature Film – Girl Gets Girl

The production of Spanish lesbian feature film “Girl Gets Girl” (from the director of “Girl Seeks Girl” web series) is in full swing in Madrid.

“Our film is a chaotic and entertaining comedy by the creators of “Girl Seeks Girl”, an internationally acclaimed online series. Brazil, Italy, France, China… no market was able to resist the freshness, originality and humanity of our characters, their way of relating to each other and way of seeing the world. A funny comedy who show a positive and kind view of lesbian characters.”

Makers of Girl Gets Girl

Here’s a behind the scenes peek into their world…

Plot Synopsis

Life smiles on Inés in Miami. She is professionally successful as an illustrator and has a stable relationship with Rebeca. But her whole world is torn apart when it is discovered that she has not met the delivery deadlines for her next project and she has dedicated herself to seducing any attractive woman she has met in the state. In the space of one day, Inés finds herself without money and without a girlfriend.

The time has come to return home, and above all, the time has come to win the heart of Lola, the heterosexual she has been in love with since she left Spain.

But Inés chooses the wrong time to do this. Turning up unannounced at Lola’s house, Inés interrupts the “First Period Party” in honour of Candela, the daughter of Verónica, the woman who Inés left pregnant on the day they were to be married. And not only that… also present is the woman known as “Sofía please”, the comics publisher to whom Inés owes a significant professional debt. And Javier, Lola’s ex, with whom Inés always competed, and his 37-year-old pregnant wife. And Fran, the gay friend with a hetero mindset, whose girlfriend Linda is a spectacular transvestite. And Marta, who has finally won over Rai, the neo-punk of her dreams, on the same day that she receives an unexpected visit from her mother… Girl Gets Girl, a party, a daughter, many girls and something else.