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Lesbian Couple Says Everything They Were Told About Their Sperm Donor Was A Lie

Couple, Angela Collins and Elizabeth Hanson have filed a lawsuit against a sperm bank in Canada – after finding out their child’s biological father was a schizophrenic ex-criminal.

The couple, of Port Hope, Ontario, had conceived a child eight years ago with the help of sperm bank Xytex Corp.

According to the New York Times, the couple searched the companies database and viewed a number of sperm donor profiles, before settling for Donor #9623 – who was listed as having an IQ of 160 and a master’s degrees in neuroscience.

However, in 2014 – after the birth of their son – they discovered the truth about the sperm donor.

Ms Collins said that when a Xytex mix-up accidentally sent her the anonymous donor’s name, it took just minutes searching online to find out the man had been to prison on burglary charges, suffered from schizophrenia and narcissistic personality disorder, and did not have any university degrees.

The pair filed a lawsuit in Ontario Superior Court this month accusing Xytex of “misleading” them about the donor – failing to spot the false claims on his donor profile, nor flag his mental illness and criminal record.

Speaking to Canada’s CBC radio network, she said:

We know nobody is perfect, but we didn’t sign up to choose knowingly that our donor had schizophrenia. He wasn’t healthy at the time. He’s not a bad man.

He’s a person who has an illness – and he helped to create the love of my life.”

While she is suing the company, Ms Collins said that she doesn’t hold a grudge against the donor.

Xytex President Kevin M O’Brien said “the claims by the couple in question do not reflect the representations provided to Xytex”.

We have conducted a careful review of our records and the claims by the couple in question do not reflect the representations provided to Xytex … In this case, the donor underwent a standard medical exam and provided extensive personal and health information. He reported a good health history and stated in his application that he had no physical or medical impairments. This information was passed on to the couple, who were clearly informed the representations were reported by the donor and were not verified by Xytex.”