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Venue Cancel Book Launch Because Of Lesbian-Themed Story Line

Author, Sree Parvathy, has accused an Indian university of cancelling her book launch because of its LGBTI content.

St Teresa’s College in Kochi, Kerala, was set to host the launch of Parvathy’s new book Meenukal Chumbikkunnu (The Fishes Kiss) in the school’s auditorium.

But the event was cancelled after the college authorities backed out, apparently after learning about the theme of the novel.

Parvathy told Onmanorama that the school principal informed her of the cancellation because it did not like the book’s ‘lesbian identity’.

We had booked the venue almost a week ago. We distributed our brochures and newsletters with details of the venue. We suddenly received a call from the principal today saying that the college is turning going back on their word in line with their stance on lesbian identity.”

Parvathy’s friend, Mohan Das, organized for the book to launch at St Teresa’s. Das said the college told them they could not accept the book’s theme.

They had earlier agreed to give the venue for the book release. But today morning we were told that it was not possible for them to provide the auditorium as they can’t accept the theme of the book. The nuns, who are handling the college administration told me that their superiors had denied permission. One of the nuns asked why we had not informed them about the story and that the Bishop was unhappy with them.”

But a spokesperson for the college denied that was the reason the book launch was cancelled. The school’s accountant Sister Magi said the event was cancelled because of maintenance work being carried out in the auditorium.

Parvathy remained adamant that should, would continue to tell LGBTI stories.

I have seen and heard about a lot of people who has kept all their feelings within themselves and it gave me the drive to work on this book. We have to accept and welcome transgenders, lesbians and others as a part of mainstream society. I don’t understand why people are still trying to keep them away.”

Parvathy went on to hold a successful on Sunday night at a theatre across the road from St Teresa’s College.