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Here’s Every Lesbian Movie You’ll Want To Stream This Weekend

So it’s film night chicas! It doesn’t matter if you are watching with your boo, your bestie or even your mom, we’ve got a film that is available on Amazon Prime that will suit most of your favourite genres.

Kiss Me

This Swedish film tells the story of a love triangle between Mia, her boyfriend and her soon – to –be stepsister Frida. As the women grow closer Mia begins to question if she should be with Frida or her boyfriend. Heartbreak is inevitable for one of them, but which one?

What it Was

A Hollywood actress, Adina. J, moves back to New York after the death of her sister. She realises her desire for her old flame, Toni, is still there and she has to reconcile her past selves in order to work out what she really wants.


A crime boss, Theresa James, is fighting off dodgy cops, her own staff and a dangerous rival to stay ahead of her game. To make matters worse she is also dealing with her wife who is cheating on her with a dangerous lover.


This film is based on the character of Abby, who is in an accident and suffers a head injury and concussion. She decides as her marriage to Kate is stale and sexless she will find excitement elsewhere and she finds this by becoming a high class escort. The viewer is left on tenterhooks while waiting to discover if Abby’s double life will become exposed.


A German Artist, Sophie, tries to cope when her Taiwanese girlfriend is murdered.  She soon meets an investigative journalist, Mei- Li, who is looking into the murder case. Mei-Li tries to seduce Sophie so she returns to Germany but Mei – Li is close behind her. Why is Mei-Li so interested in the murder and who really did kill Sophie’s girlfriend?

You Will Be Mine


This film is a French drama about a gifted music student called Marie who goes to study music in Lyons. She moves in with a family friend, Emma, and their relationship takes a romantic turn. But it turns out that Emma has a secret side to her and wishes to control Marie’s life. Find out if Marie gets away from Emma or if she even wants to.

Little Sparrows


Susan discovers her cancer has returned and realises this will be her last Christmas so she gathers her three daughters together to give them some words of wisdom and reveals a secret of her own. Get the hankies at the ready.

Love is Not Perfect

This Italian Romance is about Elena, a successful woman in her thirties with a perfection complex, whose life is turned upside down when she crosses paths with the 18-year-old temptress, Adriana, and Hector, a 60-year-old music producer. Adriana offers her excitement and passion but Hector can offer her stability and security. Who will she choose?

Between Two Women

This historical drama set in Northern England tells the story of Ellen, a working-class mother, who is trapped in a loveless marriage. She soon ends up falling for her son’s teacher Kathy. The attitudes of the 1950s, especially in the narrow minded industrial north, place barriers between the two women, but they cannot keep away from each other. Will Ellen leave her husband? Will Kathy get fired? Can the couple end up together? Watch and find out.

Ravens Touch

The story is set in a remote cabin in the woods. Raven has shut herself away in the cabin after her niece’s death in a tragic car accident that she blames herself for. Meanwhile, Kate has taken her teenagers camping in order to escape a violent ex. When Raven and Kate meet there is an instant attraction and both women must overcome their own fears in order to be together.

My Little Friend


Amy is an artist and her old friend, Emily, comes back into town after 10 years away. Amy has come out since Emily has been gone but Emily is not aware of this. They begin to get close again and the lines between sexual attraction and friendship start to cross over.  Emily’s boyfriend is not happy with this at all and tries to split their friendship up.

Next Door

This German film explores the lives of four lesbian roommates and it soon becomes apparent that they are all hiding something from themselves and each other. As the truth starts to get revealed one of them must find the courage to reveal all.