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My Girlfriends Death Has Left Me So Lost

Dear KitschMix, Last year, my girlfriend left our home in the early hours of the morning and took her life. She had tried to do it twice the year prior, but this time she went through with. It’s been six months and I’m so lost and broken. She left no…

Suicide in Young LGBT Teens

In the past, it could be said that talking to your teens about sexuality was relatively straightforward. These discussions normally centred on the average heterosexual relationships without any reference to alternative sexualities such as homosexual and bisexual orientations. However, it is imperative in modern society to teach our children about…

Shocking Stats About Suicide

General Population Suicide Attempt Rate – 1.6% Heterosexual Teen Suicide Attempt Rate – 4% Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay Teen Suicide Rate – 20% Transgender Suicide Attempt Rate 41% Please also read – Suicide Is A Serious Risk, Especially for LGBT Teens