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‘Black Lightning’ Is Bringing To Life This AWESOME Lesbian Superhero

When The CW debuts Black Lightning on January 16, they’re not just debuting a show about an all-black family of superheroes.

They’re also debuting the first on-screen DC canonical lesbian superhero, who also happens to be a woman of colour.

Black Lightning features the title character as a father to two daughters: Thunder and Lightning. And it’s Thunder, played by 28-year-old Nafessa Williams, who is set to make history.

Thunder, whose real name in the show is Anissa Pierce, is the eldest daughter of the eponymous superhero, Black Lighting, aka Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams).

In the comics, she agrees to a deal with her mother and father. Graduate college; THEN you can become a superhero. While her younger sister, Jennifer Pierce (China Anne McClain), has powers more in line with Jefferson’s electrical abilities, Anissa is able to increase her body mass while completely reserving her volume.

And there’s even more for LGBT fans to get excited about. Just like in the comics, Thunder’s getting a love interest.

Played by Pretty Little Liars actress Chantal Thuy, the half-Amazonian, Asian-American Grace Choi will feature in the show as Anissa’s girlfriend.

In the comics, Grace is bisexual, and there seems to be no reason to doubt she will be in the show as well.

Another show currently on TV to feature a lesbian superhero is Marvel’s Runaways, in which one of the main characters – Karolina Dean – slowly realises her sexuality.

Last year, Thor: Ragnarok included Valkyrie, a bisexual superhero and woman of colour – though fans were ultimately disappointed with the fact that her sexuality wasn’t made clear on screen.

Marvel also launched a comic led by America Chavez, a queer Latina teenager with lesbian parents.

The comic, called America, prompted an outpouring of support from readers who were overjoyed to finally see an LGBT Latina superhero lead her own comic.

However, Marvel also moved to quash speculation that two warriors in the upcoming film Black Panther will be in a lesbian relationship, sparking outrage and accusations of erasure.

Russia Gives ‘Power Rangers’ 18+ Audience Restriction For Queer Character

The new Power Rangers movie just received a rating of 18+ in Russia.

Officials are attributing the change to the presence of the LGBTQ character, calling it “gay propaganda.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Legislator Vitaly Milonov said,

If fascist ideology is banned in our country, then [movies by] the likes of [Power Rangers director] Israelite should be banned first thing,”

He went on to compare the movie to bombs planted by terrorists inside children’s toys.

Russian legislator Alexei Zhuravlev had an issue with the film even being allowed in the country at all:

Some officials don’t want to observe laws adopted by the State Duma, specifically the law banning gay propaganda among minors,”

This is not first instance of Russia adding an age restriction, because a movie depicting a LGBTQ character has been placed on it.

Legislators also considered banning Beauty and the Beast when it was announced that LeFou was gay.

Power Rangers Will Feature First Openly Queer Big-Screen Superhero

[Warning: This story contains minor spoilers for the Power Rangers movie]

Power Rangers is breaking down a barrier no superhero movie has before. In the reboot of the 90s TV show and film series, we will see one of the five main characters struggle with her relationship with another girl in the film’s second act.

During Power Rangers’ second act, there’s a scene in which the titular heroes learn that the Yellow Ranger Trini (Becky G) is coming to terms with her sexual orientation, with one character assuming she’s having “boyfriend problems,” and soon realizing that perhaps she’s actually having “girlfriend problems.” It’s a small moment, but one director Dean Israelite calls “pivotal” for the entire film.

Speaking to ScreenRan ahead of the film’s release at the end of this week, Becky G who plays Trini, the Yellow Ranger, said:

Power Rangers has always represented diversity and they’re always been ahead of the curve on a lot of things and although it may be a touchy subject for some people, I think it’s done in a very classy way, and not only that, in a way that’s really real, because you don’t know, Trini doesn’t know herself, and it’s that moment where she says out loud, ‘I’ve never said any of this out loud’ and that line, where, you know, Zordon says ‘You must shed your masks to wear this armor.’ It’s true. People should accept themselves for who they really are and be proud of that and take ownership of that first and learn that self-love to really be happy; and I think that’s why Trini never found her purpose just yet, until she met them and that’s why she never really learned to love herself, because she didn’t accept who she really is just yet.”

Director Dean Israelite added that she’ll eventually comes to terms with her sexual orientation and is accepted by all the other characters.

For Trini, really she’s questioning a lot about who she is. She hasn’t fully figured it out yet. I think what’s great about that scene and what that scene propels for the rest of the movie is, ‘That’s OK.’ The movie is saying, ‘That’s OK,’ and all of the kids have to own who they are and find their tribe.”

LGBT representation in superhero films has trailed that of comic books, where heroes and villains such as DC’s Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Batwoman and Harley Quinn, as well as Marvel’s Ice Man, are among high-profile examples of LGBT characters.

But so far, when these characters have been translated to the big screen, they have been portrayed as straight. X-Men‘s Northstar, the first openly gay character from either DC or Marvel, was introduced in the comics in 1992.

The TV side has been more progressive, with The CW’s Supergirl featuring a prominent lesbian storyline this season. Supergirl, which is from openly gay producer Greg Berlanti, joins fellow Berlanti CW shows Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow in featuring LGBT characters.

Power Rangers comes on the heels of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast live-action remake, in which Josh Gad plays Disney’s first-ever gay character, LeFou.

In the sci-fi movie world, last year’s Star Trek Beyond revealed that Sulu (played by John Cho in the rebooted Star Trek movie universe), was gay. The original version of the character, played by George Takei, was straight.

Gal Gadot On Wonder Woman’s Sexuality: “She’s A Woman Who Loves People For Who They Are”

The Wonder Woman Movie doesn’t hit theatres until next year, but we’ve been buzzing about the upcoming action flick since DC debuted its trailer at San Diego Comic Con.

However, last month, our attention has been drawn once again to superheroine’s sexuality, and in particular, whether or not she has had relationships with women.

When quizzed about Wonder Woman’s sex life with her fellow female Amazons, DC comics writer Greg Rucka said that the superhero had “obviously” been in same-sex relationships.

When you start to think about giving the concept of Themyscira its due, the answer is, ‘How can they not all be in same sex relationships?’ Right? It makes no logical sense otherwise.”

Now, during an interview with Variety, Gal Gadot — who plays the Wonder Woman — was asked to respond to comments made by Rucka.

It’s not something we’ve explored. It never came to the table, but when you talk theoretically about all the women on Themyscira and how many years she was there, then what he said makes sense.”


She went on to explain how the parameters of Wonder Woman’s sexuality are not defined by gender.

In this movie she does not experience any bisexual relationships. But it’s not about that. She’s a woman who loves people for who they are. She can be bisexual. She loves people for their hearts.”

Read more at Variety.com.

Wonder Woman Writer Confirms She Is ‘Queer’

Wonder Woman has long considered by fans to be bisexual, but when quizzed about Diana’s life with her fellow Amazons – who are all female and live on the fictional island of Themyscira – DC writer Greg Rucka said that the superhero had “obviously” been in same-sex relationships.

He told an audience at Comicosity;

When you start to think about giving the concept of Themyscira its due, the answer is, ‘How can they not all be in same sex relationships?’ Right? It makes no logical sense otherwise.

But an Amazon doesn’t look at another Amazon and say, ‘You’re gay.’ They don’t. The concept doesn’t exist. Now, are we saying Diana has been in love and had relationships with other women? The answer is obviously yes.”

Even Diana’s own mother Queen Hippolyta has often been paired with her general Philippus.


It’s supposed to be paradise. You’re supposed to be able to live happily. You’re supposed to be able — in a context where one can live happily, and part of what an individual needs for that happiness is to have a partner — to have a fulfilling, romantic and sexual relationship. And the only options are women.

But an Amazon doesn’t look at another Amazon and say, “You’re gay.” They don’t. The concept doesn’t exist”

The writer said he wanted to show Wonder Woman did not leave her home because a man somehow made his way to her land, as it may appear in previous versions of the character, but that it’s clear she had ‘several meaningful relationships on the island throughout her life’.

According to him, Diana leaves, because ‘she wants to see the world and somebody must go and do this thing. And she has resolved it must be her to make this sacrifice.

Wonder Woman is the latest superhero to come out as LGBT. In February, it was announced that Batwoman would stay true to her sexuality in an upcoming DC film.



Mattel Look To Tone Down The Sexualization Of female Action Figures With New DC Super Hero Range

Mattel just unveiled their new line of action figures based on DC Super Hero Girls designs.

The new designs are meant to tone down the sexualizing of female characters, and focus more on their athleticism.
DC SuperHero Action Figure 01

Mattel toy designer Christine Kim told Bloomberg

We wanted to have this very strong, toned body, but keeping in mind that they are still in high school, so they’re not fully mature yet. But they still look like they can save the day instead of being saved.” 

DC SuperHero Action Figure 02

DC Super Hero Girls follows female superheroes and supervillains of the DC Comics, prior to discovering their full super power potential.

Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Bumble Bee, Poison Ivy and Katana are just a few of the characters set to appear as teenagers and star in the new line of products, geared at girls aged 6-12.

DC SuperHero Action Figure 03

In a statement, DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson said

DC Entertainment is home to the most iconic and well-known Super Heroes including Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Batgirl. DC Super Hero Girls’ represents the embodiment of our long-term strategy to harness the power of our diverse female characters. I am so pleased that we are able to offer relatable and strong role models in a unique way, just for girls.”

DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. will also collaborate with Random House Children’s Books and LEGO. Random House Books for Young Readers, an imprint of Random House Children’s Books, will act as publishing partner for the franchise, releasing a series of books about the DC Super Hero Girls starting in spring 2016. LEGO will produce building sets based in the DC Super Hero Girls world.

Mattel’s new line of DC SuperHero Girls 6-inch action figure and 12-inch dolls will be released this spring.

Soska Sisters to Direct Movie About Bisexual Superhero ‘Painkiller Jane’

Marvel has a planned release of movie schedules up until 2028, including a third Captain America film, a possible solo outing for the Hulk and a third Thor film despite the first two feeling like they were released just yesterday.

The Black Widow is nowhere to be seen amongst the confirmed titles, and although the recent reveal that Thor would become a female character made waves, that’s only the case in the comic book medium and Marvel’s movie efforts prove as male, white and heterosexual as ever.

Meanwhile, DC’s comic capers include refusing to let lesbian hero Batwoman get married in the comics (which led to some of the creative team quitting). And David Finch (the artist of Wonder Woman), doesn’t want her to be seen as feminist when she hits the big screen.

So with everything looking as miserable as it does for the state of ladies in comics (especially those who are queer) Painkiller Jane is likely a breath of bisexual air into the entire comic medium.

Getting her name from her regenerative abilities and her incredibly high tolerance for pain, Painkiller Jane is a certified badass. A cop by trade, she goes undercover in a drug ring with her partner, only to be tortured and to make it out, well, just that bit more than alive.

Oh, and Painkiller Jane is bisexual too (as per her love interests in the comics) but you might not know that if you’ve followed previous adaptations of her stories as in the SyFy TV movie (2005), her relationships were strictly heterosexual, same for the TV series in 2007 (which even featured a queer actress Kristanna Loken in the role of Jane) that followed. Let’s say we’re following the three strike rule then as surely there must be more hope for the Painkiller Jane movie?

Well, directed by the Soska Sisters, Jen and Sylvia, the Painkiller Jane movie stands a good chance of featuring a little more queer representation than fans of the character are used to. 2012’s American Mary was a cult slasher directed by the pair and it garnered strong reviews, namely for its “female themes”, according to critics.

Directed by two women with a history of doing female stories right and starring at least two women in the lead roles, the Painkiller Jane movie has potential, especially in terms of a female love interest for our hiney kicker but as there’s not a release date (or even a date as to when the film begins production) we’ll just have to wait very patiently for more on this one.