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Today’s Topic – Breaking Down the Stereotypes People Have About Lesbians

Breaking Down the Stereotypes People Have About Lesbians

One: We all know each other. We don’t – there are 7 billion people in the world, and (give or take) 2% identify themselves as lesbians (according to some stats), add another 3% who say they’re bisexual women. Thats means there’s around 350 million of us women-loving-women. Now, I seriously do not know 350 million lesbians. Facebook tells me I know around 400 – hey I’m popular, but many of these are people I once met out and not friends, just associates. So conclusion – we don’t know each other, and before you start – I’ve not met you friend from school who kissed a girl, or your aunty Sue who now lives with Jan in 2 bed maisonette.

Two: In a lesbian relationship, one woman is always ‘the man’. Arrrrrgh my pet hate. We are both women, hence why we identify as lesbians. Get a dictionary if you need further clarification.

Three: Butch lesbians want to be men. Fat No! See above and then repeat – lesbians are women who love women. Butch, masculine women do not want to be men. A woman who identifies as a man and takes steps to transition into one. Butch women want to be just what they are: butch WOMEN.

Four: Lesbians are vegetarians. So because we don’t put a penis in our mouth, that must mean that all meat is off-limits? No. Not true – some lesbians love meat. Steaks, fish, southern fried chicken… mmmm. Some don’t. My diet preference doesn’t not determine our sexuality.

Five: Lesbians hate men. The people who constantly complain about men tend to be straight women. Lesbians don’t really care. If we want to be friends with a man, we will. If we don’t, its a non-stresser. Straight women need men for sex, we don’t.

Six: It’s easier to be in a lesbian relationship than a straight one. Ummmm.. why? Because women understand each other? What – did you meet my ex, or my ex before that? No relationship is ever easy, and just because you are both women, doesn’t make it any easier.

Seven: To be a lesbian you need to identify as one. Nope – there are many terms for us to use. Gay, queer, femme, butch, stud – we can label ourselves any way we choose.