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Watch The Trailer For Ellen Page’s New Netflix Tearjerker Film ‘Tallulah’

Netflix has released the first trailer for Ellen Page’s indie drama, Tallulah, in which Page and her Juno co-star, Allison Janney, reunite for another mother/daughter dynamic.


Page stars as the eponymous Tallulah, a ‘free-spirited’ derelict who lives out of her run-down van in New York City.

After getting mistaken for a maid at a hotel, she meets Carolyn (Tammy Blanchard), a wildly irresponsible new mom who is trying (and failing) to care for her infant daughter.

Tallulah hatches a plan to rescue the baby girl from her dangerously negligent mother and use her in a con to convince her ex-boyfriend’s mom, Margo (Janney), that the young child is actually her granddaughter.


While Tallulah and Margo bond over their troubled lives and raising a baby, it soon becomes clear that you can’t just kidnap someone’s baby and expect everything to work out in the end – especially when the police get involved and initiate a manhunt.

Written and directed by Orange Is The New Black‘s Sian Heder, the film co-stars Uzo Aduba, Zachary Quinto and Davis Zayas, and is scheduled to premiere on Netflix on July 29.

Speaking to Indiewire earlier this year, Heder said of the inspiration for the story:

I used to work as a nanny for all the high-end hotels in LA and had a lot of weird experiences with mothers whose children seemed more like accessories than anything else. One night, I was so disturbed by the erratic behavior of a particular mother, I seriously considered taking off with the kid. I had been exploring the character of Tallulah already, based on a friend who was living off the grid out of her van. She was someone who lived with very little fear or sense of consequences for her actions. She seemed like the perfect person to steal a baby and set in motion a chain of events that could deal with some of the issues around motherhood and responsibility that I wanted to explore.”

Ellen Page: “I Used To Be Depressed Hiding My Sexuality

Ellen Page has spoken numerous times about how much happier she is now that she’s come out of the closest as a gay woman, but in a new interview reveals just how bad things were when she was still inside.

In a new interview with Elle, reports Pink News, she admits:

When you’re on that track you’re a racehorse, going and going with these blinders on. You don’t stop to address how you feel.

I’d get panic attacks and sense an incredible discomfort because I didn’t relate to the conformity that comes with my gender [such as wearing feminine dresses on shoots].


I was doing something I love and also wondering, ‘What’s wrong with me?’ You hate yourself for feeling bad, so you pretend you’re happy.

I’d ask myself, ‘Can’t you just flip a switch, be a character, play the game?’”

Page says she has now much more relaxed since coming out.

She added:

I do interviews [now] with a sense of, ‘Oh, this is what it’s like’. A photo shoot used to only represent discomfort, I felt guilty for lying. Fashion once meant dresses and heels, and I didn’t know why I’d want to be dressed that way.”

Earlier this month, the actor turned LGBT advocate urged fellow Hollywood stars who may be in the closet to be honest about their sexual orientation.

Page – who recently finished filming a new documentary exploring homophobia around the world – said she hopes that one day “coming out” is no longer an issue.

Ellen Page On Hollywood’s Double Standard: ‘Now I’m Gay, I Can’t Play A Straight Person?’

In a recent interview with Elle magazine, once Oscar nominated actress Ellen Page spoke out against Hollywood’s double standards against gay and lesbian actors, and how she is now being ‘pigeon holed’ in gay roles, after playing a series of heterosexual females in all of her previous films.

I have four projects coming up – all gay roles. People ask if I’m concerned about getting pigeonholed. No one asks: ‘Ellen, you’ve done seven straight roles in a row – shouldn’t you shake it up and do something queer?

There’s still that double standard. I look at all the things I’ve done in movies: I’ve drugged a guy, tortured someone, become a roller-derby star overnight. But now I’m gay, I can’t play a straight person?”


Ellen goes on to point out the absurdity of what people can and can’t accept from LGBT actors in their roles.

There’s still that double standard. I look at all the things I’ve done in movies: I’ve drugged a guy, tortured someone, become a roller-derby star overnight. But now I’m gay, I can’t play a straight person?”

Page, who came out in nearly 2 years ago, has been incredibly vocal about her experiences as a gay actor, says she credits her film Freeheld – the true story of lesbian partners fighting for equal rights after one of them is diagnosed with cancer –  in many ways for encouraging her to come out to the public, telling Elle UK:

It was part of it. What blows my mind is how my own personal journey paralleled the development of that movie. It felt wildly inappropriate to be playing this character as a closeted person. Coming out was a long process, though.”

Since coming out in February, 2014, Page has been incredibly vocal about her experiences as a lesbian actor, the challenges she’s faced, and her personal life with her girlfriend, Samantha Thomas.


She says she still won’t let Hollywood’s expectations steer her away from projects telling LGBT stories, and shortly she’ll be releasing Gaycation, with her friend Ian Daniel. In the show the two travelled the world learning about all different types of LGBT cultures for Viceland’s.




Ellen Page Discusses The Continued Oscars’ Diversity Problem: ‘How Could You Not Feel Angry?’

Ellen Page has joined a host of other actors and actresses, and said the Oscars diversity controversy extends far beyond just Hollywood.

May of Hollywood’s elite have issued voiced their concerns about the lack of actors of colour being considered for an Academy Award,

Talking to PEOPLE at the Sundance Film Festival, Page said that the issue “means a lot to me as an audience member and as a human being.”

Page, who was nominated for a Best Actress Oscar in 2008 for Juno, says that the Academy’s sweeping new guidelines, designed to address that lack of diversity among its voting body, are “crucial.”

It means a lot to me as someone who does this job. I think the issue is much more systemic and I hope that’s what changes, hearing more diverse stories, but I feel like finally there’s some steps going in the right direction.”

Page – who was at the annual Utah festival to promote her new drama Tallulah – also issued some suggestions for the continued implementation of positive changes across Hollywood.

There needs to be more diversity behind the camera, and more people getting hired in every aspect of the business, and more support for those stories and more opportunity. You look at something like Orange Is the New Black, and how many actresses we were introduced to who we may not otherwise have seen because they had no opportunity.”

ellen Page Sundance 02

That makes me feel like, how could you not feel angry at that, you know? And I hope that is what is going to continue to happen, and just as an audience member I want to go see more stories from different perspectives. We do this job, sure to entertain, but also to reflect aspects of what it means to be a human.”


Netflix Buys Distribution Rights For Ellen Page’s New Film ‘Tallulah’

According to sources at Variety, Netflix has snapped up worldwide streaming video on-demand rights to Tallulah.


The movie – starring Ellen Page as a young drifter who takes a baby from a negligent mother – is expected to be a Sundance Film Festival hit.

The film reunites Page with her Juno co-star Allison Janney – who plays a woman who mistakenly believes she’s the child’s grandmother in what is being billed as a dramatic comedy.

Tallulah was created by writer and director Sian Heder, who previously worked as a writer and producer on Netflix’s Orange is the New Black.

Heder moved on to make the her first short film, Mother, which was honoured at Cannes Film Festival, Seattle International Film Festival and Florida Film Festival.

The purchase comes as Netflix is moving aggressively to build up its feature film offerings, having scored by backing original television shows such as House of Cards, Daredevil, and Jessica Jane.

Upcoming movies include War Machine with Brad Pitt, Jadotville with Jamie Dornan, and a sequel to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Ellen Page Graces American Way Magazine And Shares Details About Her Decision To Come Out

One of our favourite out ladies of 2015, Ellen Page is the cover of American Way magazine, and opens up about her film Freeheld and her decision to come out.

Ellen Page 98

Ahe told the magazine

I was just done. It’s so toxic to just be hiding; it becomes so consuming without you even knowing it’s consuming you. You become so complacent in this reality you create. It’s like a bucket, and it’s filling up and filling up and filling up — and finally it just spills over. And I felt guilty for not being out for the LGBT community.”

Since grabbing headlines by announcing she was gay on Valentine’s Day 2014 – on the podium at the inaugural Time to Thrive gay rights conference – the 28-year-old Canadian actor-producer who hit the mainstream with her starring turn in 2007’s Juno (and has since joined the X-Men franchise as Kitty Pryde) has become a cult hero of sorts.

I wanted to do it and not make it seem about myself. And I wanted to align particularly with something LGBT-youth-oriented. For me, it was a great opportunity to be honest, to share certain elements of the pain that I went through. Hopefully, that can connect with someone else. The reality is, there are very few young people out as actors, so I was hoping to speak to a lot of the issues so it wouldn’t just seem like, ‘Hey, look, I’m gay.’ ”

Page’s next project will be playing the lead in Tallulah – a movie about a woman who passes off another’s child as her own.