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Natasha Lyonne Talks Being A Lesbian Icon, Who Is “Straight”

In an interview with The New York Times, Natasha Lyonne was asked about being a lesbian icon, who is straight.

I never want to feel like I’m taking ownership of an experience that’s not my own. But it seems like a lot of the female experience is in response to men. And when I play a lesbian character, it means that she’s on her own ride. I love men. I want to sleep with as many as possible. But I don’t want my whole life, and certainly my creative experience, to be in response to always just being “the girl.” Like, who needs it?”


But she does go on to say she has slept with women,

Mind you, when I say I’m not gay, it doesn’t mean that I’ve never tried sleeping with women. Of course I have. I’m not a dumb-dumb.”

So a not-so-straight lesbian icon then.