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Instagram Accounts That Will Inspire Your Inner Tomboy

For style ideas, tips and all things ‘tomboyish’ here are some Instagram accounts to bring out the best in you.

Best For General Tomboy Styles

The Tomboyish (@the.tomboyish)


This Instagram account is full of great ideas for an all-round Tomboy style.

Best For Effortless Dancer Looks

Ava Gordy (@avagordy)


Ava Gordy is youtuber, podcaster and dancer and her style and look comes across as effortless.

Best For Hair Styles

Joe Villatoro (@joevillatoro)


For hombre hair and slouchy pants this is the Instagram account to follow.

Best For Designer Looks

All Saints (@allsaints)


For the higher end budget buyers this is the account for you.

For The Androgynous You

Erika Linder (@richiephoenix)


Erika Linder is a model and has just branched into acting. For some cool looks check her out.

For Food And Travel

Christina Cardona (@troprogue)


For stunning photos of food, exotic places and a unique take on the tomboy look, this is the Instagram account for you.

For The Sporty Look

Ginney Noa (@ginneynoa)


Blogger Ginney Noa has a really cool sporty look and an amazing collection of sneakers.

For everyday inspiration 

Kitsch Kandy (@kitschkandy)


This clothing label has some cool clothing and provides plenty of inspiration for those preferring the minimal amount of effort and minimal price tags as well.

Michelle Rodriguez Comes Underfire From LGBT Groups Over ‘Gender Reassignment Thriller’ Tomboy

GLAAD has criticised the makers of a new Hollywood thriller – Tomboy, A Revenger’s Tale, which chronicles the story of hitman (played by Michelle Rodriguez), who falls into the clutches of a rogue surgeon, and is forced to undergo gender reassignment surgery against his will.

The film stars Michelle Rodriguez as a male assassin, who later takes revenge on his tormentor, who will be played by Sigourney Weaver.

A spokesperson for Glaad, said producers had picked an inappropriate storyline for their project.

GLAAD’s director of programs for transgender media, Nick Adams, told The Hollywood Reporter.

We haven’t read the script, but it’s disappointing to see film-makers turning what is a life-saving medical procedure for transgender people into a sensationalistic plot device. We are at a crucial moment in the public’s understanding of transgender issues, and stories like these have the potential to undermine the progress we’ve worked so hard to achieve.”

The film’s announcement comes at a time when Hollywood is coming under increasing pressure to clean up its negative portrayals of LGBT people.

Titled Tomboy, A Revenger’s Tale, the film is the latest project from The Warriors and Bullet To The Head director Walter Hill. Hill will be directing from a script by author and occasional screenwriter Denis Hamill. Rodriguez and Weaver, meanwhile, previously worked together on James Cameron’s Avatar

‘Visible Silence’ Documentary Sheds Light on Thai Lesbian Society

Thailand is often regarded as one of the best places in Asia for LGBT citizens and tourists. The country decriminalised sodomy in 1956 (in contrast, the UK didn’t do so until 1967), in 2002 the Thai Ministry of Health stopped classing LGBT identities as a mental illness, and since 2005, LGBT Thai citizens have been able to openly serve in the military.

However, while these things are fantastic examples of how public perception of LGBT people has changed in Thailand in the last few decades, things aren’t quite as tolerant as they seem. For example, the country has no discrimination laws that protect LGBT people against hate crimes, and equal opportunity policies for LGBT people are not enforced in the workforce either. LGBT Thai families are also burdened by the lack of clarity surrounded same-sex adoptions as well as the lack of same-sex marriage or domestic partnership laws.

This uneven playing field helps us to understand the topic at the centre of new documentary, Visible Silence. The movie, made by Ruth Gumnit, discusses the fact that Thai society is such that you can be identify however you like, so long as you aren’t out and proud. One choice quote from the movie is “they say to be born a woman is punishment for the sins of a past life. So to be a woman who loves women is punishment for even greater sins” which is harsh to say the least.

The film also looks at the the “tom” (as in tomboy) and “dee” (as in lady) dichotomy within the community. While the concepts of butch and femme are well understood across the globe, in Thailand these identities also come with the idea that dee lesbians will eventually return to traditional (heterosexual) lifestyles and that it’s the toms who are holding them back.

In some parts of the film you see women explaining that they have had dee partners leave them so that they can marry men instead.

Overall, Visible Silence is a good look at the LGBT community in another part of the world. It feels genuine to the community that it’s trying to represent, even featuring LGBT people from different industries and lifestyles (e.g one of the women is a Buddhist nun, while another is an elephant tour guide) so that you get the full picture. It’s only 45 minutes or so long, though, but it makes those few minutes count.

Visible Silence is now airing at film festivals. Visit the film’s official website for more info.


David Beckham’s New H&M Range Clearly Has Queer Appeal

Will the new David Beckham’s H&M collection be entering your wardrobe the season?

Well, I have to say yes. Why, because the new collection is made up of key and essential pieces for spring, including a classic poplin white shirt, linen bomber jacket, white chalk-washed denim jacket and a sharp linen blazer – ideal for a queer tomboy edge or dapper style.


This week David Beckham announced he would be extending his role at H&M beyond his body-wear range with a new collection of his favourite pieces.

The new range is called Modern Essentials by David Beckham, which has been specially curated from his favourite pieces for the season.


Speaking about the campaign and new collection – which will be launched in stores and online worldwide on March 5, 2015 – he enthused:

“I am thrilled to continue and extend my collaboration with H&M by selecting my favourite pieces from this spring’s Modern Essentials collection. Each piece is a new wardrobe classic that will update every man’s spring wardrobe with great style. Marc Forster is one of my favourite directors – I can’t wait to reveal the new campaign with H&M”

David Beckham

David-Beckham-07 David-Beckham-02 David-Beckham-04 David-Beckham-06

Watch H&M’s behind the scenes film with David Beckham and Marc Forster below:

5 Tomboy Fashion Bloggers to Follow

Tomboy fashionistas and fashion brands have taken internet by storm with their well crafted fashions blogs. Here is our run-down of the 5 top profiles online.

But I’m a Tomboy

Menswear, androgynous wear and tomboy chic – these are the passions of Sunny, an art student from New York whose site also deals with non-fashion issues.

Website: www.but-im-a-tomboy.com

Wild Fang

Self-described Robin Hoods, Wild Fang are busy reinventing menswear for tomboys all over the world. Check out their amazing designs, some of which are modelled by Kate Moenning and Casey Legler.

Website: www.wearewildfang.tumblr.com and www.wildfang.com

Switch Teams

Never has someone looked so good with dyed blue hair. A beautiful blend of very personal work and more referential stuff.

Website: www.switchteams.tumblr.com


Boston’s best LGBT style blog, Qwear began life in 2011. Founder Sonny Oram continues to wow the crowds with not only lovely images but enlightening op-eds and news reports.

Website: www.qwearfashion.com

Queering Style

Personal advice for LGBTS meets sartorial elegance. Alexa, who describes herself as “a queer with big hair”has used her Tumblr profile to promote her own sense of dapper style.

Website: www.queeringstyle.tumblr.com