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A Woman Creates Vibrator Selfie Stick; Just In Case You Wanted To Share An Orgasm Selfie

And there we were thinking dildos were the original selfie stick…


Yup, it’s a vibrator attached to selfie stick.

So now, you can capture the moment you make yourself orgasm.

We wish. In society were everything is shared and nothing is sacred – why not share with the world.

Alas (for the moment) the innovative creation appears to be just an elaborate joke – making fun of the extent to which we over share every detail of our lives through social media.

After all, the website looks basic to say the least and there’s no clear place to purchase it from.

But some people seem pretty keen on the idea.

One person commented on YouTube:

This is literally [the] invention of the year.”

We may disagree with that, but we’ll keep you updated if its finally launched.

21 Awesome Toys Every 80s Lesbian Wanted For Their Birthday

If you grew up in the 80s, you’ve probably owned or (wished to own) many of these classic toys.

Our toys may not have been as complex back then as they are now, but they were definitely much better. Some were so awesome that they’re making it back to the toy shop shelves.

Here are just some toys we remember having as a child – memories!

1. Rainbow Brite Dolls

What gay youth didn’t play with Rainbow Brit Dolls. In fact didn’t this rainbow propaganda turn us all-gay – with their bold colours, yarn hair, and drag-queen make-up.


2. Jem and the Holograms Dolls

Well, if you couldn’t actually BE Jem, at least you could play with the dolls, especially with the bad girl trio – the Misfits – who kicked ass.


3. Barbie and the Rockers

In the mid 80s Barbie all of sudden became cool and rebranded herself. She had a mic, shoulder pads and a pink bow (Jem influence – we think yes).


4. She-Ra: Princess of Power

She-Ra was the ultimate 80s badass who didn’t take shit from anybody. Plus, she was actually an action figure and not a doll.


5. Walkman

Not just a toy but a way of indicating to other people that you were cool and your music taste was of course amazing.

6. Fisher-Price Medical Kit

Why, doctors and nurses – hello! See back then we were saving stuffed animals’ lives before Doc McStuffins was even a gleam in Disney’s eye.


7. Strawberry Shortcake Dolls

They smelled great, they were adorable dolls and they had TV show which was addictive.


8. My Little Pony

MAGICAL PONIES that came in every colour combination imaginable. Apple Jake just ruled – not a boy but a butch little pony.


9. Glo-worm

We didn’t have this because we were scared at night. Honest.

10. Barbie Corvette

The 80s were about excess, and nothing reflected that better than this silver Corvette (also it was a welcome relief from all that pink!).


11. Fisher-Price 1-2-3 Roller Skates

These magical devices meant you could skate and wear your sneakers at the same time.


12. Care Bears

You were convinced a good “Care Bear Stare” would get your parents to stop grounding you and making you eat your vegetables.


13. Sharp Boombox

In the 80s everyone who was anyone was making mix-tapes with songs recorded on the built-in radio. A must have.


14. Speak and Spell

The original and best iPad. Can still be seen in the Toy Story films. Yay.

15. Boglins

Surely it is time to bring Boglins back – but without the weird plastic smell that lingered on your fingers.

16. Thundercats Lion-o’s sword

This wasn’t necessarily yours but your brothers, but it was perfect for attacking your younger relatives.

17. Talking Teddy Ruxpin

Back then, he was the magical storytelling bear with the slightly creepy voice whose lips moved.

18. Castle LEGO

Couple of hours to build it up. Just 15 minutes for your younger siblings to completely destroy it.

19. The Smurfs

There were a zillion smurfs to collect, but in every kids toy collection you had around 2 to 3 of these little blue things, one of which was lady smurf and papa.

20. Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine

You wanted this more than anything. Then you released the limitations. Crushing ice is not fun. 2 drink sashes means you have to look for alternatives, which never work.


21. Game Boy

The ultimate 80s game changer – 2 dimensional gameplay and hours (even years) wasted playing Tetris. In fact the theme tune still haunts me now.