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4 Creative Lingerie Ideas For Butch Women

If you’re a masculine-of-center / butch woman, shopping for lingerie can be triggering. Why does women’s lingerie always consist of pink frills, push-up bras and thongs thinner than floss? The women’s underwear that claims to be “boy’s shorts” are mysteriously tight and short, but underwear from the men’s section is often too large and baggy.

Recently, Elite Daily offered a few tips for how masculine-of-center women can think outside of the gender box. Here are the best of the tips:

Wear suspenders.

Here’s the kicker – wear them without a bra.

You can’t exactly take this outfit out to work (unless you have a very, very lenient boss), but it’s perfect for when you’re expecting late-night guests at home. The suspenders are alluring yet masculine, showing enough to be scandalous but not emasculating.

Sports bras.

Some tomboys want to wear binders in order to completely flatten their chests, but if that doesn’t appeal to you, consider sports bras. They flatten out your chest without damaging your ribcage, and they’re extremely easy to remove once you get to the bedroom.

Fitted Briefs with Room for a Strap-On

RodeoH underwear believes that there shouldn’t be a line between business and pleasure. These flattering, form-fitting briefs are specifically made by queer women, for queer women, and they come with a hole in the front for a dildo. Say goodbye to bulky harnesses.

If you like to pack, then the hole also makes it easy to slip a packer in. The underwear is so comfortable that you can wear the packer all day.

Not sure where to start? RodeoH also sells dildos and packers on their site, so buy the underwear and the toys at the same time.

Tuxedo and Motorcycle Vests

Headed out to a gay bar and really want to make a statement? Planning an especially kinky night for you and your girlfriend? Go bra-less beneath a silky tuxedo or studded leather motorcycle vest. The lack of sleeves will still let you flex your biceps, but the revealing nature of the outfits shows that you’re ready for an adventure.
What’s your favorite tomboy lingerie?

9 Things That Are Wrong with Your Underwear

When’s the last time you stopped to think about your underwear? They’re always there, supporting you throughout your day. There’s such a wide variety of underwear styles out there, and although you hear people touting the perks of their particular favorite, there’s really no one-size-fits-all solution.


One-size-fits-all underwear is a lie. Don’t buy it. They won’t fit right and you’ll hate them.

No matter what your personal underwear style is, you’re probably treating your underwear badly. It’s not exactly your fault, either – proper undies care isn’t really taught anywhere (as far as I know). And, most of the time, if you do hear about “proper rules” for your underwear, it’s probably things like how to reduce your visible panty lines or camel toe or something else entirely shallow. I’m not saying you shouldn’t also look and feel good in your underwear, but it really shouldn’t be your primary concern.

Here are 9 things you’re probably getting all wrong.

1. You’re washing them wrong.

I’m pretty sure that every modern washing machine has a “delicate” setting on it. This setting is meant for your underwear, and a few other things. Even if you wear boxers and sports bras and basically the opposite of delicate “delicates”, you should probably wash them on the delicate cycle. Even the most masculine underwear has fragile elastic and relatively thin material. Skip the dryer, too, unless you absolutely need those undies dried ASAP – this cooks the elastic and makes them wear out much faster.

You should also be using hypoallergenic detergent when you wash them. While detergent sensitivities are really common already, even non-allergic people can have a reaction when it comes to their sensitive bits. There are a number of hypoallergenic soap options on the market now, and many of them are quite inexpensive, so there’s no excuse to cause extra irritation – go with a vagina-safe detergent and you can thank me later.

2. You’re storing them wrong, too.

If you’re anything like most people, you toss your bras and underwear all together in the same drawer and hope for the best. While that might make the most use of the storage space you have, bra hooks can do some serious damage to elastic and lace – causing them to wear out much faster than they would if you stored them separately. If you only wear sports bras, or you store your underwear in their own spot, this part doesn’t really pertain to you – but you might still be storing them wrong.

Most people’s underwear drawer lacks any type of organization. While I’m definitely not saying you need to “retail fold” your undies and sort them by color, you should at least have some system to even out the wear and tear. Tossing your just-worn-and-washed ones at the front of the drawer all the time is going to cause those ones to wear out faster than the rest, and you might not even notice when they start to wear out. Make a point of getting rid of the old ones when you buy new ones, and never be stuck with your “laundry day back-ups” again. And, on that note…

3. You keep them way longer than you should.

My girlfriend has a really hard time parting with her underwear. I find myself regularly “sneaking out” the ones that have totally exposed elastic, holes in the butt cheeks, and bleach and/or period stains on them. While I fully support the idea of designated “period panties”, you probably don’t need to hang onto every old pair you have for those few days a month you don’t want to ruin your good ones.

These old, worn-out underwear are not only ugly, but they’re also basically worthless. If you can see the elastic, the elastic is probably also digging into your skin. If they’ve got holes in them (especially in the crotch), they’re not really doing any good, and they may be rubbing against you and causing unnecessary irritation.

4. You’re not changing them often enough.

Most people know that you’re supposed to change your underwear every day. The type of underwear you wear may make a difference in how long you can wear them without changing, but you should change them after every shower and every work out – no exceptions. If it’s a particularly hot and sweaty day, or you’re on your period and you’ve gotten blood on them, you might need to change them more often.

It should also go without saying that putting dirty underwear back on once you’ve taken them off is a bad idea, but just in case I need to say it… Once you take your underwear off, don’t put the same ones back on. That’s a pretty good reason to have a big underwear selection, if you ask me.

5. You wear underwear every day.

Many people (mistakenly) think that wearing underwear is more hygienic than not wearing underwear. That’s not really true, though. Underwear was originally invented as a way to keep from washing clothing more often. Since water was a precious commodity that had to be carried in from the closest water source, it was a lot easier to wash five pairs of underwear than it was to wash one pair of pants, five times. In menstrual women, this underwear served double-duty since feminine hygiene products were entirely non-existent.

In the age of modern convenience, though, wearing underwear isn’t really necessary. In fact, if you’re wearing loose pants, long skirts, or basketball shorts (that fit), wearing underwear is 100% optional. Your vagina needs time to breathe, and if you keep it locked inside close-fitting materials all the time, it’s going to build up stronger odors and possibly even bacterial infections.

6. You never wear underwear.

Okay, I know I just said that underwear is not necessary – but if you wear tight-fitting pants, going commando is a bad idea. The seam of your jeans can rub uncomfortably against what is literally the most sensitive part of your body, causing a rash, and possibly even open sores (if the pants are too tight).

Likewise, short skirts or saggy pants need underwear to provide a sense of modesty. While not everyone feels like being modest all the time, you can get into trouble with the law if you’re showing more than what’s deemed appropriate in your region. Different types of underwear have very specific purposes, so it’s best to get some that do what you hope to accomplish.

7. You have all the same type of underwear.

Remember when we (just) said that different types of underwear serve different purposes? This means that there is no such thing as an “every occasion” underwear – unless your clothing style is very consistent from day to day. Boxers and boxer briefs are great for breathability and maximum coverage; boy shorts, hipsters, and thongs are best for reducing visible panty lines; and cotton briefs are a great go-to for situations when both coverage and VPL are non-issues.

That being said, it’s normal to have a favorite type of underwear. I’m pretty sure we all have our go-to’s, actually. But just because you have a favorite, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also have other types of underwear. No matter what your preferences are, you should have at least a few pairs in other styles just in case you want to wear something that makes your normal style unreasonable. (Boxers under leggings? I think not.)

8. You wear them to bed.

Some people prefer sleeping naked. Other people prefer the security of sleeping with clothes on, especially sexual abuse survivors (in my experience). No matter what your personal preferences happen to be, from a scientific standpoint, the closer to naked, the better. Like we said in #5, your vagina needs to breathe, and just the time you spend in the shower every day is probably not enough.

If you must wear underwear to bed – whether for your personal security, or because you don’t live alone – opt for something in breathable cotton. Personally, I like sleeping in boxers, since everything stays covered and still gets plenty of airflow. So-called “granny panties” are also a good choice – just make sure they’re actually cotton, and not some synthetic blend. Synthetic materials are nowhere near as breathable, and they can cause irritation if they move around while you’re sleeping.

9. They don’t fit right.

Lastly, the most common thing that’s wrong with underwear is that they’re the wrong size. Underwear that is too tight can cause a muffin top, camel toe, or a major wedgie – not to mention more serious complications like yeast or bacterial infections. Most importantly, though, ill-fitted underwear is uncomfortable, and that discomfort can actually translate to less self-confidence and poor performance in the rest of your life. Who knew your underwear were that important?!

However, wearing underwear that is too loose isn’t good, either. These underwear are more likely to show through your clothing (which, while minor, is still irritating). They can also fall down, causing some major embarrassment. Mostly, though, too-big underwear is probably not doing what it’s supposed to do – and you might as well not be wearing any. (In fact, it’s usually better to go without than to wear underwear that doesn’t fit.)

What Your Underwear Says About You

Do you have a favorite color? Most people do. Sometimes, we even subconsciously associate our fashion choices with our moods – such as, you might wear cheeky boy shorts when you’re feeling fun and playful, or “granny panties” when you’re feeling boring and blah. But the truth is, the color of your underwear can say a lot about your overall personality – as well as who you are in the bedroom.

Don’t believe me? Take a peek at your own undies and see if our descriptions match up! These are bound to change from one day to the next (assuming you change your underwear every day) so feel free to check back tomorrow, too!

White Underwear

White underwear represents a sense of peace and innocence. White underwear definitely won’t overpower your personality – and in fact, this underwear probably isn’t going to alter your mood at all. White underwear makes you feel fresh, clean, and simple. Whether it’s silk, cotton, or anything in between, this underwear will make you feel elegant.

Black Underwear

Black underwear has long been associated with sexuality. Like Bianca said in 10 Things I Hate About You, “You don’t buy black lingerie unless you want someone to see it!” While that isn’t true every time you wear them, black underwear definitely has the power to make you feel… Well, powerful! It’s a great choice for shy women who want to add a little confidence, too – you’ll feel like you can take over the world.

Red Underwear

Red is the undisputed color representing love, sex, and passion. Not only will it make you feel sexy, but it’ll make you feel strong, too – such a powerful combination! Red underwear sinks into your soul and tells you that you can totally do this – ask that woman out, like, yesterday. If you need a little boost, pick a pair of red underwear and make it a stronger day.

Orange Underwear

Orange represents enthusiasm, so orange underwear channels influences from the happy yellow and the sexy red – causing the wearer to feel energetic and highly stimulated. We don’t often see orange underwear, but if you don’t own any, it might be a good idea to get some! (Keep in mind that darker shades of orange may make you feel anxious and emotionally cold – stick with bright or pastel oranges for the best results.)

Yellow Underwear

There is a strong association between the color yellow and happiness. While very few people name yellow as their favorite color, it’s the color of sunshine, daisies, and smiley faces – what could be happier than that? Yellow underwear is cheerful and happy, and helps the wearer to grab the attention of those around her.

Green Underwear

Green underwear can give a sense of calm on the days that you’re feeling anxious. It’s long been known that certain shades of green are very beneficial to your overall mood, and green underwear can help you feel like you are in control of your stresses. (Let’s be real – that’s what we all want!) Lighter shades of green will help you center and find your focus, and might even help to keep you grounded with your place on the earth.

Dark Green Underwear

If you’re drawn to pulling out the dark green underwear first thing in the morning, it might be your mind telling you that you need to balance yourself. Darker shades of green are calming and earthy, and while they share many of the same characteristics as lighter greens, they’re best at soothing and harmonizing your life.

Blue Underwear

Blue underwear is another one of the “calm and peaceful” colors you can wear. Different blues will have different effects, and the same shade can differ in meaning to different women – so be careful with your choices! In general, light, warm blues are the best for improving your mood, while cooler blues may aggravate your stress. (However, blues in general are psychologically associated with their ability to calm, so make sure you find a pair that works for you.)

Purple Underwear

Purple, in general, represents power. Did you know that in the middle ages, peasants weren’t allowed to wear the color purple, because it was considered regal? (OK, so there are a few other colors they weren’t supposed to wear, either, but when you see the color purple, you generally think of luxury, right?) Your purple underwear will allow you to feel seductive and exotic. This color screams passion and romance, and the darker shades will inspire your inner flirt. Let her out – it’s time for some playful banter!

Light Purple Underwear

Light purple underwear tends to be associated with wisdom and strength. These undies will be calming and happy, and will probably inspire you to do good. If you pick the right shade, it’ll also make you feel elegant and beautiful.

Maroon Underwear

For those of you who may be a bit shade-impaired when it comes to colors (what’s the difference between red and crimson and scarlet, anyway?), maroon is a mix between red and purple that helps boost your confidence and make you feel extra sexy. While the color is a little less bold than brighter reds, that doesn’t mean it’s any less powerful – maroon underwear is great for the days you want to combine the best of the reds and the best of the purples.

Pink Underwear

For women who like pink, it represents excitement and girliness. There’s a great deal of difference between the softer shades (which inspire a sense of calm) versus brighter neon shades of pink (which inspire energy and fun). No matter which shade of pink you choose, your undies are definitely going to make you happy!

Patterned Underwear

The effects of your patterned underwear will vary, depending on what the pattern is. Flowers, for example, will make you feel feminine and romantic, while animal prints will make you feel bold, sexy, and exciting. I find it’s always great to wear some patterned underwear when you’ve been having a rough week – sometimes just knowing you’ve got something wild on that no one can see is enough for a boost that lasts all day.

Grey Underwear

Grey is, in general, a boring color. Most people don’t particularly care for it (it happens to be my favorite color, though) – so they’ll avoid wearing it. Darker shades of grey can make you disinterested, unenergetic, and basically down. If you choose a lighter color, though, your grey underwear can help lift your mood. The perfect shade of grey should be just far enough off white to not be white. When you choose the right ones, you get to pick up on the clarity of white underwear while remaining under the radar.

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Ruby Rose Rocks Leather in Nothing But Underwear

AUSSIE hottest tattooed model Ruby Rose, has stripped down to her undies for a sexy Bonds shoot for Australia’s Sunday Style magazine, to celebrate 100 years of the famous brand and talk everything from babies to bodies.

ruby rose

Rewind to 2009, and Bonds had never done T-shirts before – and definitely never shot anyone like out-and-inked Ruby Rose.

It was a turning point. I did get the gravity of representing that you can dress different, have spiked hair and tattoos, and be whatever sexuality you want. Together, we [showed] the ‘Aussie image’ is for everybody.”

Ruby Rose

Her tatt tally these days? “Now I’ve got, like, 60 – the most recent is the face of Jean-Michel Basquiat on my left arm.”


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So what would Rose scrawl on her Bonds Chesty singlet now she’s 29, engaged to British fashion designer Phoebe Dahl and starring in season three of TV prison drama Orange is the new Black as “bad-ass, super-charismatic” inmate Stella Carlin?

Be happy. Be free. That’s where I’m at. I’m in love with every day I wake up.”

Oh My, Ruby Rose Strips Down for Bonds’ 100th birthday

Hurrah, Bonds is turning the big 1-0-0.

For those of your who may not know the brand, well, all you really need to know they has been covering up the private parts of Aussies for years now.

So, what better way to celebrate than getting a bunch of toned and tanned models to remind us average human of how we’re supposed to look in underwear…




Among the models was DJ Ruby Rose, Transformers star Rachael Taylor, and everyone’s favourite beauty product promoter Miranda Kerr.

After her starring role in the Bonds campaign, you’ll see Rose in the upcoming season of Orange Is The New Black. She’ll play Stella Carlin, who is set to stir things up between Alex and Piper. That’s our gal.

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