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South African Women Speak Honestly About Sex In New Web Series ‘Women On Sex’

The South African-based web series Women On Sex is having a frank and honest conversation with it audience about all aspects of sex.

In episode 1 the topics is virginity, but the show dives deeper to explore body myths and rape culture in its second and third instalments.


Episode 2, entitled Emancipating the Vagina, highlights urban myths around the physical effects that frequent sexual activity has on a woman’s body

Interviewees share and dispel a number of widely held beliefs, such as cellulite and stretch marks being indicators of promiscuity. They also addressed problematic notions about vaginal tightness.

Tshegotaso Senne, a social media community manager, says

There are people who have arguments, literal debates on Twitter, [talking] about, ‘This woman is so loose and we know. Because, now, when I had sex with her, I didn’t feel anything because her vagina’s just so loose,’And I’m like, ‘But if a woman can give birth and her vagina can bounce back, then what is your penis going to do?’”

The most recent episode, Rape Culture, delves into the toleration and normalization of rape and sexual violence against women.

Among the topics discussed were the gendered power dynamics around consent and compliance and corrective rape, a practice used to “cure” lesbian women of their homosexuality.

Lumka Takane, a self-identified gay woman and fashion designer, challenged this disturbing discriminatory act:

Personally, I hate being penetrated. You know? So, what makes you think that if you penetrate me, that I’ll feel right? Because actually I’ll hate it further … I think it’s a very sick thing.”

Check out both episodes below and stay tuned for our continuing coverage of Women On Sex. Keep up with the series on Facebook.



SeX.ED 101 | Periods Through History (Video)

The hardest stereotypes to break are the ones that are so old as to go all the way back to hunter-gatherer days. After all, how can you argue with biology? Women carry the babies, men have the upper body strength to tackle gazelles – right?

But if society has taught us one thing, it’s that it becomes way too easy to attach amendments to that bill, claiming that all sexual and gender stereotypes date back to the early days of human evolution.

WTF? Women Are Now Getting Their Own Blood Injected Into Their Vaginas to Tighten Them

We’ve all been supper exposed to those Dracula facials Kim Kardashian has been getting. Well now you can get them for your vagina.

That’s correct. You can now get your own blood injected into your vagina.

The treatment called Rejuvula claims to tighten and rejuvenate the vagina by injecting ‘yellowish’ coloured Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) into the tissue.

As well as making the vajajay plumper, the procedure promises increased sensation, stronger and more frequent orgasms and a boosted libido.


Aside from the sexual rewards, the Dracula treatment is also said to have health benefits, helping women who suffer pain during intercourse and even improving urinary incontinence.

And because it’s your own cells being injected, experts say there is no chance of rejection, infection or allergy.

The procedure is the brainchild of Dr. Daniel Sister and medical aesthetic nurse Claudia McCloin, and is currently only available at their clinics in London and Ireland respectively.

It takes just 30 minutes and costs £800 – one treatment should last a year, according to the doctors.

10 Secret Facts About Your Vagina

Ok, before we start – the first of the things you should know about your vagina is that there is no right or wrong look. The vulva are the outer lips of your vaginal area and every woman’s vulva is different. You might have plump, curvy vulva or thin, elegant vulva.

Embrace your shape – all vulva are beautiful and unless you are in discomfort or a porn star, there‘s no reason to consider labiaplasty (vaginal rejuvenation surgery).

So what are the essential things you should know about your vagina. It’s not usually a subject we talk about amongst friends, and oft times we are too embarrassed to seek advice from a medical professional. It’s also hard to admit we might be a wee bit ignorant about the most intimate part of our body.

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Here are the essential things you should know about your vagina from the wonderful Laci Green.

SeX.ED 101 | Vagina Confidence

Vagina. When was the last time you said the “V” word out loud and didn’t feel a little self-conscious?

In an age of skin-baring pop stars, crazed internet porn and the sexualisation of women, it seems ironic that vaginas are still considered the most taboo area of human anatomy.

So, why is it still so hard for women to talk openly about their vagina?

It took me while to feel comfortable with my vagina, and to even look at it. I used to think it was something to be hidden and ashamed of. But, in time I learnt to see the wonder in vaginas, especially in other women, and in time I saw that pleasure in mine.

According to a study in the U.S, women who feel confident and comfortable about their vaginas have more sex and get more head.

Body confidence is important. All vaginas are beautiful.

Did you know…

Vagina directly translated from Latin means sheath or scabbard. But its name is constantly changing over time. The most universal nicknames for vagina is pussy, muff, cootch, twat and c**t.

Australian feminist and scholar Germaine Greer once said that the latter “is one of the few remaining words in the English language with a genuine power to shock”.

C is a recognised word and can be found in various English-language dictionaries including our own Macquarie dictionary, where it is defined as “the female genitalia” as well as “a contemptible person”.

In various indigenous languages it is referred to as “nungle” and “kuckles” (also the name of a Broome-based band).

In French it is called “la chat”, “tarte au poile” (hairy tart) and more politely, “le foufoun”.

The dubious colloquialism “hokey” is used to describe a loose foofa. According to the urban dictionary, the term is derived from the song The Hokey-Pokey, meaning you can put your left leg in and shake it all about.

TV show host Oprah Winfrey even has a name for it – the vajayjay.

Then there’s foofa, box, pink, cock massager, one car garage, sperm dumpster, hoo-ha, axe wound, lady bits, china, vulva, blossomful of nectar, muffin, toolbox, velvety love folds, pastrami meat flaps, pin cushion, catchers mitt, cuckoos nest, the wound that never heals, bearded clam, beef curtains, tunatown, vertical taco, bajango, catpipe, nozzle trap, bushburger, front wedgie, meat hole, fanunu, pecker wetter, dirty south.

Come to think of it, maybe vagina isn’t so bad after all.