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Daily Juice: Holland Taylor Gives Sarah Paulson Perfect Review, Plus 15 Medical Ways To Spot A Lesbian

Holland Taylor says she is not biased but still has an awesome opinion on her girlfriend’s performance in American Crime Story.

Apparently, back in the day there were 15 ways to spot a lesbian – well – according to some really old medical journals found by Autostraddle.

Talking with Paper, Ireland Baldwin (who was once in same-sex relationship Angel Haze) says she doesn’t feel like an LGBT role model.

I wouldn’t say I’m trying to be anyone’s role model. I just support people who are true to themselves and aren’t afraid to openly be who there are and support others who are doing the same.”


Worth the readStreet Girl charts Nequela Whittaker’s life growing up on a Brixton estate and explores a number of social issues including drug abuse, gang life, and child exploitation.

UK’s The Voice finalist Cody Frost talked with DIVA, about her rumoured romances, working with Boy George and coping with her new found fame.


Vice Documentary is celebrating our love for Sailor Moon. The 90s Japanese cartoon Sailor Moon broke new ground with its sympathetic portrayal of GLBTQ characters.


Ellen Page To Interview Cop Who Claims To Kill Gay People For Her New ‘Gaycation’ Series

Ellen Page’s new doc-series Gaycation premiers on Viceland next month.

In the show Page explores LGBT life all around the world, and has her confronting a variety of people about their anti-gay views.


The scariest one interviewee has to be a Brazilian who says that he has killed those who were gay.

Talking at on the Viceland Panel for the 2016 Television Critics Association winter press tour, Page said.

It was probably one of the more scary, nerve-wracking moments I’ve had.”

A clip from Gaycation shows Page asking Ian Daniel (her best friend and documentary partner), “I want to say I’m gay, do you think it’s safe?” Daniel said that hearing the cop say stuff like “I’ve killed people like you” and “I’m going to do it again” as “hard to hear.”


Since coming out on Valentine’s Day 2014, Page has been a champion for LGBT rights.

Also, in Freeheld (the movie that inspired her to come out), she and Julianne Moore play a lesbian couple fighting for spousal benefits after one of them is diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Last year, Page confronted politican Ted Cruz at the Iowa State Fair for supporting LGBT discrimination on religious grounds.


That incident will also air on Gaycation.

Ellen Page’s ‘Gaycation’ Set To Air Early Next Year

This week Spectrum reported that they had brokered a deal with A+E Networks to produce Viceland, a new TV channel.

The announcement came with the news that the under-the-radar, LGBT docu-series Gaycation with Ellen Page, which has been loosely talked about since the actress busted Ted Cruz’s chops over a grill in Iowa this summer, could air as soon as February 2016.

In Gaycation, Page travelled the world to speak with friends and foes of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights.

And now we have a little preview of what that show will look like.


On Wednesday, Vice debuted a preview compilation of Viceland on their YouTube account.

The show has been describe as something similar to CNN’s Original Series or Fusion’s Unreported World,

… [an] edgy, immersive dives into cultural and sociological anomalies, produced in engaging, informative and entertaining ways.”

Viceland will replace H2 early next year on cable and satellite TV.

Where Have All The Lesbian Bars Gone? (Video)

San Francisco, New York, Washington DC, and New Orleans are four of the biggest gay party meccas in America, yet the cities’ lesbian bars keep shutting down.

lesbian bar 01

It’s not a situation unique to the US. In towns and cities across the world, lesbian spaces are disappearing at an alarming rate, despite the growing acceptance of non-heterosexual identities.

Why are lesbian bars dying while gay male clubs continue to thrive? Is it because of rising rent prices, the stereotype of lesbians moving in after the first date, the rise of the trans rights movement, or something more complex?

In a new documentary for new Vice channel Broadly, Le Tigre and Men star JD Samson travelled across the US to speak to those who’ve watched the evolution of lesbian culture first hand to find out what’s behind the trend and what, if anything, can be done to stop it.


The Last Lesbian Bars is a brilliant film featuring in depth interviews and archive material that really goes beyond the usual stereotyped explanations of U-Hauling lesbians to really get to the bottom of how the spaces we inhabit have changed, just as we have, in the last 60 years.

HBO’s VICE Links Uganda’s Lesbian Corrective Rapes Back to American Anti-Gay Christians

The plight of the LGBT community in Uganda has largely dropped out of the headlines, but in the latest episode of VICE on HBO, correspondent Isobel Yeung travels to Uganda and shows that they’re as persecuted as ever.

Not only does the documentary highlight how churches and schools are lying to children and adults about the “evils” of homosexuality, but that American missionaries and politicians are part of the problem too.

A Prayer for Uganda highlights the teachings of people like Pastor George Oduch, a Christian Fundamentalist who has taken his lead from anti-gay American Pastor Scott Lively.

They attempt to educate Ugandans about how there’s “no difference between a terrorist and a homosexual,” and that homosexuality is just like paedophilia.

The propaganda is so distorted that children are taught that there are ‘10 different cancers that attack only homosexuals’.

Girls are also told that sleeping with another women will lead to lesbian infertility.

If a woman gets homosexuality with another woman, she cannot give birth.”

The young Ugandans repeat what they are lectured in school and in church, but also in their communities, as the adults are even worse.

In one scene, Yeung interviews poor, working class men. The men tell her that the first thing she needs to know about their culture is “we hate is homosexuality.” That is the first thing of which they are proud. Not arts, science, their families, their heritage – not even their perverted interpretation of Christianity.

“We hate that one [homosexuality] completely. If we find a woman with a woman, we will pull out one and we will do it to her.” He’s of course talking about rape. “We cannot allow a woman to have sex with a fellow woman.”

Yeung asks, “Have you ever raped a lesbian?”

“Yeah,” the man replies. “Serious raping.”

Then Yeung asks, “So what would you do if you saw a gay man?”

“Kill! Kill! You kill that one! Kill! I just kill them. Woman and woman we rape, but man and man we kill.”

She wrote later, “I don’t ever recall feeling as heartbroken as the week we spent shooting this.”

Yeung is able to speak with a Ugandan gay woman on camera, although her face is blurred and voice distorted as to not reveal her identity. The woman had a secret girlfriend, but was found out by a group of men who raped her. When she found out she was pregnant soon after, her girlfriend left her. Now she says her child is “a blessing in disguise,” because now people won’t assume she’s a lesbian so quickly. In a heart breaking moment, she shares that she won’t even tell her son she’s gay because she’s worried he will reject her.

A Prayer for Uganda 02

Last year, the government of Uganda passed a bill making homosexuality–already a crime–punishable by life imprisonment or even the death penalty. The legislation was overturned, thanks largely to the international fury it provoked, but homosexuality remains illegal and massively stigmatised.

Now, less than a year after the “Anti-Homosexuality Act” (nicknamed the “Kill the Gays” bill in Western media) was struck down, Ugandan officials are working to revive it.