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Break The Status Quo: These Video Games Allow You To Play Non-Binary Characters

Traditionally, videogames have adhered to the gender binary: male and female player-characters, with little room for fluid interpretation.

Sadly, most games often look at what’s been made before to inspire what’s yet to come, which means we end up playing the same narratives of white, straight, cisgender men.

There are limited opportunities for players to create non-binary characters, or be referred to with gender neutral pronouns.

That said, several recent game releases have been willing to take innovative risks in terms representations of gender, with non-binary genders are included in the medium.

Recent gaming hit, Pyre (by Supergiant Games) is one of few games that allows a player to choose the pronouns – rather than gender – of their player-character at the beginning of the narrative.

This decision happens naturally the first time the player is referred to in conversation: by default, an NPC calls the player-character ‘she’, and interacting with the word allows the player to change this to ‘they’ or ‘he’, depending on their preference.

This no-fuss approach to pronouns does wonders for normalising gender neutral options.

Where choosing ‘she/her’ or ‘he/him’ pronouns results in particular NPCs referring to the player-character as ‘sister’ or ‘brother’, selecting ‘they/them’ replaces these labels with gender neutral pet names, which still suggest intimacy.

And the game facilitates fluidity too, allowing the player to alter their pronoun selection in the menu at any time.

Another popular game with a non-binary player-character is Undertale (2015). This game has been mocked for being fervently loved by online communities like those on Tumblr, but the game’s cult-following can be attributed to the way it made underrepresented minorities feel like they were finally being welcomed in games.

A House of Many Doors (2017) and Hollow Knight (2017) followed in its footsteps, assigning they/them pronouns to the player-character without giving the player a choice.

Although many games might still be bound to the tradition of populating their worlds with only male and female characters, these exceptions to the rule are allowing – or forcing – players to understand that there are more possibilities out there, and allowing developers to access examples of how they might include gender neutral options in their own games.

Another recent release Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles (2017) disrupts gender norms, encouraging players to wear dresses and moustaches simultaneously, and complete quests like helping Katie to grow an impressive beard; however, despite allowing players to experiment with gender presentation, Yonder still requires players to select whether their player-character is male or female during character creation.

Why? Likely for the same reason most character creation screens include these options – it’s just what you do.

Browse 700 LGBTQ Video Games On ‘Queerly Represent Me’

So you’ve finished Life is Strange and you’ve beaten Queer Quest. What video games should you play now?

Queerly Represent Me has the answer. This groundbreaking database catalogues LGBTQ video games for Playstation, Xbox, Mac, PC, iOS, Android, Nintendo and even DOS.

It’s notoriously difficult to find LGBTQ video games. While novelty games such as Gay Cats Go Into the Weird Woods offer a mere twenty minutes of fun, and cheesy, campy games such as Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony steep gay characters in stereotypes, gamers have always had difficulty tracking down games that explore thoughtful storylines centered around queer characters. Queerly Represent Me is long overdue.

The database allows users to sort by title, year, database, genre, publisher and platform. Users can also check to see if games are AAA – that is, big name games such as Grand Theft Auto and Assassin’s Creed.

If you click a game’s title, you will receive an explanation of the queer representation it includes.

The database currently has 713 entries. However, that list isn’t exclusive to video games that focus on queer characters – the list includes every video game that has a queer character (such as God of War III), or every video game that has the potential for queer characters (such as The Sims 1, 2, 3 and 4).

In the case of God of War III, the “queer representation” is a short cutscene in which two topless women are briefly seen caressing each other. The women do not speak to the protagonist or add to the storyline in any way. In The Sims, characters are only queer if you design them to be.

The list also includes games that were simply made by queer people; the game Identi-Key instructs players to drop keys onto locks of the same color. There is nothing LGBTQ about that game. However, because the game was made as part of the #RainbowJam diversity in gaming festival, the database includes it.

One of the database’s most helpful features is the ability to filter through all of these games in order to find games whose protagonist is explicitly LGBTQ, games whose protagonists are implicitly LGBTQ, and even the games that have been labeled problematic.

With nearly 1000 entries (and growing every day), this database will ensure that you never run out of games to play. So close your eyes, pick one at random and go have fun!

Check it out for yourself.

Cara Delevingne Kicks Ass In New Call of Duty: Black Ops III Trailer

Paper Towns actress Cara Delevingne stars in this live action promo for the upcoming shooter game – Call of Duty: Black Ops III .

In promo we get to see her complete with an ammunition belt wrapped around her, striding away firing a splattering of bullets from the two machine guns in her hands.  Awesome


The trailer, which is directed by Wayne McClammy also stars Michael B Jordan who acts as narrator and the tagline is ‘there’s a solider in all of us’.


Next year Cara’s fans are set to see her on the big screen as the Enchantress in the hotly anticipated film Suicide Squad.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III launches this coming Friday, November 6th.


Lesbian Adventure Game ‘White Robe Love Addiction’ To Launch On PS Vita

When it comes to LGBT representation, it’s a well known fact that video games do it badly. Very few games feature LGBT characters as side characters, let alone as playable ones.

Notable game series include The Sims, Dragon Age and Mass Effect which have all allowed players to have same-sex romances since they were created. But these games take breaks – and they are just three video game franchises (all published by the same company, I might add) – and so there’s very little to choose from.

More: Gay and Lesbian Characters in Video Games

But there may be at least one game to tide you over if The Sims 4 and Dragon Age: Inquisition aren’t up your street – a game called White Robe Love Addiction. Straight out of Japan, White Robe Love Addiction is actually a visual novel (these are essentially interactive stories) and so it features very little gameplay, but if you’re looking for femslash romance in the video game space, it’s one of few examples.

Set to be released on (Sony’s handheld games console) PS Vita in April, the game focuses on a group of women who are looking to become nurses. In typical trophy fashion, the women are often clad in short skirts, garters and other clothing decisions clearly made for ‘maximum titillation’. (When I said it offered queer representation, I didn’t mean it offered the best representation, but alas.)

If you can overlook the God awful character design, there might be a story here for you to latch onto. The lead is named Asuka and we play as her during time at nursing school (around three years) during which we meet Itsuki, Sakuya, and Nao. Itsuki and Sakuya are the lead queer couple, even being described as “the most perfect couple in the whole school.”


Itsuki has green hair, is the school’s lothario and her skills include “sexual harassment” which is more than a little concerning. Sakuya meanwhile, is devoted to her studies despite the fact that she was pressured into enrolling in nursing school. As for Nao, very little is known about her but it’s been confirmed that her and Asuka become fast friends.

Unfortunately, as Japanese gaming press has been very reluctant to cover the queer angle of the game, we can’t confirm whether Asuka herself will get to to have a romance with a classmate or if players will only be able to witness the relationship between Itsuki and Sakuya. Furthermore, it seems unlikely that White Robe Love Addiction will receive translation into English so you may want to brush on your Japanese before importing it.

White Robe Love Addiction will be released on April 30th, 2015 for PS Vita.

Gay and Lesbian Characters in Video Games

An interesting video Kathleen MMs, discussing Gay and Lesbian characters in video games.

“I’m a nerdy queer college student who enjoys analyzing character development and story in video games. My channel is dedicated to video game reviews fuelled by my ramen diet, nerdy vlogs, and fangirl overload. I should go…”

Kathleen MMs.

Top 5 : Lesbian scenes in gaming

Unbeknown to many is that there are quite a few lesbian video game characters. Here 5 Lesbian scenes to we’ve seen…

  1. Sims 3 (DIY make-outs). When you think “The Sims,” you probably don’t think “hot lesbian kissing.” But you’re wrong. The Sims is the ultimate tool for do it yourself lesbian make out sessions. You can build your dream girls and view their intense love making from any angle. It might make you feel like a creepy pervert but virtual lesbian action doesn’t get better than this.
  2. Mass Effect 3 (FemShep and Samantha Traynor). If you play Mass Effect 3 as a FemShep you have the option to romance lesbian crew member Samantha Traynor. Bet you need a cold shower after this.
  3. The Witcher 2 (Philippa and Cynthia). The life of a Witcher is full of surprises. One moment you are fighting monsters in the forest, the next moment you stumble upon a lesbian BDSM session. We love how they pretended like nothing happened. Guess hot lesbian action is no big deal in the kinky Witcher universe.
  4. Dragon Age 2 (Fem Hawke and Isabelle). Play Dragon Age 2 as a Fem Hawk and you might end up in a steamy love scene with tough lady pirate Isabelle. Although things get pretty awkward the next morning…
  5. Fear Effect 2 (Hana and Rain). Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix might have been a so-so game but it had something most games didn’t. A love scene with a chick. Blocky or not it’s still pretty hot.