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Disney Star Mollee Gray Marries Her Girlfriend In An Ultra-Romantic Outdoor Wedding

Over the weekend, Disney star Mollee Gray married choreographer Jeka Jane.

Gray, who is known for her role in Teen Beach Movie 1 and and her stint on So You Think You Can Dance, tied the knot at The Landing Lake Tahoe Resort & Spa, and shared the photos on Instagram on Monday.

Lake Tahoe wedding at The Landing for Mollee and Jeka

In an exclusive chat with People, Gray said

Our wedding day couldn’t have been more magical. The love we received from all of our family and friends was remarkable, and we feel so grateful. We can’t wait to experience this life as the new HERsband and wife.”

The 26-year-old actress and the pro dancer announced their engagement in April 2016 and their weekend wedding day also marked the duo’s four-year anniversary.








It’s Official: Samira Wiley And Lauren Morelli Are Married!

This weekend, Orange Is the New Black star, Samira Wiley, tied the knot with her longtime partner, Lauren Morelli, in an intimate Palm Springs, California, ceremony surrounded by family and friends.


The brides met while working on Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black. 

It was while writing for the hit show that Morelli, who was then married to a man, realised she was gay.

Their wedding took place in Palm Springs, California, and Wiley’s parents officiated.

Wiley and Morelli shared a picture, originally published by Martha Stewart Weddings, of them in their wedding outfits. Morelli captioned it “Wifey for Lifey”.

The wedding had a confetti theme, according to the wedding website, and the pair entered their reception to the strains of Justin Bieber’s Baby.

After the couple’s nuptials, Wiley shared an adorable photo of the newlyweds on her Instagram, captioning it simply “#wifed.”


Brazilian Women’s Rugby Star Receives Marriage Proposal From Girlfriend Following Finals At Rio 2016

After the medal ceremony following the first women’s rugby sevens final in Olympic history on Monday had ended, Marjorie Enya, a manager at Deodoro Stadium, asked her girlfriend, Isadora Cerullo to marry her.

Cerullo was a member of the Brazil squad that narrowly missed out on reaching the knockout rounds rugby sevens tornement.

Talking to the BBC, Enya said

As soon as I knew she was in the squad I thought I have to make this special. I know rugby people are amazing and they would embrace it.”

The couple had been together for two years.

She is the love of my life. The Olympic Games can look like closure but for me it’s starting a new life with someone. I wanted to show people that love wins.”

Cerullo grew up in North Carolina and holds dual citizenship of Brazil and the United States.

Though she had never lived in Brazil before, she moved with Enya to São Paulo to focus on making the women’s rugby sevens squad for the Games.

According to Outsports, there are at least 45 publicly out lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex athletes at the Rio games, as well as three coaches.

Several out athletes are also taking part in the Paralympics.

5 Great Wedding Destinations for Lesbian Couples

Are you and your partner considering a destination wedding? With more and more countries finally coming to their senses by making same-sex marriage legal, it might be the perfect opportunity to travel to a place you two have always wanted to go while getting married at the same time.

Whether you’re looking for an exotic wedding destination or one that’s a bit more off the beaten path, here’s a look at 5 destinations that could make your nuptials all the more special…


Tahiti 03

Same-sex marriage became legal on this tropical paradise island in 2013. Known for its romantic setting with thatched roofed huts dotting the blue-green lagoons, it’s the perfect place to get hitched if you’re looking for a tropical wedding destination.


Who wouldn’t want to walk hand in hand with their new wife along the chalk-white sands as you enjoy the views from your island bungalow, right?


iceland 03 iceland 02

It’s pretty much the complete opposite from Tahiti, but just as beautiful with some pretty much amazing scenery. Iceland has a thriving LGBT community, and same-sex marriage was legalized in 2010, making it a great wedding destination.

iceland 01

And with the numerous thermal pools, hot springs, active volcanoes, and snow-covered glaciers, you and your new wife will have plenty of great outdoor adventures to and sights to see after the wedding.

Cape Town, South Africa


Cape Town, South Africa 02Cape Town, South Africa 03

It’s known as Africa’s gayest city, which is saying a lot since quite a lot of the African continent is still very homophobic. Same-sex marriage was legalized in this South African country in 2006, so they definitely know how to roll out the gay-friendly red carpet.

Cape Town, South Africa

Not to mention, the city is very beautiful and picturesque. From the flat-topped mountains, sculpture-lined parks, golden beaches, and eccentric mix of cultures, you’ll find plenty to do here. And don’t forget about taking your new wife on a safari or penguin spotting outing!

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina 03
Buenos Aires, Argentina

It’s one of Latin America’s gayest capital cities, and also one of the most tolerant. Same-sex marriage was legalized in Argentina in 2006, making it one of the few South American countries that allow it.

Buenos Aires, Argentina 02

There’s definitely plenty of culture here. Whether you’re looking to take a wine-tasting tour to sample some of the famous Malbec wine and other varieties, or want to visit the grave of the iconic Evita, the city is full of vibrant history and sights to see. And don’t forget those tango lessons. What a better way to celebrate your marriage than with a sultry tango with your new wife!

Buenos Aires, Argentina 01

Queenstown, New Zealand

If you and your partner are all about adventure, then you should definitely consider a wedding in this picturesque city. It’s a popular resort area, and is known for its daredevil sports. So after you say “I do,” you and your wife can do a little whitewater rafting, skydiving, bungee jumping, and jet boating.

Queenstown, New Zealand 03

Same sex marriage was legalized in New Zealand in 2013, so don’t miss out on getting married in this beautiful country, especially if you both love the outdoors!

Queenstown, New Zealand 01 Queenstown, New Zealand

Missouri Wedding Venue Turns Away Lesbian Couple Saying “Same-Sex Marriages Violate Our Religious Beliefs”

Another day – another beautiful couple to discriminated against.

A Missouri couple will not be able to host their wedding next year at the venue of their choice, as the owners do not support same-sex marriage.

The owners of the venue, told the couple they’re not welcome because they’re lesbians, according to a Missouri newspaper.

The news came as a shock to brides-to-be Rachel Cathey and Beverly Vaughn, when the women and Cathey’s mother toured the venue last week and came face-to-face with owner Sara Howell’s antigay beliefs.

Cathey told the Sedalia Democrat of the venue

It is stunning. It’s so pretty — we looked at each other and said ‘This is it, this is where we’re going to get married.’ We started talking about a place for the bride to get ready. Sara said ‘we have a bridal suite.’ I said, ‘We have two brides.’”


That’s when Howell dropped the bombshell that Heritage Ranch does not permit same-sex weddings at the venue.

Cathey told the paper.

Before she could even finish I asked why and she said ‘because we’re Christian and we don’t,’”

Howell’s husband, Josh, who co-owns Heritage Ranch, explained to the Democrat why the facility doesn’t allow same-sex marriages:

It is a violation of our religious beliefs. We would have to violate our conscious to allow that to occur here. We feel we would be dishonoring God, who we serve and He was the one who gave us this business and it is only right we serve him and honor him with it. It would be a sin for us to allow that, so we could not in good conscious do that.

It’s not a personal matter. It’s a matter of religious conviction and personal belief.”

Josh Howell said the couple has turned away one other couple due to their Christian beliefs. Now the victimizers are playing the victim, complaining they have been on the receiving end of telephone and social media hate messages.

We’ve had several hateful messages over the phone and social media since the article was published and we found it very hypocritical they criticized us for being hateful and then follow that up with hateful comments toward us,”

Howell told the paper he and his wife are within their rights to deny service to Cathey, as the event venue is housed on private property, though it is accessible to the public.

Meanwhile, Cathey and Vaughn have received the backing of a statewide LGBT group, Promoting Equality for All Missourians, otherwise known as PROMO.

PROMO Interim Director Steph Perkins told the Democrat.

We are working to pass the Missouri Non-discrimination Act, known as MONA. It would add sexual orientation and gender identity as protected categories to the Human Rights Statute that protects against discrimination in employment, housing, access to public services. Businesses that are open to the public — provide public accommodation — currently cannot deny service based on race, religion (and national origin, ancestry, gender or age). With MONA that would include sexual orientation and gender identity.”

Missouri is one of 27 states that do not have non-discrimination laws to protect LGBT citizens, and no federal legislation currently exists to protect LGBT people from discrimination in employment, housing, or public accommodation.