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The Plot, The Gay, The Ugly | How To Get Away With Murder – 112 Recap – She’s a Murderer

Welcome to another How to Get Away With Murder recap! HTGAWM also known as the show where sometimes people aren’t getting away with murder, they’re being heavily considered as the suspects instead.

This week on the show, Annalise puts her game face on and the police continue to bust her for a murder that she didn’t actually commit.

As always, the recap is split into The Plot, The Gay and The Ugly so read on to find out what went down this week.

The Plot

If you’ve been watching the series from the start, then you’ll know that Annalise’s number one rule of lawyering is not to ask your client whether or not they did it or not. Well you can expect that one to be in full force this episode when Annalise is investigated for the murder of Sam (her husband, whose cremated, mashed up remains were discovered last episode) and she takes on the case of a mob boss embroiled in a drug trafficking scandal.

“I have never lost you a case [in 15 years]” is the line she pulls up when mob boss Leo tries to drop her when he grows concerned about Annalise’s (rumoured) murderous antics. She’s good at convincing him and his nephew (the one on trial) though and so she rallies the troops (her students, y’know, the ones who actually killed Sam) to get him off the hook.

Step one, go through every bit of info that explains why the container (the one with the drugs in) was chosen for a weigh in as part of a ‘random’ check. Funnily enough, only one container was chosen that day although the officials usually check 15! There’s a turn up for the books when Frank and Asher realise that the officers who showed up to weigh the container actually showed up before the container was weighed…sort of like they’d been tipped off? Yup, and as Laurel discovers that a man named Pedro was working the yard that day but quit his job two days later to look after a sick relative, we know that there was a mole.

Fast forward to Annalise in court and the federal agent responsible for the mole starts threatening her, tells her not to pursue the criminal informant angle or she’ll find herself in more hot water with regards to the murder of her husband. But this is Annalise, she can’t back down! She probably doesn’t even know how to! After discovering that Pedro had actually been partying it up in New Jersey when he was supposedly looking after his relative, Annalise decides to press the issue anyway. She pulls him onto the stand, interrogating him until he confesses that not only was he told to weigh the container but that he was promised a green card (an important citizenship document) for doing so as well. But whoever told him to such a thing? Prosecutor Hobbs! Also known as the federal agent who threatened Annalise earlier.


Like Annalise herself said, she’s never lost a case for the mob and she wasn’t about to start now.

As for those murder charges against her. Things are looking bad (to say the least) when Annalise sends Bonnie to have a search warrant thrown out but she’s literally laughed out of court and so the search will take place anyway. The police come; they search every inch of the house and find the scales off of the trophy (the thing used to kill Sam) but don’t deem it suspicious. Unfortunately, the nervous look on Annalise’s face and the way she’s staring at a section of the floor make the police start swabbing the floor for DNA traces. They don’t find a single thing – Annalise scrubbed it to within an inch of its life after Sam’s blood spilled all over it.


Things still aren’t done yet though, as the police are examining the fibres found amongst Sam’s frazzled remains. Featured in the case file of Sam’s murder is the fact that there were carpet fibres mixed up with his corpse and the fact that he was killed with a blunt object; most likely a metal one. Bonnie puts two and two together and makes four, noting that not only was the carpet in Annalise’s hallway missing when she showed up the day after Sam disappeared but that she knew it was odd when the police found the scale from the trophy too. She gives Annalise an ultimatum and says that the police will soon realise Sam’s body was dumped in the woods and that she won’t get away with covering for her students. “Don’t let them ruin you” she advises.

But what can she do? Annalise promised her students that she’d protect them.

Soon enough, the police determine that Sam’s body had been burnt in a woods somewhere, so of course they investigate the conveniently located woods near the college campus. And what should turn up? A ring! Could it be the ring that Michaela lost on the night they disposed of Sam’s body? After a panicky few moments from viewers and students alike, the police dust the ring for prints and find one from Nate (Annalise’s lover) as she had Frank plant the print and the ring the previous night. Nate gets arrested for murder and while Sam’s sister is still angry at Annalise, saying that he’s the reason her brother is dead, the fact that it’s being written off as a crime of passion gets her (and her students) off the hook.

The episode closes with Annalise crying in her bed, on the phone to her mum asking her for help.

The Gay

There was little gay this week as Connor was too busy being a nervous wreck to go and she his sort-of boyfriend Oliver. But! There was new info in the ‘bisexual Bonnie Winterbottom’ stakes!

Apparently, no one told Bonnie that Sam’s body had been found and she had to find out for herself the following morning. She’s in tears in the kitchen but we already know that she disliked Sam and wasn’t interested in him like that (he kissed her but she was not about that life). The reason  she keeps sobbing is because she thinks that Annalise doesn’t trust her any more. So that, along with the fact that Bonnie desperately wants to protect Annalise from the police (even if it means she has to dump her students in it) makes it seems as though Bonnie’s concern stems from more than just platonic, friendly feelings.

Also this tweet from Oscar nominated actress Gabourey Sidibe proves that I’m not the only one on the good ship #BisexualBonnie so there’s that!

The Ugly

Other than some ugly morals? There was nothing ugly about How to Get Away With Murder this week, it was a perfect episode.

The Plot, The Gay, The Ugly | Gotham 115 Recap – The Scarecrow

Welcome to another Gotham recap! Gotham also known as the show where bad guys are easier to find than queer women with substantial storylines!

This week on the show, Scarecrow gets his name and one mad man eats adrenal glands for breakfast.

As always, the recap is split into The Plot, The Gay and The Ugly so read on to find out what went down this week.

The Plot

As you’ll remember from last week, a deranged fellow named Gerald Crane joined a phobia support group and was going around scaring members shitless and harvesting their adrenal glands. There was a stand off between him and detectives Harvey and Jim but he soon evaded capture by…locking a door. Genius, I know.

Continuing on his adrenal gland jacking spree, after he invades the home of a teacher and takes his one too, we finally get to find out what he’s been doing with them. The killer has been…injecting them? Well, specifically he’s been turning them into his own fear inducing tonic. Three parts adrenal gland, two parts some sort of yellow substance that looks like wee and one part dramatic shots of him mixing it all together and voila, he has something that will see him confront his worst fear He injects it and runs into the corridor where he’s greeted by a woman (his ex-wife) engulfed in flames.

The killer, as it turns out, happens to be a biology teacher at a local school. According to the headmistress, he has a theory that fear is the reason for all of the world’s problems and that with his super smarts, and some super murderous antics, he can cure it! And not just his own fear either; he can cure his son Jonathan too but as we skip to a scene where his son is being injected, we find that mini-Crane isn’t so thrilled about it.

Researching the older Crane’s motivation for the crimes days late (surely that would be one of the first things you’d look into?) Gotham’s dud detectives fire up the precinct’s creaky computers to discover that Crane’s wife died in a house fire, not in a car crash like he told everyone (including his employer). They head out to the old house but before they arrive there’s already trouble brewing as Jonathan tries to flee from his dad who is convinced on injecting him with the pee-coloured stuff.

When the useless twosome show up, the Cranes take their serum and hightail it into the field in the dead of night. Their brilliant plan? To lay in full view on some bales of hay where they’ll shoot up hopefully before Jim and Harvey see them. By some standards, it works. Jonathan gets a massive quadruple dose of the serum while his dad gets shot to Swiss cheese, not frightened by the bullets (though he really probably should be). He lays flailing in pain amongst the hay bales, facing up at a scarecrow as it courses through his body. Later, a doctor informs Jim that Jonathan is in a constant state of fear and that the thing that he fears most (that scarecrow!) will continue to haunt his waking hours for the rest of his life. Yeah, definitely expect this guy to turn up as a villain in the future.

Elsewhere in the city, Falcone and Maroni are shaking hands on a deal that will see Maroni leave Penguin (the double crossing informant) alone. Sadly, instead of killing the most annoying character on the show, Maroni will take solace in having a judge on his side. Much to Penguin’s delight of course as his club (freshly taken from former owner Fish Mooney) has received a makeover and a new name and will become an integral part of Falcone’s operations.


Meanwhile, Fish herself is in the middle of another power struggle (she just can’t seem to lay low, can she?) as after being kidnapped last week she’s thrown into a dungeon with a bunch of other nasty types. The head guy (who’s the head guy because he’s the only one with a blade, naturally) has a bit of a soft spot for Fish though and when she seduces him and sits on his lap…slice!…he gets his throat coat courtesy of the baddest bitch in there. We also see people fighting for scraps of food and some woman wailing about having her eyes gouged out so hopefully that one will be explained next week.

And finally, in the dumbest decision anyone made on the show this week (and that’s really saying something), butler and guardian Alfred sends young charge Bruce off into the woods to take part on the annual trek that he would do with his (now deceased) father. Bruce throws a tantrum, knocks over some rocks and then falls down a hill. It’s a good bit of comedy, actually.

He busts his ankle in the process and after sitting in a ditch for hours he finally tries to climb out of it where we see Alfred warming his hands on a bonfire, where he’d apparently been sitting for a while. Yes, not only did he send the billionaire heir out by himself after his parents were killed just a few months ago (and their killer still has not been located) he also let him struggle as tried to rescue him. That’s some sort of twisted character building, let me tell ya…

The Gay

For several weeks on the trot now (I think the official count is four, but it’s all been a queer-less blur) lesbian badass Detective Renee Montoya hasn’t been featured and her love interest Barbara was only featured once for about 20 two episodes ago.

This week was no different and by my estimation, the current odds of one (or both!) of them being killed off by the end of the season are now at about 10/1. It’s not clear as to whether or not the show is playing the long game with these two but for the past few episodes, they’ve clearly been dead weights.

The Ugly

Jim and new love interest Leslie have some unnecessary plot about workplace romances. Blergh, boring, I’m falling asleep etc. It was a total filler plot this week and I didn’t see the point.

Props to the writers though, because in terms of ‘ugliness’, this episode did alright.

The Plot, The Gay, The Ugly | Gotham 114 Recap – Welcome Back, Jim Gordon

Welcome to another Gotham recap! Gotham, also known as the show where the police are about as useful as a chocolate teapot. In a sauna.

This week on the show Penguin finally gets what’s coming to him and I’m ready to send out a search and rescue team for missing queer ladies, Barbara and Renee.

As always, the recap is split into The Plot, The Gay and The Ugly so read on to find out what went down this week.

The Plot

What’s your biggest fear? For Jim Gordon it’s probably ‘viewers seeing through my good veneer and realising that I’m as useless as all the other chumps in this place’ but for countless other Gotham residents.

Their fears prevent them from going about their day to day, which is why they have a phobia support group. Some support group that turns out to be though when it turns out that someone is killing off its members, terrorising them with their worst fears.

First to go six feet under is a man named Adam who’s been hoisted up on a ledge and then dropped off of it just to submit him to his worst fear (heights) before he died. To find his killer, Bullock hatches an ingenious plan: flirt inappropriately with Adam’s sponsor Scottie and then accompany her to a meeting. Totally professional. They’ll have plenty to talk about during their not-a-date too as the second victim – a man who’s terrified of pigs – gets accosted with one of the oinkers on the street and ends up being led towards a thug, clunked on the head and kidnapped for more fear inducing treatment.


He survives though, when Jim and Harvey investigate a lead and head to an old chair manufacturers which is the same place the man is being held captive, surrounded by, you guessed it; more pigs. They shoot his captor dead but now must find the captor’s partner – flash forward a few hours to the support group meeting where Harvey is *meant* to be scoping out suspects.

This being Harvey and this being Gotham, a place that seems to breed bad detectives like rabbits, Harvey sits twiddling his thumbs when Scottie gets up to follow a man who runs out of the room after revealing that he has a fear of failure. Harvey literally asks the rest of the group if it seems like they’ve been gone a long time and although he was there to look for murderers specifically, he didn’t think to go and check on her or go to the meeting with backup so that he could prevent this from happening. Incredible. Alas, Scottie looks to be victim number three as we see her being bundled into the back of a van.

Scottie must be something special though, because her kidnapping presents us with the first bit of good detective work in weeks. Harvey rings her mum to find out that the killer has probably taken her to a local pool, a place Scottie nearly drowned when she was a little’un and the place her fear first reared its ugly head. He and Jim show up just in the nick of time (gotta love those TV coincidences!) and rescue her, but Jim’s efforts to chase down the suspect prove futile and he gets away. With some help of Jim’s new girlfriend Dr. Thompkins, we discover that the killer also stole the adrenal gland from his first victim. For what? God knows! But we’ll probably get an answer next week as the show attempts to lure us in with another two-part crime special.

Speaking of crimes, the season-arching case of just who killed Bruce Wayne’s parents hits a snag (or does the best thing possible) when Bruce relieves Jim of his investigatory duties as his search has only turned up one eyewitness and she turned out to be a liar.

Meanwhile, Penguin’s old boss and current fugitive gangster Fish Mooney rings up his new boss Maroni to let him in on a little secret, i.e that Penguin is a lying two-faced rat who has been gathering info for Maroni’s rival, Falcone. While Mooney is travelling, revelling in her latest smart deed, Maroni is hauling Penguin’s suited ass off to a remote cabin. They’ll eat oatmeal! And bond! And see a man about a thing!

Only there is no man and after growing suspicious about Maroni’s intentions, Penguin nabs the gun from his bag and pulls it on his boss after a game of truth or dare reveals that Maroni does indeed know about his double crossing. The gun is full of blanks though and after firing them all off, Maroni punches him out and takes him to an old junkyard, where he’ll be squished into Penguin-y paste. Well, that’s the plan anyway but Penguin rings up the junkyard’s owner and tells him that Falcone will come after him and so the owner sets him free and voila, the Penguin is once again out in the wild.


The Gay

Once again, there were no queer characters on the show. For those who are keeping track, that’s two episodes on the trot. Renee hasn’t been seen in three weeks and Barbara only showed up a fortnight ago for a pointless, 30 second scene.

I wouldn’t be surprised if one (or both) of them gets added to the ‘dead queer character’ list by the end of the season.

The Ugly

What were the ugly parts of Gotham this week? Well there was the shoddy policing and the unnecessary inclusion of Jim’s love interest. There was also the continued insistence by the show that Edward Nygma is a creepy genius and isn’t actually, just creepy as he put a bunch of severed arms in the medical examiner’s locker in order to get him fired.

I’m starting to think that Gotham is just destined to be rough around the edges. Expect another Gotham recap next week.

The Plot, The Gay, The Ugly | How To Get Away With Murder – 111 Recap – Best Christmas Ever

Welcome to another How To Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM) recap! HTGAWM also known as the show where the lead characters are trying to get away with murder…and are doing a pretty rubbish job at it.

This week on the show Annalise breaks the cardinal rule of being a good lawyer; dobbing your own client in.

As always, the recap is split into The Plot, The Gay and The Ugly, so read on to find out what went down this week.

The Plot

As you’ll recall, last week saw the police scrabbling around for clues in the disappearance of Sam Keating. Believed to be on the run, no one has any idea where he is and he’s wanted for the murder of Lila, his mistress. Only, Sam’s been dead for a good few weeks, so good luck with that one.

Furiously trying to hold on to some sort of normalcy are the people who killed him and those who helped clear it up: Annalise (Sam’s wife) and her students Connor, Wes, Michaela and Laurel who are back at school following the Winter break. Laurel set every viewers’ heart swooning by yelling at her uninterested family in Spanish, Wes has been suffering nightmares, Michaela bought a new engagement ring (her old one got lost amongst the bags of Sam’s corpse) and had arguments with fiancée Aiden about the wedding (and over his possible flirting with another man), Connor was metaphorically beating male love interests away with a stick and Annalise just drank herself silly and ate pancakes and chocolate for an entire week.

Snap back to reality and Annalise finds herself dealing with a morally murky new case. A woman who claimed to have been arrested for a DUI actually confesses that she desperately needs Annalise’s help as her husband has been holding two women captive in their basement. No one wants to take the case since the woman technically helped her husband in all of this, but Annalise is adamant.


The first plan of action is to put forward a plea deal; the woman wants to be spared from jail-time for aiding her husband and will take three years of probation instead. With a plea deal (possibly) on the table, Annalise’s right hand aid Bonnie records the woman’s explanation to the police that one of the women being held captive is heavily pregnant and that her last was stillborn and she doesn’t want that to happen again. The police raid her home and arrest her husband; the women are safe, but what of that plea deal? The judge refuses to accept the plea deal without hearing from the victim’s themselves.

So, what do the victims have to say? It’s revealed that the woman used to sneak them food and take care of the captive women whenever she could, it portrays her as sweet, caring and definitely not in support of her husband’s ways, well, until one victim says “She gave us milk, she said it would help put us to sleep so we wouldn’t have to know what [her husband] was doing”. Yup, the victim just revealed that the woman was helping her husband rape the women by plying them with milk laced with drugs, so that they wouldn’t have to be awake for it. Annalise and co. have no chance in defending this one.

Bless her determination though as her students get to work on finding a way to get out of this mess. Wes thinks he’s on to something when playback of her recorded confession features “Lynn deserves to keep this one” as if to say that Lynn’s first baby wasn’t stillborn but the baby is being looked after by someone else. Could it be that the woman is hiding a child? Yes, yes it could, but she refuses to give up her location until Annalise confirms that plea deal. But this is Annalise, one of the state’s greatest lawyers – she heads out and comes back after a conversation with the DA – tells the woman “congratulations” and reiterates the favourable terms of the deal.

They wait. And wait. And wait some more, until the police return with the little girl. She’s safe but she’s malnourished and the woman is glad, says she knows she won’t want to see her, probably not until she’s 18. “You won’t be out of jail by then”, replies Annalise. Wait, what? Annalise “Sneaky” Keating strikes again – she lied about the plea deal and the woman fell for it. She’s going to jail after all, much to the approval of all of Annalise’s students and just about everybody watching the show. Case closed, good luck in prison, you’ll need it.

Meanwhile, the search for Sam has its peaks and dips. On the bright side, Frank (Annalise’s other aid) stole Connor’s car and destroyed it to get rid of the evidence of Sam’s body that was left all over it when they moved the body. But Sam’s sister is snooping around – she wants answers and it takes a home-cooked meal and an emotional plea from Annalise to convince her that Annalise has no idea where Sam is and that he’s not the person they thought they knew.
It’s all for nothing though. Wes’ girlfriend Rebecca alerts him to a real life nightmare that’s worse than the ones that have been ruining his sleep; the police have found Sam’s body.

The Gay

As mentioned, Connor just can’t keep the boys off of him and even his sister tries to set him up with a guy when he heads home for the holiday. But he’s lovesick, he’s enamoured by computer hacking pro Oliver and is doing everything to win him back after Connor’s confession of drug addiction (which he lied about to explain why he was so shook up the night of Sam’s murder) tore them apart.

Connor buys him a Christmas gift, has a movie night with him and does everything to prove that he is boyfriend material. But does Oliver buy into it? He does; he explains just how hard he’s fallen for him and they kiss.

The two of them are really quite sweet together (even if most people don’t see Connor as a particularly good guy) so it’ll be nice to see if they manage to shack up and have a real relationship with the cops at Connor’s heels.

The Ugly

There were a few scenes in this week’s episode where the hookup between Bonnie and Asher (one of Annalise’s students) became a problem. Although he eventually promised to stop being a jerk towards her, Asher had been treating Bonnie miserably since she shrugged him off after they slept together the night Sam was killed.

At one point he says that he could file a sexual harassment suit against her which is the thing that lands the scenes in the ‘Ugly’ part of this recap. Not only would that be a really awful thing to lie about but the show has skirted over the fact that when Asher and Bonnie slept together, Bonnie was drunk. It’s murky, but what they did was potentially rape, so it’d be interesting to see if the show does ever address this point.

Expect another HTGAWM recap next week.

The Plot, The Gay, The Ugly | Gotham 113 Recap – Welcome Back, Jim Gordon

Welcome to another Gotham recap! Gotham also known as the show where the good guys ain’t so good and the bad guys are bad to the bone.

This week in the show, Fish Mooney just about swims her way out of troubled water and Gotham continues to be a show full of missing queer ladies.

As always, the recap is split into The Plot, The Gay and The Ugly so read on to find out what went down on the show this week.

The Plot

What’s going down is a whole lot of corruption! Some poor blighter (or no good criminal, possibly both depending on how you see these things) has been murdered and stuck on a hook for the whole factory to see. Narcotics detective Flass shows up in his shiny Italian suit and as he’s being led away by partner Bullock, leading man Jim does a bit of detective work and finds a bunch of weird blue square baggies in the victim’s shoe. Their jobs are made easier by a janitor who saw the whole thing go down, including the killer, so they haul him into the station. They pull him into the station and while he, the lead witness in a murder case, is left completely alone, someone comes in and murders him.

Jim rightly thinks that a cop is the culprit and so questions them all to get a name – Delaware. Officer Delaware flees to his car where Jim arrests him and pops open the trunk – more blue squares? Odd. When Jim brings the squares to Chief Essen, she and Flass explain that they are part of a narcotics investigation that’s being going on for some time. It all seems a bit suss so when Harvey tells him that Flass is as corrupt as a cheese sandwich in the summer and is involved in the drugs trade himself, they have to go to one of his warehouses to do some extra digging.

Delaware and the rest of Flass’ cronies are at the warehouse when they get there, citing search warrants and other loopholes. Essen also says that they can’t do anything since it would cost them all their jobs and so Jim is forced to turn to old pal Penguin for help. Penguin’s help comes up good as his henchman gets Delaware to confess that Flass killed the goon to send a message (the janitor was just collateral) and even provides the murder weapon to put Flass in the slammer.

When Jim presents the murder weapon there’s resistance and a whole lot of yelling from Flass about knowing guys in high places and all that other baloney. It’s fruitless though as the rest of the force (including Essen) back Jim up. It’s a tiny dent in the larger, also corrupt scheme of things but Jim’s corruption clean up train is definitely gaining some speed.

Going less great is the situation between Bruce ‘Future Batman’ Wayne and Selina ‘Future Catwoman’ Kyle. Ignoring the fact that Bruce has a bit of a thing for Selina, the two were genuinely friends which is why it hurt Bruce so bad when he and butler Alfred had to go into hiding for their own safety. Now that they’ve come back though, Bruce is determined to find Selina and so he roams the streets looking for his lost (budding) love.

When she finally turns up – having received a message from homeless pal Ivy that Bruce was on the lookout – things quickly go pear-shaped. He hands over a souvenir snow globe and offers her a place to stay, saying that his fancy digs are “better” than her current ones and she’s offended, tells him to chill and then explains that she lied and never saw who killed his parents (the reason they became friends in the first place). It stings and later when Alfred has to pick up the pieces of both his heart and of the snow globe.

Meanwhile, things aren’t looking too hot for Fish Mooney either. After her plan to topple mob boss Falcone went south last week, her and henchman Butch are now in the grasps of some nefarious fellas. Butch escapes and finds out where Mooney is and he gets there just in the nick of time – but it’s not before she’s been suffocated within an inch of her life and is about to be dismembered.

After saving the day, the two of them head to Mooney’s old club to get it back from Penguin, Mooney’s former assistant and up and comer in the criminal underworld. She has him licking her shoe at one point but then twisted hitman Zsasz and his cronies show up and save the day. Mooney and Butch hightail it out of there and we later see her being sent off to safety after a kiss from Harvey.

The Gay

Once again, there was no queer content in this week’s episode of Gotham. Last week, Renee was suspiciously absent and love interest Barbara was only present for a second when she showed up at her parent’s house so anything would have been a step up.

It’s probably too soon to say that this is unfair treatment of the characters or even to suggest that they’re only featured to fulfil queer tropes but it’s certainly making me wonder.

The Ugly

Getting more of the limelight than Renee or Barbara is the relationship between Edward Nygma and Kristen Kringle. Last week I pointed out how awful their dynamic is as Edward has been harassing Kristen since the show began last year. The show appears to be passing all of his oddness as ‘romantic’ as we’ve now levelled up from ‘live bullet in a cupcake’ (last week’s gift) to ‘actually quite sweet note’.

I had an issue with this plot anyway but to see it passed off as normal and to see Kristen be anything but appalled at Edward’s behaviour is really sad to see.

The Plot, The Gay, The Ugly | How To Get Away With Murder – 110 Recap – Hello, Raskolnikov

Welcome to another How To Get Away With Murder recap! How To Get Away With Murder also known as the show where the title is about both the lawyers and the defendants. Gotta love those murky waters.

This week in the show we see Annalise and her flock of law students continue to hoodwink the authorities but they’re skating on such thin ice that they put the new iPhone to shame.

As always, this recap is split into The Plot, The Gay and The Ugly, so read on to find out what went down in the show this week.

The Plot

As you’ll recall, the previous episode of HTGAWM was balls to the wall insane. We finally witnessed Sam’s murder as a scuffle with Annalise’s students (Wes, Laurel, Connor and Michaela) and Rebecca (Wes’ girlfriend, Annalise’s client and one of the main suspects in the murder of Sam’s lover Lila) saw Annalise’s husband being flipped over a balcony, knocked unconscious and then clunked in the head with a trophy by Wes when he woke up and tried to kill Rebecca. The students then moved his body, burnt him and threw away the remains but not before Annalise came home, saw him lying in a pool of blood in the living room and was joined by Wes soon after as he showed up to retrieve the murder weapon. To be fair, Sam probably deserved it (Cell Block Tango and all that) but admitting that the students did it and that Annalise knew it had happened would put them all in jail.

Cut to this week’s episode where Annalise is lying through her teeth to the police, telling them that Sam has probably fled since she left the house after threatening to have a DNA test done, proving that he is the father of his mistress’ unborn foetus which would suggest that he is also the person who killed her. In order to save their skin, she’ll have to lie to her students too and have Wes convince them all that she knows nothing about Sam being killed.

Things are already off to a bad start though as while Wes explains to the police that he and his studious pals were at a study group (and then at the school bonfire) the night Sam disappeared, Annalise has called Rebecca into her office to say sorry for previously trying to cover up Sam’s affair (his mistress was one of Rebecca’s friends). Consider the seed of doubt planted and considerably watered in Rebecca’s mind then as she later asks Wes if Annalise knows, telling him that the apology was weird and that’s it even weirder that he’s not freaking out about it. Uh-oh.

While they wait for the rest of the police interviews take place, the plan of action is to get the charges dropped against Rebecca and drop Sam right in it. Granted, the police will have a hard time arresting a dead man but this is important nonetheless. Laurel and Frank (one of Annalise’s aides) stick Sam’s hair in a bag to get a DNA test for Lila’s foetus and after a computer search (done by Connor’s ex-boyfriend) pulls up no travel evidence Bonnie (another aid) and Asher (another student and also the person Bonnie slept with the night Sam was killed) have to go and get Sam’s laptop out of evidence so that they can use his phone’s data to prove he travelled. Complicated? Yes and it’s fruitless too when they discover that the prosecutor is keeping it from them as she aims to get Rebecca thrown in prison.

More problems and more lies when the judge won’t let Annalise look at the records of the abortion clinic that Lila went to prior to her death and then she’s forced to lie to her lover, Nate, when he asks her point blank if she knows something about Sam’s disappearance. And then, we have lies from Laurel too who tells the police that Sam used to look at her in a sexual manner and then we see her pumping Frank for questions just to find out what Annalise knows. These students sure are good at planting the seed of suspicion.

It’s a dangerous game and Connor wants out, he wants to work with Michaela to turn Wes and Rebecca in for Sam’s murder. They are technically in the right! Well, forgetting the fact that they saw their friends kill a guy and then lied to the police about it, but it’s not like a technicality matters, right? While those two are considering throwing everybody under the bus, some solid wins get secured for the team – Michaela figures out that security footage of the clinic Lila went to could be used as evidence while Frank delivers news that Lila’s foetus was indeed Sam’s.

Could it have all been for nothing though? After looking relieved when Frank tells her, Annalise is forced to explain to him what happened. Meanwhile, during Asher’s police interview he tells them that he saw Connor’s car outside of the Keating’s house when he showed up to retrieve the trophy that Michaela had stolen from him earlier in the evening. Though, during Bonnie’s interview she tells the police that Sam knew Lila was pregnant and that he made a pass at her to stop her from telling that fact to Annalise. Whether the police believe her story however, is yet to be seen.

Cut to a bit of good news and the footage from the clinic not only shows that Lila was there, but that Sam had shown up too and was clearly quite unhappy with her. In the courtroom, the woman on the desk in the clinic heaps more dirt on Sam’s name when she explains that not only did he seem angry at Lila, but that he was trying to force her to get an abortion that she most definitely did not want. The whole things allows Annalise to get the court to appoint a forensic expert to check out Sam’s laptop too. Oh, and Michaela explains away Connor’s parking spot by saying that they got out at the Keating’s and walked to the bonfire from there!

Flash forward to the next day in court and it’s all kicking off. Connor is still pushing the ‘let’s sell them out!’ thing to Michaela, saying that they’ll need Laurel to do it and Frank has just dumped Annalise right in it by yelling at Laurel (who’s playing coy) for keeping Sam’s murder a secret. With the court bustling and Michaela and Connor stepping in to convince her to join their plan, Laurel doesn’t have a chance to tell Wes about anything. Court is in session and the verdict says…that Sam was at the murder location at the time of the murder, alright! The verdict is also that Rebecca is now free, hall-flippin-lujah.

As for the rest of that drama, it seems that Laurel is going ahead with Connor and Michaela’s plan. Well, sort of. They pull up to the police station only to be greeted by Wes and Annalise, as tipped off by Laurel. Annalise convinces them to drop it because she knows everything, even if she won’t tell them how she knows it. They agree and she says they’ll help them get away with it too.

So yay! Our many musketeers can live a happy life (until the next episode airs, anyway). Their class has the final assignment for the year (to figure out how four people can get away with murder in unusual circumstances), Rebecca and Wes celebrate Christmas around an adorable little tree, Laurel reconnects with her sort of on/off boyfriend and Annalise goes home.

Wait, did I say that they’ll live a happy life until the next episode? Just kidding! Sam’s sister shows up right at the police station (after Connor has finished his interview) and tells them that everything his wife says is a lie. Connor lets Annalise know, but this one is going to get ugly.

The Gay

There was limited gay in this episode, sadly. Connor and his ex boyfriend had a stern word or three, as Connor’s lie of being a drug addict was brought up, so it seems unlikely that they’ll be getting back together anytime soon.

Also, in terms of subtext we had Bonnie offering Annalise a shoulder to cry on if she needs it. That hardly means that Bonnie is queer for certain but I’ll be holding out for #BisexualBonnieWinterbottom until it happens.

The Ugly

There’s nothing to be said about HTGAWM on the ugly front. As usual, this was a good episode and if you aren’t watching the show already then you really should fix that.

The Plot, The Gay, The Ugly | Gotham 112 Recap – What The Little Bird Told Him

Welcome to another Gotham recap! Gotham also known as the show where moral codes, ethics and good policing come to die.

This week on the show, last week’s electro-bad guy makes a return, Barbara shows up for no reason and everyone is terrible at their job!

As always, the recap is split into The Plot, The Gay and The Ugly so read on to find out what went down in this episode of Gotham.

The Plot

Last week, Jim showed up at Arkham Asylum ready for guard duty, miserable about his demotion but determined to keep the patients safe. He did a remarkably bad job as not only half a dozen people get murdered or have their brains electro-shocked into bewilderment, the perpetrators also got away, fleeing under the cover of darkness. Well it seems as though the escape was engineered so that Dr. Gruber (the electro-shocking mad man) could clear up some unfinished business from a job gone wrong back in the day.

First on his to do list? Pick up a multi-ton generator from a hardware store. The double crossing fool in charge of the place has been keeping it safe for Gruber for years but he doesn’t get much thanks as the doctor soon fries his marbles and leaves the man felt tip penning gibberish on the walls. Apparently the massive power hub is light enough to me driven around in a van because that’s exactly how they transport it out of there and up the road to mob boss Maroni’s place.

Jim, who made a deal with the Police Commissioner to find Gruber in a day or risk being stuck on guard duty forever, is already wise to it. Having just received a visit from Dr. Leslie Thompkins (who also featured in last week’s episode) Jim finds out that some voodoo priestess at the prison made a doll of Maroni for Gruber prior to his escape. Not that this knowledge encourages Jim to I don’t know, ring Maroni and warn him of the dangers? By the time Jim shows up in his rubber galoshes (that he’s donned specially for the electro-villain occasion) an electric grenade has already gone off and zapped Maroni and co.’s noggins.

After they’ve been patched up, Jim strikes up a conversation with Maroni (and Penguin who sits up from his stretcher to dither on about a meeting with other mob boss Falcone) about Gruber, confirming the two’s dodgy dealings. Taking them down to the station for police protection is the best plan of action says Jim, they’ll be like bait! Taking all of the effort out of policing, everyone will hang around like sitting ducks, waiting for Gruber and his henchmen to make an assault on the building.

Well, who should show up not long after? It’s Gruber! Having attached some leads from his portable generator to the metal of the precinct, the deranged doctor has managed to zap everything and everyone within the Gotham PD building. Except for The People’s Hero™, Jim Gordon, who was immune thanks to those rubber galoshes (that no one else though to wear despite the fact that they were literally waiting for an electro-shocking mad man to attack them). He has a fight with Gruber’s henchman, eventually knocking him out cold, before Gruber starts charging up his suit to electrocute Gordon too.

Jim uses a cup of water to short circuit Gruber’s suit and voila, Gotham’s most useless detective actually saves the day, winning his job back in the process.

About that spot of bother that Falcone needed help with – Mooney has ‘kidnapped’ Falcone’s girlfriend Liza and is threatening to beat her up unless Falcone leaves Gotham with Liza and hands over all of his power to Mooney instead. Could it really be that easy? Could Mooney really get all of the power she wanted, just like that? Of course not; we’re still a dozen episodes away from the season finale.

Falcone is one step ahead of Mooney. He shows up to the meeting place after a conversation with Penguin, Penguin having revealed that Mooney planted Liza months ago! So Falcone asks all of the right questions in an effort to find out if Liza really was in cahoots with Mooney all this time. Liza’s lies are about as obvious as an elephant hiding in a bathtub and Falcone strangles the life out of her with his own bare hands. Grim.

Victor Zsasz was on protection duty for Falcone too so every single one of Mooney’s guards is dead (bar right hand man, Butch) and she’s helpless. Consider Mooney’s days numbered (or, we’ll see how she tries to wriggles herself out of this one in next week’s episode).

The Gay

No gay this week as our resident lesbian badass Detective Renee Montoya was nowhere to be seen. Apparently she only gets wheeled out when Gotham’s producers need to kill some time!

The Ugly

Speaking of killing time, Renee’s love interest and Jim Gordon’s ex, Barbara, got just one scene this week. She showed up at her parents and asked to stay with them for a few days. She also drank some tea. Sound pointless? It was. This week’s episode was 44 minutes long meaning that it wouldn’t have hurt them to cut this scene and yet she was featured for no reason whatsoever.

It’s ok to have pointless characters but don’t make their dead weight-edness so blatant next time, Gotham producers.

And, also in the dead weight category was an unnecessary romance scene between Jim and Doctor Thompkins. The two had ‘chemistry’ (and I use that word in the lightest of terms) last week and so with her having helped with solve the crime (and I use that phrase lightly too) those feelings bubbled up and the two started kissing.

Why did Jim have to get a new love interest mere episodes after having fallen out with Barbara? Why couldn’t Doctor Thompkins just be a super smart aid to the Gotham officer without none of this heterosexual rubbish? Both are good questions that I sadly don’t have the answers to.

Oh and speaking of awful, heterosexual plotlines, Edward, the police force’s resident boffin, decided to put a live bullet in a cupcake to win a coworker’s affections. It was weird, creepy and as it’s not the first peculiar antic he’s pulled, it’s bordering on harassment. There’s a chance that the show might address his Definitely Not Cool behaviour in a future episode but as this is Gotham, I have my doubts.

We’ll have another Gotham recap for you next week.

The Plot, The Gay, The Ugly | Gotham 111 Recap

Welcome to the first Gotham recap of the new year! Gotham, also known as the show where the moral code is as existent as Pegasus, the Loch Ness Monster and the jolly green giant.

This week on the show, lead character Jim Gordon starts work at Arkham Asylum but as expect, things do not go to plan.

As always, the recap is split into The Plot, The Gay and The Ugly.

The Plot

When we open on Gotham, old Jimboy is overseeing a musical. It’s all costumes and cheers until the dramatic angel sings, causing another inmate to punch the high notes out of his performance. The world’s worst guard (he even calls the inmates lunatics), Jim gets a new love interest for his troubles; a woman named Dr. Tomkins who he meets as the victim is being treated. There’s some casual flirting and the pummelled angel wakes up and tells them to get a room *yawn*.

It’s not all peachy for the main man though after his usual patrol turns up a dead man. Well, a brain dead man at least as Tomkins determines that the inmate has been administered electro shock therapy, frying his brain and rendering him alive but unable to do anything. Jim wants to call in the GCPD, Dr. Gerry Lang says no and so we’ve now got Jim’s first case of the new year.

The first step of his investigation is finding out just who had the keys which bizarrely, instead of searching the cells Jim decides to…interrogate the mentally insane criminals. Who obviously are in the right of mind for that sort of thing. Alas, even after conversations with child-like axe murderer Helzinger and sociopathic Dr. Gruber, Jim is still stuck for answers. But Jim will need to work fast as our singing angel friend is the latest victim, being reduced to a gibbering, play-reciting mess.
Jim has now got back up though, having called up old pal Harvey Bullock to help him! And he’s a genuine help rather than a lumbering pro-corruption weight for once too, finding out from Lang that Nurse Dorothy is an inmate not a Nurse and has had them all fooled until this very moment. (Nice going, background checks). Jim figures it out about the right time and sets about putting the whole place in lockdown but not before Dorothy has sprinted off and let all of the inmates out of their cells like a maniacal pied piper. She also gets trampled; in the most ridiculous scene in television history but let’s pretend that this is super serious!

So with Dorothy dead, is the mystery over? Of course not and Jim and Dr. Tomkins still need to get the hell out of dodge. It involves some quick thinking and Jim punching an inmate right in the kisser to protect her. Aww, chivalry’s not dead!

Getting out alive (just about), Jim is all ready to celebrate with Harvey and Police Chief Essen when the coroner reveals that Dorothy had electro-shock wounds on her neck too. Wounds, he says, that she couldn’t possibly have given to herself. That means that she was merely another victim and that the real culprit is still on the loose. Not that they get there in time to stop them though as both a guard and Dr. Lang die, with a snapped neck and a total bloodbath respectively. Cut to a shot of Gruber and Helzinger hightailing it out of Arkham in a van.

Less fortunate meanwhile is Ivy, who’s shivering her juvenile tuchus off under a cardboard box. Thank goodness for thieving pal Selina ‘Catwoman’ Kyle who rescues her from the destitution and ‘borrows’ Jim and fiancée Barbara’s pad for a bit. Anything for a friend in need and all that.

We also catch up with Oswald “The Penguin” Cobblepot for a bit and the limping, suited goon is doing mob boss Maroni’s bidding, talking to fishermen to raise the prices and hand over more of their fish gotten gains to the mafia. Things don’t quite go to plan and he gets a right welt to the face from the police and a lock up in a cell for his efforts. And, when Maroni shows up to let him out, Penguin gets an earful from Maroni too. Better watch your back, boy.

Other mob boss Fish Mooney is planning her own moves. She’s talking big. She wants to take down mob leader Carmine Falcone and split the business up between herself and the two other honchos. There will have to be a new leader and, having come up with all the ideas Mooney puts herself forward, but Jimmy, the senior figure under Falcone, is having none of it and so he will have to be dealt with.

Her plan of action is to send Butch, her right hand man an old friend of Jimmy’s, to go and speak to him. Mooney has concerns that Butch is a turncoat though but he assures her that there’s nothing to be worried about. Does she have a point though? When Butch meets with Jimmy a day later, he offers his friend a hefty sum; a massive chunk of the business. Butch tells him he’ll ‘consider it’ and will get back to him soon. Hmm.

When they meet up again, Butch and Jimmy have a right old heart to heart. When they stole a bunch of meat when they were 14, Butch says that he took a bunch of prime steaks for himself and he’s felt bad for stiffing his friend out of those premium cuts ever since. He’s sorry, Jimmy forgives him, it’s a beautiful showcase of friendship! Until Butch pulls out a gun and puts a bullet in Jimmy’s head. Looks like Mooney has nothing to worry about after all.

The Gay

As for our other favourite Gotham-ians (Gothamites? residents of Gotham, anyway) Renee and Barbara, the two are holed up in Renee’s room. Bringing in some empty prop coffee cups, Renee looks to wake Barbara up the right way! Give her some energy! Or give her something that will shake her out of a pill induced slumber as Barbara is buddied up with her intoxicated demons once more.

Despite kisses and coffee, it’s not all niceties. Renee wants Barbara to call Jim and help her get clean – she and Barbara are toxics together, she says. Renee has been sober for a year, after her initial relationship with Barbara got her into this mess in the first place, so I don’t blame her for saying that. However, it seems disjointed on the show’s part to see make relationship blow up so fast.

She does actually phone Jim though but Ivy, having taken up a spot on their sofa, answers the phone pretending to be romantically involved with Jim (?). It’s weird and Ivy even sounds like a child but Barbara falls for it and tells her to go to hell so it might not be completely done for Barbara and Renee just yet.


The Ugly

Ignoring the oddly shoehorned in romance hints between Jim and Dr. Tomkins, the awkward kiss between Renee and Barbara or the fact that Penguin’s storyline existed once again for no apparent reason, the ugly in this week’s Gotham was actually what was missing.

Specifically, Bruce Wayne and his butler Alfred Pennyworth were missing and the episode wasn’t really lacking because of it. It’ll be interesting to see how their corruption busting plot coexists with Jim’s and if the plot surrounding the young Batman will put me to sleep.

The Plot, The Gay, The Ugly | Gotham 110 Recap – Love Craft

Welcome to another Gotham recap! Gotham also known as the show where the heroes don’t wear capes and the villains don’t wear masks since everyone is awful in some sort of way, shape or form anyway!

This week in Gotham, Good Guy Jim Gordon gets what was coming to him and the city’s resident teenage hoodlums go on the run.

As always, the recap is split into The Plot, The Gay and The Ugly so read on to find out what went down this week.

The Plot

The episode opens, a woman appears confused and lost at Wayne Manor. “Not sure you should be here,” says the groundskeeper. It takes about three seconds before he’s dead with his blood on his murderer’s forehead as a post-battle celebration. Rest in pieces Mr. Groundskeep, we hardly knew ya.

Energised from the kill, our Lady of Death and her crew head inside the Manor, where Bruce, Selina Kyle and butler Alfred Pennyworth reside. Unfortunately for Alfred’s good soul he’s given her exactly what she wanted by inviting her in, falling for her line about having been injured in a car accident. Alfred gets the lumps knocked out of him for his trouble (and a gunshot to the shoulder) while Selina and Bruce hotfoot it through the Wayne Manor grounds, looking to hide in the city until it’s safe to return.

Not that it will be safe any time soon though as Selina, a witness to the murder of Bruce’s parents, is a wanted woman. Whoever was behind their deaths wants her head on a plate, a stick or just dumped in the gutter. Selina (and Bruce, as he’s now on the run too) will have to hope that the Gotham City Police Department gets the assassin squad before they get to them.

Similarly fearing for his life is Penguin. Reeling from last week’s vault explosion in which he lost millions, mob boss Falcone wants to know why Penguin (his informant) didn’t tell him that mob boss Maroni was up to something. It was mob boss Fish Mooney who was behind it, protests Penguin, but Falcone wants proof it was an inside job.

So it’ll be a bad day for Fish then as while Jim interrogates Harvey Dent asking who could have known that Selina was the witness (he says he leaked Jim’s name for leverage and Dick Lovecraft may have been behind it), Harvey Bullock interrogates Selina’s homeless friend who says that Fish might have a lead about a fence who knows where Selina is. And, this is all kicking off as Falcone is digging into Fish and his other lackeys about paying more money to him in order to recoup his lost funds.

Not that any of it is phasing her (yet) at least. She speaks to henchman Butch, explaining that even if Falcone is onto her about the vault explosion, he can’t be certain of it yet. As a result, she thinks that they should get some more people on board so that they can take Falcone out once and for all. I think that this is a stupid plan and that they’ll all be dead by the end of the season but what do I know? At least she’ll be able to call in a favour from the GCPD as she decides to tear up the city – she’s just told Alfred and Harvey where to find the fence.

Chasing up a lead of his own, Jim shows up at one of Dick Lovecraft’s apartments wanting to know if the blasted blighter was behind the Selina/Bruce hit. Surprisingly, Dick cacks himself faced with the barrel of Jim’s gun and tells him that the hit squad is after him too, for knowing too much. It’s no made up story either as Dick’s literary surname would suggest, as the assassins soon show up, knock Jim out cold, Dick running scared. What happens when Jim wakes up? He finds Dick dead in his bathtub, Jim’s gun apparently being the murder weapon. Good luck scrubbing your prints off that one, Jimbo.

Things are going similarly pear-shaped for Bruce and Selina who have gone under the radar to meet this fence. Selina’s got thousands of dollars worth of merch that she pilfered from the Wayne’s but the fence is a stingy so and so and won’t give her much for it. Much more valuable he says, are Selina and Bruce and so he soon locks them in a room, waiting until the assassins get there.

The thing about locking two super smart teens in a room together is that they’ll escape, or at least try to. They make too much noise and Shady Fence sends a guard to see what’s up. There’s a chase, some hiding and a big bit of ass-whooping but Bruce manages to keep it together under interrogation, deflecting questions long enough for Selina to get out of dodge. In the nick of time Alfred and Harvey show up and save him from any more questioning, but the female assassin gets away.

When Bruce and Alfred get home, Bruce gets a nice surprise at least. It’s Selina! She sneaks up, returns those stolen goods from earlier and the two of them kiss before she hightails it out of there. It’s not safe for them to be together, after all. But aw, it’s love’s young dream!

As that whole ‘rich millionaire Dick Lovecraft got killed and Jim could take the fall for it’? The Mayor of Gotham is telling everybody that it was a suicide, with Dick being driven to it thanks to Jim’s relentless questioning and that Jim will be punished for it. With Harvey on the Mayor’s side there’s not a lot Jimmy can do and so he takes his stuff and reports to Arkham Asylum where he’ll be working for the foreseeable future.

The Gay

I’m actually dealing out minus points for the queer content in this week’s Gotham.

Last week ended with Jim’s girlfriend Barbara Kean having slept with ex-girlfriend Renee Montoya, after she left Jim (it’s unclear if he’s been dumped for good) following the stress of being kidnapped. This week, however, we got no mention of it.

There was no mention of Renee or Barbara at all despite the two of them being pretty dang integral to the story. For shame Gotham, I thought you were turning things around in the gay department.

The Ugly

I was mostly disappointed by the lack of Barbara and Renee just for the fact that it seemed to suggest that them getting together last episode was a sweeps week ploy (last week was the final week of sweeps – sweeps being the time where television networks increase ratings to get more advertising money) and that it was insignificant after all.

This episode didn’t really have the ‘sizzle’ of a mid-season finale (though when we’re comparing it to the superiority of HTGAWM, maybe that’s not a valid criticism) so I would have liked the show to have increase the suspense a little.

Nonetheless, the show will be back after Christmas so you can expect a new episode of Gotham (and a new recap) then.

The Plot, The Gay, The Ugly | Faking It 210 Recap – Busted

Welcome to another Faking It recap! Faking It also know as that show you’re probably ashamed to let everybody know you watch (you’re secret’s safe with us, do not fear!)

This week in the show, a whole lot of everything happened as this is the mid-season finale.

As always, the recap is split into The Plot, The Gay and The Ugly, so read on to find out what went down this week.

The Plot

After last week’s drama, everyone is looking to overcome it. Amy is sad that Karma wants nothing to do with her (and that she has now returned her box of friendship trinkets) but she is determined to fix it, things are ‘unbearable at home’ for Liam since he told everyone that his ‘sister’ is actually his mom and is going to try and win and art fellowship, Shane is contemplating outing his ex-boyfriend Duke and Lauren is running for class president since boyfriend Theo skipped out on her.

Not that it’s going to be easy for any of them though. Karma straight up ignores Amy in the cafeteria, whilst the art fellowship man isn’t convinced that any of Liam’s work has meaning (yeah, us either). As for Lauren, her chances of succeeding in this school democracy are dashed when Shane is revealed as her likeable and popular opposition.

Amy is the first to try and dig herself out of a bad situation when she speaks to Karma’s mother at the juice truck. Karma’s mum won’t help though and any hopes Amy had of convincing her otherwise get steamrolled by Karma point blank telling her mother not to speak to Amy. They may be talking a whole lot soon though…

Jumping out of a police car is Theo. Badge on show, gun in pocket, Theo and his team of police officers arrest Karma’s parents as they’ve been dealing illegal drugs from their food truck. Uh-oh. Karma gets arrested too, having worked at the truck for a time and not wanting her friend to go down alone, Amy welts Theo in the face so they can all go down together. Friendship!

As Liam is elated to find out that he got the fellowship after all (because putting pipes together to say ‘Karma’ in a shadow is ‘art’?), Lauren is anything but. Outraged that Theo could have lied to her, she storms into school and breaks down in front of Shane. She wasn’t going to win anyway, she says, crying. Not even Shane’s confession about Duke cheers her up – instead she says she feels sorry for Duke’s new beard of a girlfriend as she deserves to know the truth about her closeted boyfriend.

Banged up, Karma and Amy can’t even sit on the same side of their jail cell. Karma is still too angry at Amy for having slept with Liam. It’ll take a whole lot of emotions to fix this then – and that’s exactly what Amy serves up in a heart-wrenching speech about how she’s loved Karma for as long as she can remember, even if it took her some time to realise it. Does it work? You betcha, and all that honesty sees Karma deciding that they should still be besties.

They’ll also get to be besties on the right side of a jail cell when Liam makes a deal with the literal devil (ok, he cuts a deal with his dad but same difference in this case) that Karma and co. can get out of jail if Liam agrees to forego that fellowship and become a pawn in the family corporation instead. Free and happy thanks to Liam, Karma and Amy hug and make up and Karma sends Amy on her way to a hot camping date with her girlfriend, Reagan.

Still suffering from the repercussions of the drama is Lauren. She asks Theo if any of it was real – presumably including their relationship. His answer? ‘No’. Ouch. She screams at him and says she opened her heart to him she even told him that she’s intersex and there it is – Lauren accidentally outs herself to the student body – she leaves, offering a ‘fuck off’ to a school journalist as she goes.

Don’t worry though! There’s still hope for one heterosexual couple on this show. Well, sort of. Liam and Karma hook up in the art room, Karma having sort of forgiven him for sleeping with her best friend. Unfortunately (for her), she can’t seem to get the image of Liam and Amy kissing out of her head and when her and Liam are done with the hooking up, that becomes all she can think of.

Also, although Theo has left her a woman scorned, the school journalist and all of Shane’s followers soon join the #TeamLauren cause and vow to help her win school presidency.

The Gay

Similarly, as Amy and Reagan put the sturdiness of their tent pegs to good use, Amy starts to imagine Karma making out with her. It’s uh…something.

I suppose Reamy shippers will be disappointed by it but for those of you still on the good ship Karmy – now is the time to wave those flags around!

More happy gays as Duke does a press conference about his sexuality confirming that not only is he gay but that he’s in love with Shane. Due to the circumstances in which the confession came about (read below) I’m not in favour of them as a couple but yay to representation, I guess?

The Ugly

Faking It, you’re really testing me. As in, despite ‘outing’ being the consistent complaint that everyone has with this show, you continue to make it a plot point.

This week’s episode even started with Shane saying that he’s done with outing people and then in the next breath he suggests outing Duke. And, despite battling with it a little bit and vowing again to turn over a new leaf (that’s what the school presidency was all about) he does eventually settle on outing him, deciding to leak Duke’s sexuality to a gossip rag.

This is absolutely deplorable – along with the fact that Shane is still promoted as one of the most wholesome lovely characters on this show. Disgusting on so many levels and I sincerely hope the Faking It writers buck up their ideas when the show comes back after Christmas. Expect a new episode and another recap then.

The Plot, The Gay, The Ugly | How to Get Away With Murder – 109 Recap – Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me

Welcome to another How to Get Away With Murder recap! HTGAWM aka the show that teaches you how to outwit and bullshit your way through the legal process!

This week on the show, we finally found out who killed Sam!

As always, the recap is split into The Plot, The Gay and The Ugly so read on to find out what went down this week.

The Plot

Dramatic as ever, the episode opens with Annalise packing a bag for Sam. She’s done believing his lies! She’s done loving him! The argument is pretty heated as the two yell things at each other, about Sam possibly having killed Lila, about Annalise cheating with another man and about their marriage being a total wreck. It leads to Sam’s hands around Annalise’s neck, saying she’s just a piece of ass. He is not a good guy, at all and Annalise leaves to get some space.

Just Sam alone in the house drinking himself into a stupor, it gives Rebecca the perfect opportunity to sneak in and use the thumb drive she got from Nate (Annalise’s ex-lover) to steal incriminating data from Sam’s laptop. After Wes tells them about Rebecca’s plan and that Sam may have killed Lila, he, Connor and Laurel are already on their way to stop her though, so will she do it?

She gets a good way into the house until Michaela, who’d showed up just minutes earlier to present the immunity trophy (that gets them out of the end of semester exam) to Annalise, points her out to Sam, not realising what’s going on. Uh oh. “Call Wes” she tells Michaela before sprinting up the stairs to Sam and Annalise’s room, locking the door and sticking the thumb drive into his laptop. He soon makes it through the door, relegating her to the bathroom laptop still in hand. With Sam banging furiously on the bathroom door and Michaela hyperventilating down the phone, the only people who can rescue Rebecca are the three musketeers.

As they show up and escort Rebecca out, Sam pounces, needing Laurel to get the thumb drive before he does. But Sam fights Wes off, stands up and chases Laurel out. But as he comes for her, Michaela saves the day, throwing Sam over the balcony of the staircase, screaming as he hits the wood and hits the ground with a thud. Yeah, he’s not getting up anytime soon.

Oh, but he is. As the group are fighting amongst themselves over what to do, Sam gets up and starts strangling Rebecca. Wes steps in just in the nick of time, hitting him over the head with the immunity trophy. Ok, he’s as dead as a dead thing now, no doubt about it.

In order to clean up this complete and utter mess, Wes cleans Rebecca up and puts her in a motel, telling her not to go anywhere. Then, he hotfoots it back to the Keating’s to get the trophy, aka the murder weapon aka the thing that’s going to tie them to Sam’s murder. “I’m sorry”, he says, staring at the body. But, a murder weapon is useless unless they do something about that large, adult body that’s just sitting in the Keating’s front room. They vote (Wes rigs it in his favour) and they go and get the body.

They have good time to do so too as Annalise is busy making her case to Nate, telling him how awful Sam is and proceeding to have sex with Nate in his apartment. Chivalry’s not dead, I guess?. Meanwhile, the group hit up the bonfire for an alibi, heading back to get the body. Body rolled up, weapon cleaned up and blood splatter wet wiped away, they do their bit to dispose of Sam’s very dead self.

Also having heterosexy funtimes, is Bonnie who is drunk out her face. First she makes out with a guy she met at a bar and then she visits Asher (another one of Annalise’s students) to sleep with him. She really is having her fun tonight! At least, in a drunk, gross stupor anyway.

As for the less sexy happenings of corpse disposal, the group of students is burning Sam’s body (with scenes of Annalise returning home and leaving an emotional voicemail for Sam edited over the top – thanks HTGAWM producers!), mashing it up and fitting it into bags. They then proceed to dump that gross ish in a dumpster (as you do) because an incinerator is too much effort? That’s the general gist, so I suppose we’ll have to wait and see if that proves to be the thing that lands them in it. Oh and Michaela’s engagement ring came off at some point too (she doesn’t know when) and that’s definitely going to cause problems further up the line.

What follows the death is a lot of emotions, naturally. There’s Laurel who’s proving to Frank that she actually likes him and trusts him (enough to get him to put the trophy back at Annalise’s), Michaela visits fiancée Aiden’s mother to sign a pre-nup and Annalise makes a plea to Bonnie, explaining that she’s worried about Sam.

All of them join up again in the office not long after, fretting that someone is onto them. Bonnie explains the situation to everybody. Well, some of it. Sam is missing, she says, Annalise has called the police and she wants everybody to be completely honest when they ask them the questions.

AND THEN! The show flashes back to when Wes picked up the trophy! “I’m sorry,” he says. “Don’t be,” replies Annalise. YOU GUYS, SHE WAS SAT AT HER DESK, SHE KNOWS SAM IS DEAD, SHE KNOWS HER STUDENTS PROBABLY KILLED HIM, EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING SO MUCH!

Phew, everybody get that? HTGAWM is pure fire.

The Gay

Minimal gay in this episode of HTGAWM. After they got rid of Sam’s body Connor visited ex-boyfriend Oliver, visibly shaken. Oliver let him stay over but when he asked Connor what was wrong he lied through his teeth and told Oliver that he was high when he showed up and that he has a drug problem.

Hardly the best pillar to build a relationship on, but there you have it.

The Ugly

The biggest issue I had with this is that Bonnie and Asher had sex while she was under the influence. Technically, this is rape. Asher as a law student should know this. He’s a rapist now and I’ll be incredibly disappointed if the show doesn’t address this at some point.

This is the last HTGAWM episode until the new year (where it’ll air six more episodes) so you can expect a new recap then!

The Plot, The Gay, The Ugly | Faking It 209 Recap – Karmic Retribution

Welcome to another Faking It recap! Faking It also known as that moderately okay queer TV show from the channel that brings you the latest in hetero-leaning love songs!

This week in Faking It, there actually wasn’t a lot of gay. But in the spirit of the show, let’s fake our enthusiasm and hope for more in future!

As always, the recap is split into The Plot, The Gay and The Ugly, so read on to find out what went down this week.

The Plot

Last week saw Karma find out that her boyfriend Liam had slept with her best friend Amy. The end of the episode saw Karma throw him out of her room in a rage! This week we see the fallout from that.

That ‘fallout’ has to be put on hold for all of 15 minutes though as after waltzing into school in a frenzy, worried that Karma will put her head on a stick, Amy is actually comforted by a lovely cuddle from her BFF. Karma tells her “The only person to blame is Liam F*****g Booker!”. Success? Success!

Convinced that Liam has forced her into silence, Karma chooses not to hate her best friend, which is just as well as part of Hester High’s annual social experiment, Amy is set to become Karma’s servant! Rain Dweller and Cloud Spinner robes donned, the two are joined in the social hierarchy by lowly Mud Movers Liam, Shane and Lauren along with Theo who’s part of police group Fire Dancers.

Sadly, the first instances of social tension creep in when Theo isn’t too keen on switching with Mud Mover Layla to hang out with new girlfriend Lauren. Instead, he says, he’d rather ‘play by the rules’ and hang out with pot dealer Brandy. Awkward!

Also dealing with the new rules are Liam and Karma, Karman who as a Cloud Spinner (adorably referred to as a ‘Salad Spinner’ by Amy) decides that Mud Movers aren’t to interact with them in an effort to get Liam off her case. Mud Movers’ punishment for violating this? They’ll be shot by a Fire Dancer and anyone who gets shot is ‘dead’ and is relegated to the basement to watch ancient sex education videos. But, despite staying well away from Cloud Spinners, Liam’s aggressive texting to Karma gets every single one of the Mud Movers’ phones taken off of them.

Naturally, Lauren, Liam and Shane who has also been making good use of his phone (to text his closeted ex-boyfriend) hatch a plan over a lunch of unidentifiable slop to break into the Cloud Spinners lair and get their phones back. Also to cause anarchy. Same difference really. Plan engaged, the Mud Movers bust into the lair Trojan Horse style via an ice cream cart but foiled in an instance, Liam pays the ultimate price. Despite apologising, trying to convince Karma that Amy is as guilty as he is and even telling Karma he loves her, she shoots him with a Fire Dancer’s gun and so off to the basement with him.

Elsewhere in hetero-loveland, Lauren confronts Theo about his avoidance. He says he’s not interested in Brandy, he only wants Lauren and doesn’t care that she was born intersex. Aww, it’s the cutest. He even says he wants to set up a meeting with her after school to tell her a secret of his own!

Still not satisfied with having shot Liam earlier in the episode, Karma calls a meeting to put Liam’s dirty laundry on blast. She plans to tell the school that Liam’s family are big corporation owning meanies, but before she gets a chance, Rain Dweller Amy shoots her and has Karma sent to the basement before she can say another word. Amy’s punishment? She’s shot and sent to the basement too. Ah, the three, love triangled musketeers reunited at once!

Abstinence videos playing, Amy defends her Karma shooting, telling her it would have been a bad idea to tell the whole school about Liam’s family secret. Furthermore, Liam’s family stuff is “a lot more complicated than that”. Uh oh, how does Amy know about Liam’s family? That’s precisely what Karma asks and as she’s not privy to Amy showing up and causing trouble at Liam’s house a few episodes ago, automatically assumes that something more is going on between them.

Making an emotional plea to forgive or hate them both, Amy explains that she was selfish. Karma’s verdict? She decides to hate them both and we later see her ignoring a text from Amy and ripping down all of the Karmy photos she has stuck on her mirror. Heartbreak emoji times 50, y’all.

As for Lauren waiting for Theo, she waits and waits and waits and waits. He doesn’t show.

The Gay

The only gay we get in this episode is right at the beginning of the episode. Girlfriend Reagan wakes Amy up with a few kisses, apparently having slept together the night before. It’s the shortest scene in the history of short scenes, but Reamy shippers eat your heart out.

The Ugly

I have quite a lot of issues with Karma, namely that she is oft presented as the good guy. Over the last two seasons we’ve seen her walk all over Amy like a doormat with her name on it so although she was probably quite right to be mad at Amy for sleeping with Liam (and vice versa) where is the retribution for all of the times that Karma has treated Amy like dirt (dare I say, like a Mud Mover)?

The next episode appears to be the last in this half of the series so stay tuned for my recap of that.

The Plot, The Gay, The Ugly | Gotham 109 Recap – Harvey Dent

Welcome to another Gotham recap! Gotham also known as the show that features more Bad Eggs than an abandoned farmhouse.

This week on the show there is Real Queer Content! That’s really all I need to say to get you to take interest, I know.

As always, the recap is split into The Plot, The Gay and The Ugly, so read on to find out what went down this week.

The Plot

In the very first episode of Gotham we saw the billionaire couple of Thomas and Martha Wayne killed in a back alley as they walked with their son. 9 episodes into the show and all we’ve gotten so far is that Selina ‘Catwoman’ Kyle is a witness and that the killer was wearing really shiny shoes. So basically we’ve gotten nowhere.

This week we might have the smallest of leads though as main character Jim Gordon takes a visit to Harvey Dent, the goodie two shoes lawyer that Major Crimes Unit detectives Renee Montoya and Crispus Allen recommended. Providing him with the suspect sketch (that was put together with Catwoman’s help), Dent wants to go after a rich mogul type called ‘Dick Lovecraft’ (nice name, buddy) and use the idea of a witness to scare him crapless.

…only it doesn’t go like that (but when does it ever). The man is adamant that they’re looking in all the wrong places and even when Dent puts on his best scowl, Lovecraft pleads his innocence. Guilty, innocent or morally grey, this lead just evaporated into dust.

A more successful aspect of Gordon’s career is the general police beat. A fellow named Ian Hargrove (mentally ill, incredibly talented bomb maker) has just been busted out of prison by a team of Russian mobsters. Their aim? Blow some stuff up! Make some money in the process! All in a day’s work for organised criminals.

Their plan consists of two parts. First they have to use Ian’s skills to blow up a guard tower (with a rigged basket of sweet goods) to get better, more powerful explosives. Four guards dead and the explosives gotten, the mobsters think they’re well on their way to success but little did they know that Ian had slipped in a piece of metal signage into the basket, detailing his location. And that’s how Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock show up at the mobsters warehouse.

Ian dumps the mobsters in it and tells Jim and Harvey that not only did the mobsters kidnap him and threaten to kill his brother and his family, but that they’re using these heavy duty explosives to launch an assault on one of Carmine Falcone’s vaults. Unfortunately, the world’s most useless detective duo (I mean, going to a suspect’s hideout without backup, really?) pay the price for their ineptness when the mobsters show up and shoot at them (with terrible aim) until they’re able to herd Ian off and back away from Jim and Harvey without maiming them.
Not that it deters their efforts though, as the mobsters soon meet up with their boss to discuss the finer details of the plan…it’s Fish Mooney! Of course it is. She tells them not to mess up because she has a lot riding on it, plus, once they break into Falcone’s vault, the money is theirs!

Except, not really. Showing up at the vault the next day, the mobsters (complete with Ian Hargrove) proceed to blow the bloody doors off of Falcone’s vault. But as they’re carrying the money out to their getaway truck Jim and Harvey show up to stop them. They probably deserve to be stopped since they were carrying the money out one by one but alas they somehow think they can get out of it by pulling guns on the two detectives.

Given that we still have half a season left of the show, obviously Jim and Harvey don’t die. Instead, after encouraging Ian to move a little closer to them, the truck blows up thanks to a cell-phone activated bomb under the vehicle that was set off by Mooney’s henchman, Butch, killing every single one of the mobsters in the process.

1-0 to Mooney against Falcone? Not quite. Double crossing ratbag Penguin broke into Liza’s apartment this week (Liza being the girl Mooney hired to spy on Falcone) and smells her belongings, Weird, I know. But when Penguin shows up to Mooney’s club, smelling her to confirm that Liza and Mooney are working together, it could set up a big bit of drama in the episodes to come.

Crime plots done for the week, the heterosexual romance storylines that I know we all enjoy involved the aforementioned Catwoman and rich orphan Bruce Wayne while Jim Gordon was having some relationship troubles of his own.

You see, Catwoman and Bruce ‘Future Batman’ Wayne are now living together after Gordon explained that she needed a place to stay. The two teens living together involves food fights, Catwoman being moody and Bruce’s butler Alfred having to clean up after them. It also involves Catwoman offering to kiss Bruce and Bruce telling Alfred he ‘likes’ Catwoman. I could tell you what I think is going to happen with them but let’s be honest, none of us really care!

Slightly more interesting is the fact that after being back on alcohol, former addict (and Jim Gordon’s canonically queer girlfriend) Barbara has gotten out of dodge, explaining that she needs some space. Or something. The point is she’s away from Jim…

The Gay

…and is now with (ex-girlfriend) Renee Montoya instead! Hurray!

Barbrenee (how do we feel about this portmanteau readers? Let me know in the comments) shippers get excited! This week finally showed the two having mutual feelings for each other, rather than Renee being an adorable pant-suited puppy because she still likes Barbara a whole bunch.

This week’s episode of Gotham ended with Barbara and Renee in bed together, the final scene being them kissing (just about). Honestly, it’s hardly a full makeout and there’s a lot to be said about whether this means Barbara has cheated on Jim (or if she’ll pull out that old ‘we were on a break!’ classic form Friends) but this is definitely a step forward.

The Ugly

The stuff between Bruce and Selina was boring, the crime plot was solid but nothing special and Penguin was probably in this episode for no other reason than the actor who plays him is on the payroll. That said, bringing Harvey Dent on board was a fantastic idea and Barbara/Renee is nice to see. One of the best episodes of the season, really!

The Plot, The Gay, The Ugly | How to Get Away With Murder – 108 Recap – He Has a Wife

Welcome to another How to Get Away With Murder recap! HTGAWM also know as the show where everything happens all of the time and it’s a wonder that I’m able to recap it at all!

This week on the show, more of Everything happened. It was honestly one of the most dramatic pieces of television I’ve seen in my life and I hope Emmy voters are paying attention.

As always, the recaps are split into The Plot, The Gay and The Ugly so read on to find out what went down this week.

The Plot

As mentioned, so so much happened this week. The series started with the death of Sam Keating, main character Annalise’s husband, and finally we’ve gotten up to the night of his death.

Before we can get to that (we find out who killed Sam next week), Annalise has to decide whether she trusts her husband or not, following on from the surprising revelation that Sam’s dead mistress was pregnant before she died. Annalise hasn’t decided whether or not to believe him when he says he didn’t know that she was pregnant but it weighs on her mind as she takes her new case.

The family that Annalise is defending have come into a spot of bother as after taking some medication, their client appears to have killed their nanny. She has no recollection of the event because her medication renders her unconscious and so Annalise and co. want to deem that it wasn’t premeditated and that it wasn’t her fault.

They’ll need luck though as when put on the stand, the defendant’s son explains that he loved the nanny, like he loved her loved her. Not only does this provide his mother with a motive but it also completely blind sides Annalise’s team, leading her to yell at Bonnie (who’s meant to tell her about things like these) and Connor (who spoke to the son beforehand) for not doing their jobs properly.

It’s soon rectified though as Connor puts on his best ‘I’m a heterosexual and can relate to being in love with a woman I swear to go’ face to go and talk to the defendant’s son, learning that the nanny gave him an STD. Connor explains that this means diddly squat in the larger scheme of things, or so he thinks anyway as some quick thinking smarts from former pre-med student Michaela solves the case.

Putting the defendant’s husband on the stand, Annalise accuses him of sleeping with the nanny too and says that he and his son caught the same STD from her. Is she right? Of course she is and despite the husband trying to worm his way out of it, the dirty cheater soon offers an “I’m sorry” towards his wife, admitting that he killed the nanny after finding out that she was sleeping with he and his son, before framing his wife for it. Case won – and while the defendant is mad at Annalise for saving her bacon but putting her husband in prison, Annalise says she’ll thank her later.

Also having trouble with men are Laurel, Michaela and Rebecca.

All Laurel wanted was a few hookups with her sort-of boss! Some light cheating with an asshole to compliment her genuinely lovely boyfriend! Sadly though, as they make it to his place (they’re literally on the floor kissing) his girlfriend shows up and puts an end to it. Yikes!

Michaela’s plans are more simple, as her fiancé Aiden wants her to sign a prenup that she, naturally, doesn’t want to sign. Her wanting to stay married to him forever and ever and ever and all that. His mum isn’t having any of it though, having heated words with Michaela over dinner that leads to her seemingly threatening to ruin Michaela’s cushty life. Hm, I suppose we’ll see that one play out sometime after next week.

And then, there’s Rebecca.

As it’s now been brought to light that Lila (Sam’s dead mistress) was pregnant before she died, Nate (Annalise’s ex-lover and former cop) has instructed Rebecca to go and get a sample of hair from the Keating’s bathroom in order to prove that Sam was the father. When a visit to their house goes pear-shaped (specifically, Sam throws Rebecca out, saying she’s not welcome without Annalise around) Nate gives her a USB and tells her to stick it in Sam’s laptop and steal as much data as she can, wanting to use the files for evidence. Sadly though, Rebecca’s boyfriend Wes sees her with Nate and after explaining herself he’s not so approving. After arguing about it she hightails it out of Wes’ apartment, USB stick in hand. We don’t see what she does next, though.

The Gay

With Connor unable to exchange sex for evidence (for a change), the only gay was left up to Bonnie. And by gay I mean ‘subtext that I’m going to latch onto like a desperate barnacle’.

Specifically, in a late night meeting, Bonnie and Sam have a conversation about the dead girl, Lila. Bonnie says that on the night that Lila died she came to their house looking for Annalise, presumably to tell Annalise that she was pregnant with her husband’s baby, only, Bonnie turned her away and told her not to bother.

What does this mean? It means that if Lila was going to tell Annalise and that she was unwilling to keep the pregnancy a secret anymore, then Sam must have known about it already. Bonnie says this and Sam suggests that they keep his knowing a secret from Annalise and then he kisses her. When will this man learn not to cheat…

Immediately after agreeing not to tell Annalise, Bonnie tells Annalise. In tears, Bonnie stands in Annalise’s study she tells her everything she knows – including that Sam kissed her because he thought he was finally giving her what she wanted. Well, wasn’t he? It’s implied that she didn’t want that all and judging by the way she literally gets on her knees and presses, sobbing against Annalise’s legs for her to understand that her husband is The Worst, we’re all inclined to believe her.

Annalise does at least trust her/think fondly of Bonnie and her opinions anyway because the episode ends with Annalise telling Sam that she’s told the D.A to take DNA samples from everyone in Lila’s life to find out who the father is. And of course, that means that Sam will have to provide DNA too.

The Ugly

Other than the fact that #BisexualBonnieWinterbottom is still not canon, there wasn’t really anything wrong with the episode.

My nails are bitten, I’m at the edge of my seat and my popcorn has been ready for consumption for weeks in anticipation of the next episode, so expect another recap then.

The Plot, The Gay, The Ugly | Gotham 108 Recap – The Mask

Welcome to another Gotham recap! Gotham known as the show where literally not a single person on this show is completely good and that’s brilliant.

This week on the show, main character Jim Gordon embraced that one Cyndi Lauper song (I mean True Colors, not Girls Just Wanna Have Fun) and became the morally corrupt protagonist that we all knew he could be!

As always the recap is split into The Plot, The Gay and The Ugly. Read on to find on to find out what went down this week.

The Plot

You say office hazard and definite violation of health and safety, they say encouragement of strength, toughness and honour in the workplace! Yes, that’s the line being spun to us this week in Gotham when Jim and Harvey have to investigate a murder of a financial worker, which appears to have been done using office supplies.

Hitting up the location, the detective duo are aided by Gotham City PD boffin Edward Nygma who soon discovers that the deceased has a finger in his mouth. Trying to switch up his diet or has he did he literally manage to take a chunk out of his killer before croaking it? It’s the latter, obviously, but it soon leads them to a back alley doctor who deals with injuries that people aren’t too fond about going to the hospital about.

After a bit of (metaphorical) arm tugging, the doctor gives up a business card for some firm in the city. Naturally upon questioning why so many of his employees have limps, bruises and disfigurements and why his office is filled with really scary warrior armour and masks, the firm’s head honcho says ‘war is great and fascinating ps Jim I can totes tell that you have a killer in you bee tee dubs’.

Buying into the idea that Jim loves a good fight, Harvey leaves him to solve the case on his own and it’s why Jim is all by his lonesome when he visits one of the boss’ owned properties, discovering the scene where the murder must have taken place. Sadly, that lone wolf thing soon leads to disaster when that boss man sticks him in a circle of bad’uns and offers a million dollars to whoever can kill Jim first!

What he didn’t count on however, is that Jim can certainly hold his own and after ousting (read: killing in the name of self defense/unnecessary plot device deaths) the four bad guys, their boss is forced to take matters into his own hands. But, after a beautifully choreographed fight (props to the Gotham stunt doubles for that!), Jim nearly lumps the life force out of that guy too. Thankfully, Police Chief Essen shows up on time to stop him, feeling remorseful that she left him for dead the previous week.

Where crimes are being solved by the GCPD, the ruthless criminals of mob boss Fish Mooney and limping killer (and former Mooney assistant) Penguin are breaking laws like they do best.
Namely, Mooney is scheming and Penguin is scheming to find out what those schemes are.

After dispatching her ‘weapon woman’ to shack up with rival mob boss Falcone several weeks ago, Mooney gives her a vial filled with sleeping medicine this week and tasks her with robbing him blind. Most of the medicine doesn’t make it into Falcone’s tea but nonetheless we’ll likely see how it plays out next week. Penguin, on the other hand, simply learns that Mooney has someone close to Falcone.

Gotham’s kid heroes are having a miserable ol’ time too. After his first day of school Bruce Wayne gets the snot bullied and pummelled out of him by a group of classmates taking the micky that he doesn’t have a mom and dad. That’s really silly considering that he’s a billionaire with enough money and power to probably make their lives hell but alas, Alfred encourages him to man up and beat the crap out of the bully on his doorstep. So that he does and then they leave to get pizza, yay!

Mini Catwoman gets pulled in by the police for dragging her stolen hoard of goods in broad daylight. I’m not entirely why she was in this episode at all if I’m honest but she was, so I’m noting it.

The Gay

With Detective Renee Montoya, there was no gay. All that we did get was Barbara drinking and her boyfriend Jim, not realising that she had a serious addiction problem once upon a time, only chastising her for drinking during the day rather than y’know, checking her into rehab.

With Jim being a stone cold killer and Barbara spiralling into an alcohol fuelled…spiral, there’s a chance that they’ll break up. It;s not the nicest of circumstances but it’s certainly something for Renee/Barbara shippers to hold onto.

The Ugly

While the idea that Bruce’s beating up of the bullies was right and just made me uncomfortable (as Bruce’s guardian the fact that Alfred encouraged him to solve his problem with his fists is absolutely terrible) my biggest problem with this week’s ep is the lack of Montoya.

Of course Montoya is my favourite character, she’s a queer woman of colour for crying out loud! I wish we saw more of her is all, so hopefully she’ll make a pantsuited return next week.

The Plot, The Gay, The Ugly | Faking It 208 Recap – Zen and the Art of Pageantry

Welcome to another Faking It recap! Faking It also known as the show where the motto is ‘fake it till you make it: including your sexuality, your secret drunken trysts and the manipulative friendships you have with those you care about!’

This week on the show, the gays try to bring down The Establishment on more than one account and Amy makes out with a girl (again). Basically top notch viewing.

As always, the recap is split into The Ploy, The Gay and The Ugly so read on to find out what happened this week.

The Plot

Aw, what a sparkly sequined dress Lauren has! Isn’t it just horrible and makes you want to fry your eyeballs in a pan? As horrible as Lauren’s choice in formalwear is, it’s been picked for a very good reason – the local beauty pageant. Seeing her mum coo over Lauren, that familiar pang of jealously gets Amy and so wanting to impress her, our favourite queer Texan teen hatches a plan with girlfriend Reagan to enter the pageant and win.

Only Reagan has other ideas, namely she wants to expose the beauty industry for what it is: a terrible monstrous thing that wants to exploit women! With a slideshow and laptop in hand the plan is to publicly shame the pageant as Amy tears into them via a well written speech.

As expected, Amy chickens out, the hopes of impressing her mum proving too strong. As she’s asked what she thinks of pageants she provides a diplomatic answer, disappointing Reagan and boosting Lauren in the process. Enraged by the pageant system that’s been shuffling her onto stages, in bikinis with high heels (worn together! Ludicrous!) she yanks the mic and rips the pageant folk a new one, proceeding to throw her bra fillers into the crowd and hit a judge in the face. Following the debacle, she meets up with boyfriend Theo and tells him about her being intersex. The whole 3 minutes was incredible.

Meanwhile with the boring and mildly irritating heterosexuals (aka Liam and Karma), they are having dinner with Karma’s parents and her brother Zen, choosing the meal to ‘come out’ about the fact that they are dating because Karma is now straight after being a fake lesbian for an entire series. After a bit of ‘will she won’t she’ she eventually confesses that Liam is her boyfriend and that she was worried that her parents wouldn’t be proud of her any more. It’s sort of lovely to see them love her anyway actually (even if brother Zen soon steals the limelight).

After dinner, the MIHs (their official name now) head upstairs for some sloppy making out, with Karma telling Liam that she’s so glad that they can be honest with each other Welp. Of course Liam takes this very moment to confess that not only did he sleep with someone the night that he and Karma broke up but that that someone was her best friend, Amy. Double welp with a cherry on top.


The Gay

Things aren’t going better for the Sometimes Irritating But Mostly Just Angelic Homosexuals (don’t worry, I shan’t be abbreviating that and making it A Thing) either.

Still trying to drag his boyfriend out of the closet, kicking and screaming (and not in a good way), Shane is heartbroken this week when his hunky trainer boyfriend gets a new sports sponsorship. Only it’s not from your friendly marriage equality non-profit, but his new sponsor is a homophobic chicken company.

Sadly his dreams of going pro are just stronger than Shane’s protests! He chows down on that burger like he hasn’t eaten in three weeks. Yeah, get that anti-gay money, son.

As for Amy and Reagan, Reagan is still hurt and wants to know if Amy’s heart is really in it. She ditched the plan and she didn’t introduce Reagan as her girlfriend! Amy is very much into her and they make out. A lot. As Amy’s phone lights up (it’s on silent) because Liam has just texted her. Drama!

The Ugly

It was that aforementioned Amy/Reagan scene that I had a bone to pick with. Make outs and heavy petting aside, Reagan also asked Amy if she was straight, explaining that she once had a girlfriend who ditched her for her ex-boyfriend, saying that her Reagan dating was just ‘a phase’.

Faking It doesn’t have the best track record with bisexuality and this rubbed me the wrong way. It wasn’t explicitly biphobic, but it was suggested, y’know? Like Reagan would have a problem if
Amy was into girls and guys as opposed to one or the other. This will only blow up once Reagan inevitably finds out that Amy and Liam slept together so expect another scene like it to end up in ‘The Ugly’ section soon.

The Plot, The Gay, The Ugly | How to Get Away With Murder 107 Recap – He Deserved to Die

Welcome to another recap of How to Get Away With Murder! HTGAWM also known as the show that teaches you more about the legal system than a law text book the size of your noggin.

This week on the show there were girl alliances, girls getting things done together and then the subsequent fall of those alliances and everything going to crap.

As always, the recap is split into The Plot, The Gay and The Ugly. Read on to find out what went down this week.

The Plot

Annalise didn’t have a filler case to take this week no, she was back at it trying to smoothen out the kinks of Rebecca’s defense instead. Suspected for killing her best friend and college student Lila, Rebecca risks being painted as the crazy drug dealer who stole her best friend’s boyfriend and proceeded to strangle her dead. Lovely.

Rebecca doesn’t take it quite so seriously though and Annalise rightly reminds her of the horrors of prison.

It all gets cut short when a news broadcast suggests that Rebecca slept with Griffin, Lila’s then boyfriend. Not only that but there’s very good reason to suspect that in an effort to paint Rebecca as the relationship wrecking ‘slut’, it was the prosecution behind the leak.

Naturally, this is the best time to get a gag order put in place and so that’s exactly what they have done that very same day. But at the hearing to have the gag order, Griffin’s defense requests a second autopsy on Lila’s body and given that it could be used to suggest that Rebecca killed her, Annalise and co. must now do everything in their power to stop it.

The afternoon before the hearing. Annalise fretting that she has no way to stop the second autopsy, her students likely doing the same and who should walk in? The prosecution! Rather than getting into a slinging match with Annalise she actually proves to be of good use, handing her a folder with a case that proves that the expert (the one who wants to convince the court to let them do a second autopsy) is a dirty cheating liar unfit for the job.

Annalise plays the hand that the prosecution dealt her but the next logical step is to do what else they can to stop the autopsy from going forward…and that’s where Laurel and Frank come in. The two of them tail Lila’s mother to a park, sweet talk her by appealing to her best interests and voila, just like that the emotional plea of a mother with a murdered child puts a hold on the second autopsy. Temporarily, at least.

And this is where that momentary ounce of girl power crumbles – the prosecution then puts forward her very own autopsy expert leaving her one step away from a checkmate. Sadly, Annalise’s ex-lover Nate doesn’t want to play ball when she asks for help and he instead criticises her methods last week when she had Frank plant evidence. But Annalise’s loss is our gain as we soon get to see her drunk students flirt with assistants to get info out of them. It’s pretty flipping hilarious.

More last ditch attempts are at hand when Annalise makes Rebecca break the gag order and tell the press that Griffin raped her. The judge, the prosecution and Griffin’s defense are all frustrated with the way things are going so the judge just grants a second autopsy. Yikes!

With Rebecca off the hook, she takes a moment away from all the legal-ish to go shopping. Nate shows up. He says he knows she didn’t kill Lila and that he wants to help. Hm.

As for what the second autopsy showed? Lila was six weeks pregnant, which is big news considering that she was also sleeping with Annalise’s husband!

Meanwhile in heterosexual corner – Michaela is having to sign a pre-nuptial agreement ahead of her wedding to Aiden (Aiden he who slept with Connor when they were in school), Laurel, unsure of whether or not to take a job at legal aid with her boyfriend decided to cheat on him with Frank, while Rebecca and Wes finally got together.

The Gay

Feeling sorry for himself about Oliver, the guy who dumped him several weeks ago for cheating, Connor has a random hookup with a guy (who also has a boyfriend) as though that will make it any better. He also tried to give Oliver flowers, only to be turned away at the door by Oliver’s new love interest.

As for any queer women on the show, all we got was Rebecca saying that she’s ‘good at flirting with girls’ when she asked if she could go and flirt with the assistants.

I’m also still holding out hope for #BisexualBonnie. Yup, let’s make that hashtag trend, people.

The Ugly

The scenes I didn’t like this week were the love scenes.

Never mind the fact that Laurel and Frank appeared to have sex against a pillar (???) but Wes and Rebecca’s love scene was mixed in with a scene of the second autopsy and Connor’s love scene seemed shoehorned in.

It wasn’t the content just the way in which it was done, so not a huge issue but one that stayed on my mind following the ending title screen which I suppose is enough to warrant a mention.
I’ll be back next week with another recap.

The Plot, The Gay, The Ugly | Faking It 207 Recap – Date Expectations

Welcome to Faking It! The show where all of the high school teens are played by actors well on their way to 30 years old and everyone is either ridiculously attractive, ridiculously clueless or both.

This week on the show, Karma really wants to meet Amy’s new girlfriend meanwhile Shane is trying to out someone (again). Such fun!

As always the recap is split into The Plot, The Gay and The Ugly, so read on to find out went down this week.


The Plot

This week’s episode of Faking It was the best of the season so far! Each with their choice of love interests (Karma and Liam, Shane and his trainer, Lauren and Theo, Amy and Reagan) they’re all pretty much keeping to themselves. Lauren yells Theo into submission to take her on a date, Amy and Reagan have plans of their own, Karma and Liam are sort of getting on with whatever boring things insufferable characters do meanwhile Shane is trying to coax (read: mercilessly yank) his trainer out of the closet via something called a “group hang”.

What the hell is a group hang? Apparently it’s what the cool kids call ‘gathering in medium to large numbers’, aka ‘hanging out’ and Shane thinks that a group hang will give his closeted trainer boyfriend an excuse to meet his friends and maybe tumble out of the closet. Or something.

There’s some resistance from Karma though but after some conniving manipulation he convinces her that she needs to come along to check up on Amy and Reagan to make sure that Reagan isn’t some lesbian witch who wants to have her wicked way with Karma’s best friend. Karma wants to protect Amy but personally, after placing her feelings in Karma I think a wicked lesbian witch would be a massive step up.

And so there we have it! All four couples are at a sharing eatery where you have to share everything you order with one another. That’s disastrous for everyone but Lauren is the first to make the most of it, convincing Shane’s boyfriend to flirt with her to make Theo jealous. Their time at the restaurant ends with them making it so go figure.

The Gay

Everything else that happened though, falls squarely into ‘The Gay’.

It all kicks off when Amy/Reagan and Karma/Liam are sat right next to each other. About as jealous as you can be when you feel as though your best friend is being stolen away from you, Karma flaunts off her knowledge of Amy. From their past field trips at school to her favourite foods (mushrooms), Karma is keen to show that she knows Amy best. And in some respects she does, but Regan, who started off the episode making out with Amy and asking her about her friends has never heard of Karma at all, despite prompting Amy to reveal more that very morning. So, she’s equally as possessive.

So possessive that when she order the kale and encourages Amy to eat it, Amy ends up having an allergic reaction to the peanut oil that the dish is covered in because she was unaware of her allergy. Does Amy pass out? Die? End up in hospital? Well she probably would have wished for either of those outcomes as after Karma stabs her leg with the epipen that she carries round for just these moments Reagan becomes more frustrated, outright asking if Amy is in love with her.

Amy was in love with Karma and she tells Reagan that. Reagan storms out and Amy, hurt that her girlfriend probably wants nothing to do with her, sits looking glum. It’s not until Liam steps up and tells Karma to put a sock in it that she realises she needs to run out and get her girl!

Amy sprints out to the parking lot and begs Reagan not to go; but Karma has followed them out. So Amy does the only thing she can really, she tells Karma off and tells her that she’s making things worse. But! After some heartfelt explaining that yes Karma will always be a part of her life but she wants a future with Reagan, the two girls (literally) kiss and make up.

Across town Shane and his trainer are having a heated debate about Shane’s repeated attempts at getting him to come out. His trainer says he has to stay closeted for his career but that he *might* come out at some point for Shane. Aw!

But then! Star sweep across town once more and Karma and Liam are sat talking about the evening’s events in his car. Liam outright asks “sometimes I wonder if I’m the one you wanna be with” and while I was gasping, yelling and shouting at the screen (all at once, it was very impressive) Karma tried and failed to appeal to Liam who was having none of it. And then! When she got out of the car she started crying!

What a whirlwind.

The Ugly

This would have been the perfect episode of Faking It save for Shane trying to out someone again.

At this point I’m wondering fi the writers even listen to criticism because we’re on what? Our fifth outing/attempted outing at this point? And still it’s a sad trope that keeps happening.

Suggesting that outing is normal and even condoned by people in the LGBTQ+ community is really gross and toxic because people will watch this and fail to realise why outing is wrong. Faking It should be ashamed that it keeps doing this, really.

The Plot, The Gay, The Ugly | Gotham 107 Recap – Penguin’s Umbrella

Welcome to another Gotham recap! Gotham also known as the show where we fight crime by committing crimes and the moral code went down the pan in the pilot.

This week on the show, the helpless woman trope is played up to the max and the plot twist of all plot twists (read: a dramatic Gotham moment that would be tedious by any other show’s standards) occurs.

As always, our recaps are split into The Plot, The Gay and The Ugly. Read on to find out what went down this week.

The Plot

Still all riled up from last week, Jim Gordon is shooting for the stars. And by the stars I mean he’s attempting to become the universe’s most hopeful but utterly useless police detective.

Understanding that there’s a massive corruption plot going on in the city, Jim attempts to take everybody down. The Mayor, police officers and two mob bosses. He wants them all to pay for their heinous crimes! Realising that it’s dangerous, he sends his girlfriend Barbara out of town in an attempt to keep her safe as he dismantles decades worth of criminal activity.

If that sounds impossible in text then I assure you on screen it was even more laughable, which is exactly why Police Chief Essen (metaphorically) shoots him down, explaining that no one is willing to help.

Mob boss Falcone meanwhile wants Gordon to shut the hell up, sending a hitman after him to chase him out of town/outright kill him. He nearly does too, escaping with just a scratch. Haha, just kidding. He gets shot like three times.

He’d have been shot hundreds more had the hitman got his way but after some expert scrambling from Jim along with Crispus Allen and Renee Montoya (Renee being the ex of Jim’s girlfriend) showing up with a getaway car they’re able to take him to a veterinarian hospital so he can get patched up.

Determined to finish the job, Jim puts a plan in motion. Well, first he gets off the table and bails on bedrest the doctor’s best wishes but for some reason the show doesn’t tell Ben McKenzie (who plays Jim) to limp, so that’s neither here nor there. Next up, he takes a trip to Bruce “Batman” Wayne’s house and assures him that everything is on track and now Allen and Montoya know everything and can help out too! They’ll probably need to be on the case because after Jim’s next step he barely makes it out alive…

Squadding up with his partner, Detective Harvey Bullock, the two do what any fool with weapons training would do – sneak into Falcone’s mob den (using the Mayor and his town car as their guise), armed with just a couple of guns. Brilliant.
As you probably guess about a millisecond ago, their plan doesn’t go particularly well. Sure, they manage to hold a couple of guards at gunpoint and throw threats of jail time around but Falcone soon counters telling Gordon that Barbara never left town and that she’s securely in his clutches, y’know, ready to be killed up at the pull of a trigger.

Is he bluffing? Is he telling the truth? That question is soon answered for you when Barbara is herded into the room rightfully looking like she’s about to crap herself. It’s ok, I would be too. Thankfully for Barbara (to save her from any public embarrassment) Falcone soon chooses to let all three – Jim, Barbara and Harvey – go, the catch being “some day soon you’ll see I’m right”. Ooh, ominous.

We soon figure out just how deep Falcone’s mystique goes when Penguin shows up to provide him with information! Yes, that was the big plot twist I mentioned. Hardly gasp worthy but I couldn’t have you skipping right over to ‘The Gay’ now could I? Alas, it seems that the two have been working together for some time and Penguin has been filling him in on information about Maroni (rival mob boss and Penguin’s other boss) for a while.

More interesting than the twist itself is how it’ll play out, so hopefully we’ll see that soon.

The Gay

Like the morals of almost everyone previously mentioned (save for Montoya, Allen and Barbara), the gay rating of this week’s Gotham is also in the toilet. There’s no f/f kissing, trope-y, ratings or otherwise but what we do get is Montoya telling Jim that her “personal feelings” for Barbara got in the way of her believing his story.

Everything we’ve seen up to this point has suggested that those ‘feelings’ are currently held rather than a thing of the past. I still can’t tell if the show’s going to make a big deal of it soon but here’s to hoping.

The Ugly

This week’s episode of Gotham was marginally better than last week’s because it didn’t *completely* put me to sleep. Hardly high praise, I know.

Being rather boring is starting to become the show’s calling card at this point, but I guess it gets kudos for consistency? I’ll be back with another recap next week.

The Plot, The Gay, The Ugly | How to Get Away With Murder – 106 Recap – Freakin’ Whack-a-Mole

Welcome to another How to Get Away With Murder recap! HTGAWM also known as the show where the law is upheld but so are nude photos, illegals means for legal gains and on occasion, analingus.

This week in the show, there were more rights to be upheld and Viola Davis was incredible (as per usual).

As always, the recap is split into The Plot, The Gay and The Ugly, so read on to find out what went down this week.

The Plot

Many moons ago when Annalise Keating was just a young fiery whippersnapper (as opposed to y’know, a slightly older one) she watched the case of David Allen, a (then) young black man who was charged with his girlfriend’s murder. She’d been shot dead and, as per a witness statement, Allen had run down the road screaming and brandishing a shotgun shortly after. Pretty damning stuff.

But the evidence was all circumstantial, meaning that while it didn’t mean Allen was completely free, the evidence didn’t necessarily guarantee that he did it either. With the evidence possibly leading him to death row, Annalise and co. scoop up the case, determined to free this man or at least get to the bottom of what really happened.

Going over his case though, the team think they’ve hit the jackpot when the defence lawyer who worked with Allen years before said that there was a man with an alibi. He was a drug dealer though, and wasn’t necessarily reliable but it was something that could have gotten Allen off the hook nonetheless.

But that man died 15 months ago from a drug overdose, taking Allen’s alibi with him to the grave.

Feeling defeated, Annalise and her team get back to work trying to figure out what really went on. Further bumps in the road for them though when it turns out that Asher’s dad was the judge on the Allen case. Speaking to his father in a really intense debate, Asher confronts him plainly and asks why the day he met with the prosecutors is the only day in his entire career that’s not accounted for. And why just a month after he sentenced David Allen was he enlisted for a much higher position in the courts?

His father, obviously, doesn’t have answers for him and promptly throws Asher out of the house but it does give him a bit of extra ammunition. A high profile senator was the one who got his dad the job and so, voila, the team now has a potential motive for a framing.

“Your dad sent a guy to death row for no reason” from Laurel is what it takes to bust the case wide open. Charging at the rest of the law students, Asher trips and falls, unceremoniously into a box of paper. Smooth. But in the process he recognises a logo from the key witness’ building. Could it be that the key witness is somehow entangled in this corruption too?

Of course it is and it’s what Annalise uses to blitz holes into the prosecution’s case against their client. In one of the most well acted scenes I have ever seen on television, Annalise criticises the senator, yells at him across the courtroom saying that he displaced so many people, ruined so many lives and had an innocent woman killed and for what? To complete a housing development and make millions of dollars it seems, and with opposition from Allen’s girlfriend growing in momentum the senator had her killed and implicated her boyfriend for the murder.

Or so it seems at least. The case gets sent to retrial but until then (and a guilty verdict) but David Allen is set free. Another thrilling win for Annalise Keating and the plucky, young students.

Because this is a drama show though, Annalise still has an awful lot of other dramatic-ness on her plate in this week’s HTGAWM. Namely all of the stuff with her husband.

Having being confronted by photos of his naked body being found on a murdered girl’s phone last week, Wes, a law student and friend of the key suspect in the murder is demanding answers. He wants Annalise to find Rebecca (the suspect) and bring her home after she ran away following the nudes revelation in the last episode.

This is Annalise though so she doesn’t take anything lying down and instead does what any powerful lawyer with a legal problem has…she breaks the law. Specifically, she makes Frank (her right hand man) break the law for her and sees to it that the phone with the nude photos on makes its way into the car of Griffin O’Reilly (star quarterback and another suspect in the murder).

Little does Annalise or Frank know, that Nate, Annalise’s former lover, now has proof that Frank put the phone in the car. Well, Frank did it in broad daylight which seems silly, but Nate was having someone tail Griffin and keep surveillance on him, photos and all, so there’s a very good chance that everyone will land right in the poo in the next few episodes or so.

The Gay

There wasn’t really much gay in HTGAWM this week. Or any maintext queer content at all, but you know me, I love a good bit of subtext and this week HTGAWM delivered it in a small but significant way.

Last week Annalise discovered that Bonnie had landed Nate in it with the police (Nate’s employers), but had defended Sam Keating (Annalise’s husband) in the process. Surely this means that Bonnie has a crush on him? Well that’s what Annalise thinks but after Sam thanks her for putting up with all of he and Annalise’s “crap”, Bonnie literally tells him that “it’s for Annalise, I’d do anything for her”. Shippers start your engines!
Or at least, do it quietly, since one of HTGAWM’s flash forward scenes (the ones that cover the night of Sam’s murder) reveal that she slept with Asher.

She might still be queer! She might still be in love with Annalise too. The show definitely seems to be pointing in the direction of Not Heterosexual Bonnie at least, so we’ll keep you posted.

The Ugly

This was a near perfect episode for HTGAWM actually. Obviously there was no maintext queerness which is always a disappointment in any show but other than that I don’t think I can fault it. Good job ABC.

The Plot, The Gay, The Ugly | Faking It 206 Recap – The Ecstasy and the Agony

Welcome to another Faking It recap! Faking It known as the teen comedy/drama that will break your heart and try and tape it back together with half decent comedic timing!

This week on the show, we met up with Amy’s new love interest once again, #TeamSass (Amy, Lauren, Shane) attended a rave and Karma and Liam’s plot line sent everybody to sleep!

As always, the recap is separated into The Plot, The Gay and The Ugly, so read on to find out what went down this week.


The Plot

What’s a girl to do when the boy she just exchanged mouth fluids with won’t text her back and even her sexuality confused step-sister stands half a chance of getting some? She’s going to tag along with her and her gay bestie to an all night rave, of course!

The lights are neon, the bodies are sweaty and the drinks are flowing like an iceberg slap bang in the middle of the Sahara, so obviously it’s the perfect place for Shane, Lauren and Amy to dance away their love troubles and get #crunk as the kids would say. (Are kids saying that? My go to word is ‘groovy’.)

Karma meanwhile, is getting her kicks in a much more tedious (read: generically heterosexual) way at school as she’s attending the Hester High art show with new boyfriend Liam. And, by kicks, I mean ‘having boyfriend trouble’.

You see, crippled by the soul-crushing guilt of having slept with her best friend and his serious commitment issues, Liam can’t call Karma his girlfriend. Despite how hard he tries the word just won’t escape his mouth! Poor thing, he’s finally seeing the girl he likes but he can’t open up to her (maybe try being honest with her next time? Just a hint).

Karma, fretting about the pending implosion of her budding het romance rings up Amy begging for her help. They cat and mouse for a while because Amy is still caught up in those Mushy, Gushy feelings for Karma that she told her best friend about just weeks ago and when she finally answers, Amy essentially tells her friend to stuff it because she can’t hear about her love life like this.

Liam gets a similar response when he rings Shane and so is left to wonder around the exhibit (his piece is a bunch of tangled metal pipes that says ‘KARMA’, ironically) and ponder his existence/the future of the relationship.

Being caught up in their friends’ drama however, the two leave Lauren to party it out in her own little world. She’s jamming away, she’s really going for it. And then she accidentally takes a pill of ecstasy, mistaking it for an aspirin. Whoops. She’s pissed when she finds out, obviously and goes to ride/cry it out amongst a pile of coats in a cupboard.
It all ends up well for the heterosexuals in the end though! Liam admits that he doesn’t think he can be Karma’s Prince Charming while she says that they should agree to be better people and give their relationship a shot. I say that they’re both pretty awful and that terribleness must be attracted to each other, but alas it’s not up to me.

Lauren is also rescued by love interest Theo who is harbouring a Highly Sensitive secret that’s still being teased like you wouldn’t believe.

The Gay

Shane’s love life is minimal in this week’s episode of Faking It save for some definitely not safe for work photos from the closeted MMA trainer from last week.

More importantly: Amy’s love interest makes a new appearance! Knowing each other as ‘Shrimp Girl’ and ‘Cater Waiter’ the two make light jokes as Reagan (the cater waiter of this budding romance) shows up as the DJ for the rave that #TeamSass are attending.

It’s all ‘I’ll help you push your records cart’ and ‘I’ll make eyes at you from my DJ booth’ until Amy finally gets the courage to go up there and share Reagan’s oversized headphones. Aww! They are genuinely adorable together and agree to exchange numbers, go on a date and all that jazz. It’s confirmed that they make out next week too so now is as good a time as ever to get invested.


The Ugly

While the entirety of the #Kiam storyline was a total snoozefest, what bothered me the most is that Reagan is 19. Amy confirms it in a conversation with Karma at the end of the episode but keeping in mind that Amy is just 15 years old (a legal child) and Reagan is an adult with an apartment and a good many years on her new girlfriend, it’s a bit concerning.

It skeeves me out and while I’ll inevitably fall into a shipping spiral for the two of them, that age gap is definitely…something.

The Plot, The Gay, The Ugly | Gotham 106 Recap – Spirit of the Goat

Welcome to another Gotham recap! Gotham the show where the streets are dirty, the cops are dirty and the filter this show is filmed with also looks suspiciously dirty too.

This week on the show Renee Pantsuited Badass Montoya makes a return and to be honest that’s really the only reason to watch this week’s episode.

As always, the recap is split into The Plot, The Gay and The Ugly so read on to find out what went down in Gotham this week.

The Plot

After weeks of being the gruff, evil-aligned bad cop to Jim Gordon’s murky grey good cop persona, we finally got a look at Harvey Bullock’s backstory. Not than anyone asked for it, mind you.

Apparently, years ago, Detective Bullock was tasked with cracking the case of a goat-themed serial killer. The spirit of The Goat fuelling his murders, the suspect had taken the eldest daughters of wealthy families before torturing them and killing them off. Lovely. Hot on the case, a younger Bullock and his partner tracked down the original killer, shooting him dead and that was the end of that, or so they thought.

Similar kidnappings spring up around the city in present day and after a visit to his old partner (who is now in a nursing home) Harvey and Jim deem that this is no ordinary copycat but is possibly a partner. Shock!

Jumping to the case the two detectives look for a common theme between the new suspect (gleaned from looking at the service personnel) and realise that both the old goat spirit killer and the new suspect were treated by the same hypnotherapist. Coincidentally enough this same therapist is treating the latest victim’s father, explaining that he is a fragile little flower who is having a hard time dealing with his daughter’s death.

He’s not so fragile after all it seems after Harvey confronts the therapist alone (don’t ask why the lead detective is this foolish, just go with it) she calls on the man to attack Harvey so she can get away with crimes she’s been committing for over a decade. Harvey fights his way out of the scuffle, making it to the staircase just in time to shoot the therapist and jack up her ankle so she can’t escape. Phew. Case closed.

Elsewhere in what was otherwise a meaningless episode, Edward Nygma caused chaos amongst filing cabinets, Penguin hobbles around looking dapper and that was almost about it in terms of a plotline…

The Gay

Like I said, almost.

Continuing on her crusade to bring Jim down and get the girl, Renee Montoya secured a key witness in Jim’s supposed killing of Penguin. She then has a heated discussion with Barbara telling her to get out of dodge because shit is about to hit The Fan and Jim is going to be arrested.

Moseying on over to the police station following Jim’s arrest, who shows up other than Penguin! Proving that he is definitely Not Dead and that Jim clearly didn’t kill him, Renee’s plot to bring Jim down falls apart like a paper towel trying to mop a puddle and Harvey tries to throw a punch because Jim didn’t kill him like he was meant to.

This is all in ‘The Gay’ section because the likelihood of Renee and Barbara getting together seems…a little improved after this week (Barbara was mad at Jim for not divulging his secrets after all) so we shall see.

The Ugly

After a few weeks of really bad episodes, this episode of Gotham was just another spanner in the show’s quality works. Not only did the storyline seem pointless, it served to provide a touching backstory for Harvey Bullock; a character that we are being made to hate, through a series of immoral choices.

Other than the final scene itself, with Penguin making a public return, this episode was mostly quite boring. It’s sad to say for a show that had potential but maybe, by the slimmest of chances, Gotham can turn this thing around.

The Plot, The Gay, The Ugly | How to Get Away With Murder 105 Recap – We’re Not Friends

Welcome to another How to Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM) recap! HTGAWM also known as the show based around upholding the law despite its core premise being that the characters have killed somebody!

This week on the show, more laws were (probably) broken, shots were had and wallpaper proved to be a plot device!

As always, our recaps are separated into The Plot, The Gay and The Ugly so read on to find out what went down this week.

The Plot

In HTGAWM this week, the defendant lucky enough to be privy to Annalise’s law skills is a boy who shot his police officer father dead after he and his mother suffered years of abuse. It’ll be a tough sell for Annalise and her law students given that a) no one likes a ‘cop killer’ and b) the prosecution has all of the money and muscle that you’d expect from a government agency.

Thankfully for Annalise, there is one pretty significant way that she cans win this in her favour – the jury. As the American judicial system goes, the lawyers can pick who they want to be on the jury. By asking the right questions and knowing enough about the person and what they are more likely to support or be against (based on age, race, gender and class) they can predict (or at least subtly influence) how the jury will think.

The jury is going to take a serious amount of persuading though as on the very first argument of the trial, the judge rules that the abuse as documented on the defendant’s blog isn’t allowed to be evidence. It takes some quick thinking from Laurel, who’s sat in the stands with a Windows tablet (love those Microsoft sponsors!) searching through the boy’s blog, to use a character statement as an excuse to get the blog into evidence. Round one won.

But, even with the bucket loads of evidence suggesting that the deceased was a terrible person the jury could still vote against the guy who killed him, y’know on account of the fact that he killed a guy.

Even with some help from Connor, who uses a gay hookup app to get proof that one of the people on the jury spoke about the case with someone outside of the jury, there are still a few more people to win over. And that’s where Laurel rockets herself into the position of ‘the one to beat’.

Showing up to the court, coffee in hand, eyebrows on fleek, Laurel ‘slyly’ leaves a bit of paper on a bench, knowing that a member of the jury was about to sit down on it. Unbeknownst to a lot of people, it’s legal for jurors to rule based on their emotions not just the facts presented to them and so in a case like this, where a boy killed he and his mother’s abuser, that’s a pretty big deal.

With the member of the jury admitting that she shared that information with her fellow jury members, the case is dismissed and the defendant gets community service instead. Annalise meanwhile, is rightfully pissed that *someone* tampered with the jury in the first place.

Annalise’s right hand guy Frank knows that it was Laurel but stays quiet and, because of that fact, he earns half a make out from Laurel – woo romance! She then heads over to see her other love interest and proceeds to have sex with him awkwardly on a desk, it really is her lucky day.

Flash forward though and this week’s scenes about the murder of Annalise’s husband Sam show Laurel heading over to Frank’s after they set the body alight, Frank apologising for something awful he’s supposedly done. Does this mean that Laurel will ditch her bf and fall for Frank’s beardy lumberjack-ness instead? Does anybody really care? Who knows!

We do know that Sam probably deserved it though as this week’s HTGAWM episode features Annalise confronting him about the nude-y pics found on Lila (the murdered student)’s phone. He throws her on the bed and leaves. While she’s waiting for his cheating, lying self to get home she cracks open a bottle and then makes her way over to Nate’s (Nate being her ex-lover) only for him to tell her that Sam doesn’t have an alibi for Lila’s murder. Dun dun dun!

Also, Rebecca, another suspect in Lila’s murder, uses the bathroom at Annalise’s house and sees wallpaper that featured in the nude photos, realising for the first time that Sam was the one who Lila was having an affair with. She tells Wes (Rebecca’s next door neighbour and Annalise’s student) and he confronts her about it too. And that’s where this week’s episode ended; drama!

The Gay

The gay was non-existent this week, save for a gay joke from Asher at Connor’s expense.

And, after the scene last week with Bonnie where she got chided for looking at a woman’s behind, this week the show seemed to suggest that Bonnie actually likes Sam Keating instead.

It comes about when Nate explains that he lost his job because someone (it was Bonnie) told the police chief that he was investigating Sam. Annalise confronts Bonnie about it and accuses her of trying to protect her husband, again with the drama.

I’m still desperately clinging onto the theory that Bonnie is Not Heterosexual because there has just been too much pointing in that direction to suggest it, also, the show’s creator has said that gay characters will be featured because they are a part of real life. Yes Connor is gay but assuming that they haven’t forgotten that queer women exist too, I think it’s right to be hopeful for the future.

The Ugly

HTGAWM is consistently brilliant – the only thing that bothered me about this episode was the apparent U-turning of Bonnie. As mentioned, I’m hoping that Annalise’s inference that Bonnie is protecting Sam is just that – inference – and not Bonnie suddenly being in love with Sam when that hasn’t really been hinted at.

We’ll soon see which of those is right though as I’ll be back with another recap next week.

The Plot, The Gay, The Ugly | Gotham 105 Recap – Viper

Welcome to another Gotham recap! Gotham, the show where we’re all essentially just waiting for Bruce Wayne to go through puberty and put his many billions of trust fund money to good, crime fighting use.

This week on the show, crimes are stopped, milk is drank in large quantities and no one seems to care that Renee Montoya has been missing for two episodes now!

As always, our recaps are split into The Plot, The Gay and The Ugly, so read on to find out what went down this week.

The Plot

In Gotham’s fifth episode, the dairy industry really got lucky when a chemical agent was doled out to the poor, homeless masses in the name of revolution and anarchy. Righteous! Except not really because the chemical in question caused those who inhaled it to become super strong, batcrap insane and also in need of some serious calcium. The chemical wore down their bones after a few hours, making their body crave that dairy goodness before they eventually wound up dead, deformed and decaying in the street.

Detective Jim Gordon is hot on the case though as when he’s not dealing with romantical drama stuff (see: last week’s ultimatum from his girlfriend Barbara Kean) he’s a relatively adequate detective. He and partner Bullock narrow things down to a science wiz with a dodgy ear, calling in the man’s former employers WellZyn (a company owned by Wayne Enterprises), to figure out just what he was working on and how the hell he got away with using their labs to make it.

As expected, Gordon and Bullock are spun a load of yarn by a PR person which leads them to hit up his old professor who quickly reveals that his former student was working on a boost for super-soldiers and military activities, all signed off on by WellZyn. Does this mean that Wayne Enterprises are as rotten as a week-old cheese sarnie left out in the sun? And that Bruce is going to have to don those bulletproof bat ears sooner rather than later?

Coincidentally, Bruce is doing his bit to find the answer to one of those questions as he and butler Alfred have hit up the annual Wayne Enterprises luncheon. Bruce being a headstrong kid with a total disregard of subtlety/detective smarts starts asking around about possible corruption within the company. Obviously, he gets shut down like a backyard kegger in a middle class neighbourhood but he is almost taken out too when the mad scientist shows up and sprays the newer, more powerful version of his chemical gas through the vents.

Gordon and Bullock show up to save the day, evacuate everyone and apprehend the bad guy, as the show’s formula goes. Sadly though, before he can offer more help than “go look at Warehouse 39!” he jumps off a roof and sets off a car alarm. Rest in pieces you slightly barmy lunatic.

At Warehouse 39 meanwhile, the place is empty. Who’s to blame for the sudden removal of evidence? The same lady that Bruce spoke to at the luncheon it seems, it seems, and it appears that Bruce Enterprises is corrupt and only a pre-teen who has yet to witness his first chest hair, along with his British man servant, will be able to uncover the plot!

Meanwhile, similarly shoe-horned in and trying to shake things up in Gotham this week are restaurant manager Penguin and mob boss Fish Mooney. The former has just told his new boss Sal Maroni that he knows various mob secrets that can be of use, leading to Maroni threatening to kill him, before Jim shows up to get him of that jam. The latter is sending out her talented, leggy protégé out into the wild to go and seduce mob boss with mommy issues, Carmine Falcone, so that Mooney can stage a takeover.

The Gay

Once again, the gay content was taking a short holiday with the closest we got to actual non-heterosexual activity being a scene where Mooney is teaching her protégé how to sound motherly and it leads to the two of them putting their heads together real close. It’s also worth noting that this was offset by Mooney’s secret hookup with a male mobster so a serious girlfriend is probably off the cards for now.

Jim also didn’t address the fact that Barbara threatened to break up with him last week so we’re no closer to Barbara and ex-girlfriend Renee Montoya (neither of whom were in the episode at all) getting back together.

The Ugly

Overall, this was a pretty pointless episode. Other than Wayne Enterprises most definitely being corrupt, it was very much all filler. And that’s saying something given that we sort of knew that the Wayne company was less than legit already.

Fingers crossed that Gotham will improve soon – the first season has a guaranteed 22 episodes in total so it’ll have a good amount of time to improve upon its poor run of form.

The Plot, The Gay, The Ugly | Faking It 205 Recap – Present Tense

Welcome to another recap of Faking It! Faking It also known as the show where all the men are The Worst and bad things happen to lesbians.

This week on the show, Amy is the world’s best friend, Karma is sad about a boy and Liam is a a useless, crusty dishrag. So like most episodes then!

As always, our recaps are split into The Plot, The Gay and The Ugly so read on to find out what happened this week.

The Plot

There’s no way to say happy birthday to your best friend in the whole wide world (and also the girl who you are madly in love with) like a day-long scavenger hunt that celebrates the important parts of your friendship, right? That’s what Amy does for Karma’s 16th this week on Faking It, wrenching her straight friend out of a lovey dovey staring contest with hunky loaf Liam Booker.

Part one of the super birthday scavenger extravaganza involves…rummaging through a load of balls. Plastic ones, mind you, but the task still proves tiresome for the two best friends especially when Karma is stressing over a birthday note that Liam slipped into her locker. Amy stole it on the sly and Karma is distracted but that doesn’t mean that the birthday fun times must end.

Part two saw Amy and Karma having tea with Karma’s psychic aunt, Sage. Flying all the way in from Arizona, Amy’s second gift was a tea leaf reading so that Karma can find out what the gods of fate have in store for her. What do the leaves say? That ‘someone’ is standing in the way of Karma and her true love. The idea is that we’re meant to think that Amy is standing in the way of Karma and Liam but Amy will be damned if she’s be handing over the note just yet.

The two have a slight scuffle as Karma lies through her impossibly perfect teeth that the letter is from Erma the lunch lady before she eventually ‘fesses up and says it’s from Liam. Cue sadfaces all round when Amy hands over the note before Karma rips it up explaining that she sacrificed Liam and ‘chose Amy’ instead. Amy notes that it doesn’t feel like it, at which point I simultaneously wanted to cry and high five her.

A heart to heart with her mum and the offer of a boob job to get over her #Karmy feelings later and Amy meets Karma at school for the final section of the world’s most disastrous scavenger hunt. There are doll houses meant to represent how they’d live side by side, but now they realise that rather than being the bestest neighbours, coming over for tea and biccies, they’ll probably be y’know, living with their partners and children in them instead.

It’s sad until Amy becomes the MVP saying that she thought about standing in the way of Karma and Liam but the angel on her shoulder told her to do right by her friend and not her feelings. This is soon backed up by Liam showing up (per an invite from Amy) as one of Karma’s birthday gifts.

And as for that letter from Liam? All it said was ‘happy birthday’. Who said chivalry was dead…

The two also meet up again afterwards, Amy giving Karma the half of a friendship necklace that she spent hours winning from an arcade. Aww!

Other heterosexual pairings are preparing to shack up and mash their tongues together in admiration across town at a martial arts class that Lauren and Shane followed Liam and new boy Theo to. The plan is to punch out their feelings but cut to the chase, it ends with Lauren and Theo admitting that they like each other and kissing after class. Finally! It’s not all love and stuff though as Theo pegs it for some unknown reason that we probably won’t find out until the season finale.


The Gay

With Karmy off the cards this week, the gay romance was left to Shane.

Convinced that the martial arts instructor has a profile on a gay hookup app, Shane makes it his business to seduce him and/or prove it via the means of sweaty shirtless body slams in the name of ‘health and fitness’.

Shane loses a bet with Theo about the man’s sexuality when he refuses to come out in the middle of the class but he still wins some sort of prize when he and the instructor have sex in the parking lot. Yay to breaking public indecency laws!

The Ugly

In quite candid terms, this episode of Faking It was a real stinker.

The Karmy content of this episode made me incredibly uncomfortable not because Karma treated Amy incredibly disrespectfully (because she did – the way she clearly didn’t appreciate or acknowledge the effort Amy went through to plan the day was downright rude) but because the show made attempts to gloss over it.

Although Amy flew in one of her relatives, spent almost an entire day winning the necklace and then planned the scavenger hunt itself, Karma doesn’t seem that into it and the show sadly makes this friendship dynamic seem normal and ok. In season one Amy expressed her frustration about Karma walking all over her like a doormat (and that was before she told her she loved her) so the fact that it’s still going on here was really unfortunate.

I also didn’t like the way that despite outing being Faking It’s biggest problem to date, it was almost used a plot device again this week. This is the third time this has happened and I found it really gross that Shane was willing to out the martial arts instructor for the sake of a bet. Never mind that the state they’re in (Texas) is incredibly conservative and being outed could have ruined the man’s career. Absolutely shocking.

So a disappointing 20 minutes overall, but girl group Fifth Harmony make a guest appearance next week and Reagan (the cute, queer waiter from last week’s episode) also makes a return. Better things to come then.

The Plot, The Gay, The Ugly | How to Get Away With Murder 104 Recap – Let’s Get to Scooping

Welcome to another recap of How to Get Away With Murder! The show that is so brilliant I can’t even pretend to make fun of it with an oversimplified synopsis!

This week there was more death, more lawyering and the slightest hint of a queer female character, woo!

As always, things are split up into The Plot, The Gay and The Ugly so read on to find out what went down this week.

The Plot

In How to Get Away With Murder’s fourth episode, the world’s favouritest lawyer Annalise Keating has two cases on her plate this week.

The first task? To get Annalise’s old friend off the hook for a spot of insider trading. The woman, says Annalise, is a billionaire. She had cleaning jobs and built her company from the ground up, making waves in a male dominated industry. I’m starting to understand why her and Annalise are friends.

The client says she didn’t do it, naturally, and tells Annalise and her ragtag bunch of law students to look outside of the company for the culprit. Catching the person who framed her is the only way to get the case thrown out early and save her business, so it’s especially important.

Annalise being Annalise, she sends the law students to look at the woman’s employees only. Everybody hates their boss, her employees are likely no different and when billions are on the line? You’d better believe that one of those mammajammas would stab her in the back at the faintest sign of weakness.

After some interviewing from Asher, Michaela, Connor, Wes and Laurel, the team deems that everyone at the office is squeaky clean! Like a toilet bowl in a bleach advert. Well, almost everyone. Connor chooses to follow up on a lead of the woman’s assistant. He thinks highly of his boss but he’s been in the same position for 8 years, even on a good wage that’s got to irritate and so Connor being Connor attempts to get answers the only way he knows how: by having sex with him. When Connor leaves, the assistant makes a phone call and, having bugged the room, he is able to confirm that the assistant is in cahoots with someone else and that the client was telling the truth after all.

Trying to get some answers out of him, the next day they confront the assistant and the boss yells some truly awful things at him, even insinuating that his family was right to throw him out. And then while I (and probably you too) were patching up our battered heartstrings, the poor, law-breaking soul jumped out the window and killed himself.
There’s a life lost now and the stakes are much higher – they need to avenge him and find out who he was working with. Compiling the rest of the interviews and some truly incredible interrogation from Annalise, it’s revealed that one employee used a smoke break to get their boss out of the way while the other made the trades that got her into this mess in the first place. If this interrogation scene didn’t make you throw your hand in the air and yell some sort of expletive in admiration, then frankly, I don’t know what will.

As for Annalise’s other case, law student Wes stuffed things right up when he visited the suspect last week to tell her that another suspect was dumping her in it, implicating her for the murder. At the end of last week’s episode we learnt that she confessed to murder meaning that this week it was up to Annalise and co. to prove that not only was Rebecca (the suspect) coerced into confessing by the prosecutors but that her written and video statements should be dismissed.

Annalise puts her crack team to work and Bonnie is forced to blackmail the video statement out of the police chief. After watching Nate (Annalise’s ex-lover and cop) root through Sam Keating’s car (seeming to suggest that he is a suspect) she has the perfect leverage and uses it appropriately.

Reviewing the tape, the team have proof that Rebecca was forced into confessing to the crime. The judge agrees and they get her out on bail, Annalise and co. save the day once again.

Rebecca being set free also lets her speak to Wes again and tell him the passcode for the murder victim’s phone, he having found it a few episodes before. What’s on the phone? Nude photos of Annalise’s husband. Oh boy. Wes heads right over to Annalise’s house to tell her and obviously, she confronts him with it at which point I rubbed my hands together with glee. It puts her husband as suspect numero uno in the case, even if he does end up dead a few months later.

As for the whole, ‘Sam Keating gets murdered’ thing, the flashbacks with the law students show them trying to dispose of his body once again. In this sneaky reveal we find that Asher (typical straight white boy extraordinaire) knows that they were at the crime scene. How will it all play out? Who knows! But it will sure be fun along the way to finding out.

The Gay

As mentioned, Connor finds a new partner to do the horizontal tango with this week, but it doesn’t sit right with his Not Boyfriend Oliver when he listens to the audio recording about it. Oliver promptly throws him out, Connor having to stand in the hallway with his underwear.
What does it mean for the Not Boyfriends? Again, who knows! This show is full of mystery.
Meanwhile, less canon queerness took place on Bonnie’s first attempt to get that video recording. She spoke to the District Attorney, which proved fruitless but as she was walking away the D.A said to her “tell Annalise to send Frank next time, I prefer him watching my ass walk away”.

Does this mean Bonnie is queer? Does it mean that she just appreciates an attractive behind? Both are plausible! How to Get Away With Murder likes to play its cards close to its chest so I suspect we won’t find out for a while. I’ll recap the snot out of any queer maintext queer activity once it happens though.

The Ugly

Aside from that suicide making me uncomfortable (which I suspect was the intention) I have nothing bad to say about HTGAWM this week. It’s fast becoming one of my favourite programs so if you’re reading these recaps without having watched, I highly recommend catching up.

I’ll be back next week with another recap.

The Plot, The Gay, The Ugly | Faking It 204 Recap – Know Thy Selfie

Welcome to another Faking It recap! Faking It also known as the show that’s 5 parts ridiculousness, 3 parts heartbreak and 2 parts slightly questionable queer representation!

This week on the show there’s a whole lot of drama, a new love interest for Amy and Laverne Cox makes a guest appearance!

As always, our recaps are split into The Plot, The Gay and The Ugly so read on to find out what happened this week.

The Plot

Remember last season when the school started to protest against the search engine company that Liam’s family owns (that wasn’t at all modelled against Google, no way!), Liam ended up hooking up with one the protesters, Karma was sad about said hooking up and Amy was sad about Karma’s sadness? Of course you do.

Well, that storyline is rearing its ugly head once again this season as Liam’s family is hosting a celebratory bash. Unfortunately for Liam, Amy soon shows up to kick his teeth in as he’s been threatening to tell Karma that she and him slept together. DUN DUN DUN! She keeps quiet though, if only because she wants to make his life a living hell just to make him promise to stay hushed. Atta girl, Amy.

Bonding between Amy and Liam’s “sister” ensues when the former tells everybody that she’s Liam’s date and so she needs a dress for the party. It’s almost cute, watching Amy meet Liam’s relatives. They’re rich and a bit up themselves but for a good 30 seconds they seem like nice people.

It soon goes downhill rapidly though after Amy tells everyone she’s pregnant, but just kidding! It’s a joke, “a little in-law humour to break the ice” she explains, but Liam locks her in a storage room anyway.

Hightailing it out of the storage cupboard (insert closet joke here), Amy soon reveals that Liam hates the family business and led a protest against them and that he also slept with Amy’s best friend. Good god. After a stern talking to by his “father” Liam looks bitter and deciding to damn it all to hell, he tells all of the partygoers that not only is his sister not his sister, she’s also his mother. Telenovela writers eat your heart out.

It does end somewhat well though when Liam agrees not to tell Karma about he and Amy’s hook up. He says he knows now what secrets do to people and he doesn’t want to spoil Karma’s day by telling it to her. It’s almost sweet! I can almost forgive the oddly accented piece of eggy bread. I really do hope MTV continues with the character development.

Segway over to Hester High’s campus and Karma, Shane, Lauren and returning character Oliver are having a little character development of their own. Episode guest star Laverne Cox (of Orange is the New Black fame) stars as the school’s drama teacher, putting the character through a hilarious series of acting, singing and dancing trials.

It’s actually really entertaining! Laverne is sassy, fierce and all of those other synonyms and I’m so glad she was a part of the episode. The other actors pull their comedy weight too, warbling really awful high notes and flinging each other about on stage in the name of ‘interpretative dance’.

The most notable thing of that half of the episode was that Karma told the auditorium that her and Amy’s relationship was faker than a Burberry wallet from a market stall and how that affected her. Would I prefer this big emotional run down to be said by Amy instead? Well yeah, but this was heartfelt nonetheless.

The Gay

Not much to report on this week on account of Amy and Karma being in separate storylines but there was one big/little thing: Amy’s new love interest!

In that closet (again with the obvious jokes) Amy meets her new love interest Reagan. They don’t exchange many words but Reagan, a member of the catering staff, does agree when Amy says that she ‘doesn’t have many boyfriends around her’ which is about as big a hint we’re going to get until the two meet again.

The Ugly

My concern with the show (again) is all about outing. Faking It has a history of this, as recently as the second episode of this season where Amy and Karma nearly outed Lauren for being intersex and here it nearly happened again.

When it was Lauren’s turn for the acting trial Laverne’s character asked her about the mysterious ‘pills’ that Lauren has been taking. Never mind that this is wildly inappropriate for a teacher to be asking about (even one with unorthodox teaching methods) but it would force Lauren to come out when she probably wasn’t comfortable in doing so.

I didn’t like the way that the show did this and I’m really disappointed.

Hopefully this nonsense will disappear once and for all in next week’s episode.

The Plot, The Gay, The Ugly | Gotham 104 Recap – Arkham

Welcome to another Gotham recap! Gotham also known as the show where where almost everything is grey including the the morals, the suits and the dreary, dreary skyline.

These week on the show the mob turf war gets #real, a small child is a better detective than anyone at the Gotham PD and Barbara gives Jim and ultimatum. It’s all very exciting!

As always, things are divided into The Plot, The Gay and The Ugly, so read on to find out what went down in Gotham’s streets this week.

The Plot

When there’s something strange, in your neighbourhood, who you gonna call? Jim Gordon! Or not, as it seems as Gotham’s most upstanding detective really proves his skills (or lack thereof) this week when a professional hitman begins taking out city officials in an attempt to rock the vote.

Using a retractable steel rod and the old fashioned method of burning someone alive, the hitman in question is killing off the officials so that the control of the Arkham district (including the abandoned Arkham Asylum) will be given to one particularly mob faction. The idea is that whichever mob boss (Carmine Falcone or Sal Maroni) gets control of the district will be able to do whatever the hell they want with it and make a crap ton of money in the process. So, high stakes.

Gordon doesn’t realise this however, until he has a little visit with Bruce Wayne, who will eventually be known as Batman. According to the littlest Wayne, Falcone wants to uphold his parents’ plan to turn Arkham Asylum into a state of the art mental health institute, whilst the surrounding areas would be turned into low-cost housing. Maroni meanwhile, wants to turn the entire thing into a waste treatment centre. Gross.

It wouldn’t be dramatic if things lucked out for the ‘good guys’ (and I use that term lightly, as this is Gotham) though! And so shortly after Gordon gets into a stand-off with the hitman, whilst trying to protect Gotham’s mayor, said mayor announces that Maroni will control the asylum and Falcone will control the surrounding areas.

Helping this turf war to cause all sorts of problems for just about everybody, is Oswald Cobblepot (also known as Penguin) former assistant to mob boss Fish Mooney and current sneaky schemer.

Penguin is awkwardly limping around in a kitchen these days, after having jumped a dishwasher for his loafers last week, but he’s using his lowly position to get in Maroni’s good books. How exactly is he doing this? With more murder of course! Hiring a group a of goons to kill Maroni’s henchmen, he makes out like he’s done Maroni a favour, hiding in a freezer with a big bag of money and telling him he ‘rescued’ it from those very bad men whom Penguin is definitely not in cahoots with. Penguin is then promoted to restaurant manager giving him a prime position to listen on on any mob deals. Also, he feeds those goons some poisoned pastry so we don’t need to worry about them coming back to mess with him.

The Gay

Also causing trouble in this turf war is Fish Mooney who, in the absence of Renee Montoya (fellow Gotham PD detective and your favourite character, probably), brought the gay this week.

For reasons yet to be seen, Mooney was looking a new bit of entertainment. Both in the entertainment sense and the “”entertainment”” sense. Namely, this involved auditioning talented, attractive women and seeing what they’re made of. In quite possible the funniest line of TV I heard this week Mooney asks the two women to ‘seduce her’ which results in Mooney’s first same sex kiss on the show so far. More queer women of colour, yeah!

In a dark twist, the women have to battle it out to prove who can be a ‘weapon’ for Mooney too. The woman who kisses her beats the other to a pulp which is somehow a win because it means she’ll stick around to kiss Mooney more in the future? I think? It all happened so fast but there’s potential there. Maybe they’ll develop into adorable girlfriends, who knows.

And then, the less queer but still significant event when Barbara began to press boyfriend Jim Gordon for answers. In the episode last week, Montoya showed up to warn Barbara that Gordon killed Penguin. They kissed! And reminisced! Then, Penguin showed up.

This week in Gotham we saw the wonderful fallout of that (a bit like watching a car crash in slow motion) when Penguin didn’t introduce himself as such, meaning that Barbara still has no idea who he is or that Jim didn’t kill him, as Renee suggested. That doesn’t mean she’s going to let it go though calling out the morally grey, definitely not all good detective out on his secrets. She asks him about Penguin, he refuses to budge and after a bunch of really awkward circling Barbara is forced to admit that her and Renee used to be a thing.

Is this the part of the recap where I should say ‘Barbara has secrets too!’, ‘they’re both as bad as each other!’ well yes, probably, but Barbara doesn’t tell him about the kiss her and Renee shared either. I’m no relationship expert but keeping something like that from your partner? That’s some shady behaviour.

Moving quickly though, the couple does look to be donezo (or close enough) towards the end of the episode when Barbara shows up at the precinct and tells Jim plainly ‘either you tell me your secrets or I’ll leave your lying ass, son’. He doesn’t answer and she leaves, so grab your popcorn out for next week kids because this one’s going to get good.

The Ugly

There wasn’t a whole lot of ugly in this episode, just one thing that bothered me once I’d come down from my ‘oh my god Mooney just kissed a girl’ high.

And that was that Mooney’s storyline this week might not necessarily lead to very good representation and could just be a case of ‘let’s make her kiss her a girl, it’ll be good for the ratings’.

Can I confirm that this was the case? Obviously not! But we’ll soon know depending on how the next few episode do (or don’t) deal with it.

Expect another Gotham recap next week.


The Plot, The Gay, The Ugly | Faking It – 203 Recap: Beware of the Thirdwheel

Welcome to this week’s Faking It recap! Faking It, also known as the show that takes all of your nightmares about falling in love with a straight woman and makes it a painful, scripted television series!

This week at Hester High, the blue oasis in the red sea of Texas is embracing all things Brazilian, Liam reveals a huge secret and Amy gets to kiss a girl who is actually into her! Whoo, big stuff.

As always, things are divided into The Plot, The Gay and The Ugly, so read on to find out what the hell happened.

The Plot

At Hester High this week, the school is embracing the party spirit when its partner school from Brazil sends a busload of stupidly attractive, flirty students and tells them to have fun for the week. The reason for this? There isn’t one really, but Katie Stevens (who plays Karma) speaks Portuguese so let that be an excuse for her to speak it.

After wringing the principal’s arm last season so that she could become the events leader, Lauren is in charge of setting up a carnival to welcome the students. But, failing to understand the difference between a carnival (fairground rides, sugary snacks, attempts at throwing things to win stuffed animals) and carnivals the way the Brazilians know them (dancing, partying, the whole shebang) the visitors get a slice of North American culture.

As well as being an organisational nightmare for Lauren, who ropes in new boy Theo to help her man one of the aforementioned stuffed animal booths, it’s basically an excuse for the main cast to get their love on.

For Liam though, this won’t be so easy as the lovestruck softie (read: one dimensional loaf of bread) is still pining over Karma and feeling bad that he got drunk and slept with Amy. Obviously, after weeks of Amy explicitly telling him not to say anything to anyone and Liam promising to keep quiet, he tells his best friend Shane. Shane, also known as the guy who outed Amy and Karma last season and cannot keep a secret to save his life. Yup, this is going to end well.


The Gay

Amy got to kiss a girl who’s not Karma! That in itself should probably be a reason to rejoice – for those who are looking forward to Amy moving on from Karma, anyway – but for Amy it’s about her finding herself and coming to terms with her sexuality.

Despite Karma saying that she is 100% totally not in love with Amy, proceeds to follow her BFF round translating for her. There’s a date Amy goes on with a boy that Karma messes up when she doesn’t directly translate what they’re saying to each other, instead playing adlibs and when Amy moves on to date a girl, Karma spies on that too.

She spies from afar though, which is lucky. Amy complains to the girl about Karma and after not really understanding very well, the girl asks if they should kiss. They do and Karma puts her binoculars to her face to get a better look. I’m sure all viewers can relate.

Amy and her new Brazilian love interest won’t last though, the plot was that the students are just there for a week and as Amy was put off by the girl’s fake tan, it’s unlikely that they’ll do the long distance thing either.

As for Faking It’s other canonly gay character, Shane, he is officially single. As I speculated in last week’s recap, he and his boyfriend have broken up so we’ll see if he gets another long term love in the upcoming episodes.

The Ugly

I’m thrilled to report that there was actually very little complain about, which makes a change.
I was put off by the way Shane spoke about women in this episode (he referred to one as a ‘grenade’ to say that she was ugly) and there’s a scene where Liam squirts sun tan lotion everywhere which is a lot more vulgar in context.

I’m also concerned that Faking It will see Karma running back to Liam despite betraying her trust by not telling her that he and Amy slept together, while Amy will be left out in the cold for doing exactly the same. I can’t say for certain that that will happen but I’ll let that theory go once I see how this storyline plays out.

The Plot, The Gay, The Ugly | Gotham – 103 Recap: What Goes Up, Must Come Down

Welcome back to our Gotham recaps! Where I find out what is happening with the world’s favourite breeding ground of dastardly, deranged criminals and the possibly just as deranged people trying to stop them!

This week things got gayer, angstier and we discovered a more sinister side to weather reporting.

As always the recap is divided into The Plot, The Gay and The Ugly, so read on to find out what went down.

The Plot

In last week’s recap I noted that Gotham’s weather system is greyer than all of the hair on all of the dye-deprived pensioners of the world, so you’ll be glad to know that we finally have some idea as to why – some blasted blighter has stolen all of the weather balloons!

Is this thief looking to become a ragtag weather reporter? Do they want to get to the root of why Gotham has the most miserable cityscapes in all of TV-land? No, the Balloonman actually wants to strap Gotham’s corrupt officials to it, send each of them up into the atmosphere never to be seen again. Well, until the chilly weather makes them pop and they come crashing back down to Earth. Alas that’s how Detective Jim Gordon finds himself on the case, tasked with finding the fellow behind it.

As luck would have it, one of the deceased literally hits the Gotham streets, allowing Gordon and Bullock (his partner) to investigate. And then, like a man who chowed down on Lucky Charms for breakfast, Gordon finds a form on the dead body (that was stolen from the murderer) and realises that it had been written on the same person who he’d met hours before to take Selina Kyle (Catwoman) out of juvenile detention for the day.

With the person behind bars actually having the right, corruption-eradicating ideas, Jim naturally feels a bit sorry for himself, the city and those who have to live in it. ‘Boohoo’ thinks the morally grey police officer, despite y’know, having been a bystander to the biggest corruption scandals in the city (the mayor not caring about children, the cops being paid off by the mob, cold-blood murder etc.) in the first three episodes of the show.

Across town one criminal is still doing her bit to sully Gotham’s reputation and Bruce ‘Future Batman’ Wayne is furthering plotting how to improve it.

Future Bats has gone on hunger strike for reasons unknown to the billionaire heir’s butler, Alfred Pennyworth. But, after a heart to heart we find that poor Bruce is hung up on who was behind his parents’ murder. He’s got the case files scattered across a desk and has been poring through them for clues. Despite not liking the character or the “hero” that he grows up to be, I can’t fault his reasons for doing this and giving that the entire police department is as useful as a chocolate teapot, he’s probably the only one who’s going to solve the case.

As for the other criminal antics, those are courtesy of mob boss Fish Mooney. She’s decided to send a team of goons to beat up fellow mobster Carmine Falcone’s girlfriend (after he had the same done to Mooney’s boyfriend the following episode) and he is rightfully ticked off. He doesn’t think Mooney’s behind it though and so she gets away with it. If she had moustache I’m sure she would have twirled it plenty this week.


The Gay

There was a lot of gay this week! Well, ok, there was a moderate amount of lesbian activity but it was so heartbreaking that it felt like a lifetime.

Still hot on the trail of who killed Mooney’s former assistant, Penguin, Renee Montoya dons her best pantsuit and heads over to…Barbara and Jim’s apartment? She actually has a key which is a surprise to both the viewers and Barbara who comes out of the adjoining room ready to high kick an intruder.

It’s soon explained though as this week’s episode of Gotham confirms that the two used to be lovers and they lived together too. It doesn’t sound like it was all sweet nothings and roses mind you, as the two have a heated debate about Barbara’s continued drug use (Renee notes the drugs on the living room table) and what got her hooked on the stuff in the first place.

Renee, now sober, regrets that she was the one who introduced the drugs to Barbara.

Barbara is too. Then, while my heart was cracking to a million and one itty bitty pieces Renee tries to kiss her, but Barbara doesn’t return it.

The reason for Renee showing up at all was to tell her that Jim is as corrupt as all those other chumps and that he killed Penguin not so long ago. ‘Ask him’ Renee says. Barbara isn’t exactly straightforward with her probing once Jim comes home from work, but Penguin shows up not long after proving that he’s alive whilst simultaneously scuppering Renee’s plans to make Jim look like morally corrupt pillock in the process.

The Ugly

This week’s episode of Gotham was actually rather disappointing, if I’m honest. It saddens me to say that ‘Renee and Barbara were the only redeeming things about it’ but that’s the God’s honest truth.

Everything was just a bit too convenient for my liking. For example, Catwoman takes Jim back to the scene of where Bruce’s parents were killed, he goes down into the sewers to go trudging through the waste and find a wallet that proves she was there, while she picks the locks of her handcuffs with a pen she swiped from the precinct. Obviously she escapes because this is a TV show but the entire thing felt really, really silly.

Then, Penguin stumbles into town and immediately kills a guy. In broad daylight! With blood everywhere! Then, he hits up a local eatery looking for a job, kills one of the employees to for his shoes and finds himself at the heart of another mob boss’ territory which he’ll be able to use to gather information inevitably getting revenge on his former boss. Gee whizz it’s almost like an unseen cosmic force is guiding him! Or y’know, a ham-handed writer hasn’t read the script back to see how ridiculous it all is. That seems more likely.

I’m hoping that the show is able to find its footing in the coming weeks because as it stands it could be a valid entry point to the comic book world outside of the comics or the many movies. So keep an eye on this one (it airs every Monday) and I’ll be back with another recap next week.