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Popular Vloggers Megan Evans and Whitney Bacon Are On A Mission To Improve Femme-Invisibility

Popular vloggers Megan Evans and Whitney Bacon of What Wegan Did Next know that for most femme lesbians, finding someone to date can be near impossible. And even more so if you’re attracted to other femmes.

So the couple have launched a new niche website – Find Femmes – the first service in the world that seeks to address Femme Invisibility. The site is a safe space where femmes can finally congregate, mingle, find friends and possibly even meet their soulmate.

Whitney, who hales originally from Kentucky and then Hawaii, said it was almost impossible for her to find a femme.

She says:

Femmes suffer from a kind of invisibility and discrimination in the LGBTQ community – there’s an assumption that you’re straight and I’ve even been turned away from pubs and clubs.”

The lack of feminine lesbians in the celebrity world is one of the reasons that led to Bacon and Evans documenting their lives online, including their long distance journey to be together, getting engaged and their civil partnership. In doing so, they’ve managed to attract a fan-base of over 100,000, and have been featured in media in the United Kingdom and United States.

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Co-founder Megan Evans says

We know first-hand how hard it is to find love as a femme. We too have suffered from Femme Invisibility, It’s hard to get recognised, and believed, as being gay. But thanks to the internet we have our happy ending – now we want to help other femmes out too!”

The couple dealt with the challenges of a long-distance relationship for over four years and now reside in the UK together. Megan adds:

The site will be a place where there will finally be a large community of visible femme LGBTQ women, and we hope the community will support this new venture.”

Any LGBTQ women can register to Find Femmes, however they identify.

Image source: Matthew James Arthur Payne