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New ‘Butch Talk’ Podcast Discusses All Things Butch

It’s hard being a baby butch.

For one, there are so many types of butch to be. Butch lesbians come in all shapes, sizes and labels. Masculine-of-center. Stud. Andro. Soft butch. Stone butch. Boi. Diesel dyke. The list never ends.

Where do you even start? How do you know which label fits you? And how do you handle practical things like shutting down men who harass you in the streets, or choosing masculine clothing that doesn’t highlight your curves? How do you befriend other butch bros? How do you make sure you’re not perpetuating misogyny? What does it mean to be butch and bisexual?

Thank God for Butch Talk.

Join Whitney Lauren and her guests every week as they tackle new topics relevant to butch women. This new podcast explores female masculinity from all angles through personal stories, interviews, queer history, question-and-answer advice segments and just plain boi/boi banter.

Butch Talk started as a YouTube channel in 2013. The videos covered everything from how to handle your period, to what it means to wear clothing as armor, to what invisible etiquette you need to follow. After amassing thousands of subscribers, the channel took a break for two years, but it is relaunching bigger and better than ever as the Butch Talk podcast.

The beauty of the podcast is that it offers many perspectives on each issue. It will never tell you one right thing to do, but it will offer several people’s opinions on a certain topic. It’s all about starting a conversation.

And if you’re tired of female masculinity being discussed in terms of Judith Butler and other verbose, confusing queer theorists, then don’t worry. Put down the textbook. This podcast is relaxed and informal, and you’ll never hear the phrase “unsustainable analysis of the failing self.”

Eight episodes have debuted so far. The first two episodes discuss hair, the next two cover the politics of clothing, the ones after that discuss physical health, and the most recent episodes talk about family.

While you wait for new episodes, check out calendars highlighting female masculinity at It’s All Butch. Finesse your style at Haute Butch. And share your art at Bklyn Boihood.