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Something Is Oddly Addicting About This Lesbian Witch Movie

Sorceress’ unofficial tagline is, “What if all the characters in Girls were lesbian witches?”

While I’m not a fan of Girls, I do support queer lady loving. And magic. Why not combine the two?

Sorceress is a queer indie movie rapidly gaining a cult following. It bills itself as a comedy-drama, although the drama sometimes overshadows any urge to laugh – until the moments, of course, when the drama is so over-the-top that the viewer can’t help but laugh.

The film has a gritty, homemade feel that may or may not be intentional. Given its low budget, that’s to be expected. The film looks washed-out as if someone either forgot to add color or used the Sierra Instagram filter from start to finish.

Sorceress’  setting certainly doesn’t make it a vibrant film. This movie follows a young witch named Nina raised in the US who returns to Eastern Europe, where she was born, to sort through her life after a mysterious and devastating tragedy. At the same time that she learns to accept her magical powers, she learns that having sex with women is awesome.

The plot is mindlessly enjoyable, although it won’t win an Oscar for breakthroughs in queer cinema anytime soon.

Nina, the witch, has the very sexy job of working in a library, where she meets an alluring and mysterious woman named Katya. You can tell she’s mysterious because her name is Katya. They start spending time together, fall in love, have minor identity crises over whether they’re gay, and mumble a lot of their lines. But somehow their love perseveres.

The plot gets a bit muddy in the middle. At one point, Nina becomes a radio hit, and by the end, as Decider so succinctly puts it, “Nina is a former librarian sorceress popstar.” If that plot sounds like it was written by a freshman lesbian film student trying to get a C+ on a student film, well…

Still, something about this movie is oddly entrancing. Perhaps it’s the harsh Eastern European weather that casts an ominous shadow over the film, the paradoxically likable unlikability of the characters, or just the fact that there are lesbians with magic.

Decide for yourself. Watch the film on Prime Video.