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Meet ‘The Dudleys’, Saturday Night Live’s Alternative Sitcom Family

Meet the Dudleys! There’s Mrs. Dudley, Mr. Dudley, and their two loving daughters. Actually its Mr. Dudley, Mr. Dudley, and their two loving daughters. No, now it Mr. Dudley, a new alternative Mr. Dudley (this is getting confusing). Oh and is that Crazy Eyes from ‘Orange is the New Black’?


Guest starring Woody Harrelson, Uzo Aduba, and Saturday Night Live team, the sketch takes the Mickey out Twitter feedback and token representation. Parodying the network changes to a traditional sitcom to appeal to online complaints. The sketch lampoons stereotypical sitcoms, cynical business decisions, Twitter, and even snail mail.

However, when it receives so many makeovers that it is completely unrecognisable as the show it started out as, it then receives complaints from narrow-minded, homophobic idiots, and we are back to square one.

Watch below: