Taste and See – New Exhibit by Cornelius Browne

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Cornelius BrowneDid you know that the average person has about 10,000 taste buds and they’re replaced every 2 weeks or so?

Cornelius Browne – a once successful art director and illustrator, and now teaching specialist training for young adults with Emotional Behaviour Disorder – is exhibiting his latest work at The Mind Café in London. Since 1987, Cornelius has used his skills to explore different ways of using art to meditate on scriptures. He also runs workshops that teach these skills.

His new exhibition explores the incredible human ability to taste and features original oils of different tasty visuals. It was inspired by a workshop he facilitated in May on the neuro-anatomy of taste. The works produced in one of the workshops took hime back to my early days as an artist which involved rendering reflections in wine glasses. A few of the works on show
reflect this early passion of mine.

KitschMix: What inspired you to create these?

Cornelius Browne: I run regular workshops on neuro anatomy with the aim of helping my clients to manage their emotions. Art is one of the tools we use in the process.

Recently I did a session on the anatomy of taste. The outcome of the art workshops led me to engage in a full-blown collection of my own.

KM: Visually the collection is extremely realistic. How did you cope with the challenges of creating such realistic looking pieces?

CB: This was not a challenge at all. In fact it was fun. In recent years my art style has been abstract and semi-abstract. Realism was what I reveled in when I was in art school. So it’s rather refreshing and a bit nostalgic.

KM: So how long ago was at school?

We are talking about 1976 – 1979

KM: Could you tell us more about how your creative flair developed?

CB: I started painting seriously from childhood. In a sense I am self taught. I attended the University of Benin Art School in Nigeria. Then worked in advertising as an Art Director until 1986. I did some stint in local government as senior designer for Newham Council and lastly as Graphic design manager for Barnet Council.

I also did some post graduate studies at the London University of the Arts.

KM: What medium have you used to create these pieces?

CB: The medium is mainly oils, but one of the pieces is acrylic.

KM: I must say the images are delightful, why the title ‘Taste and See’?

CB: ‘Taste and See’ is a scripture from the Bible. Precisely Psalms 34: 8

KM: So is the Bible your inspiration then?

CB: It is a lot deeper than that. I am a co-founder of a Christian Cognitive approach to managing the Mind (The G.Y.M.)

The Art is one of the tools we use in meditation.

KM: Tell us more about the G.Y.M.

CB: The G.Y.M. stands for Guard Your Mind. My wife, a consultant psychiatrist and I came up with the idea about 8 years ago. It  uses contemporary developments in neuro-science with a faith based approach to facilitate optimum emotional well being and performance.

KM: So how long is the exhibition for?

CB: It starts with a private view on Thursday 3rd July at 6.00 pm. (which all your followers are welcome to) and ends on 31st July 2014.


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