Tegan And Sara Talk Making Music, Queer-Fronted, And Supporting Ellen Page To Come Out

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Tegan and Sara have been opening up to Glamour magazine about all things queer in the music industry, and there new album, Love You To Death.

I have never felt like being in the closet would have helped us. It always seemed like a shame to hide such an integral part of one’s identity. It’s a relief to see people being more comfortable and casual about it. I think it does wonders for the kids out there who are taking it in and experiencing the music.”


With more queer-fronted acts grabbing the spotlight than ever before, Tegan goes on to acknowledge the improvement but calls for more.

I wish there was more queer women making music in the mainstream. I still feel a responsibility to really push ahead. Not that I want to give in or give up or retire, but there are definitely moments where I wish there was more happening.”

The duo, also discussed their friendship with fellow Canadian Ellen Page and supporting her come out.


Tegan said:

We talked a lot about how wonderful and intelligent she is and how important and significant it would be if she came out. I was really proud of her and how she used her celebrity at that moment. I was proud of her for taking the leap and doing it so articulately, but also giving props to so many other amazing people who she had been influenced by. I was honoured to be included in that list.”

Tegan and Sara twin sister, have spent 17 years creating music together – their sound has shifted from alt-folk to indie rock to pop-punk – but their move to pop feels like a natural progression.

Read Tegan and Sara’s complete interview with the magazine at Glamour.com

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