Ten Tips For The Eco-Friendly Traveler

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With global warming on the rise and more and more people making travel plans, now more than ever it’s important to think about what sort of footprint we’re leaving when we take those vacations and business trips. The effects on travel on local communities can leave a lasting impact, so here’s what we can do to help…one eco-traveler at a time…

Avoid Plastic Bags

With more and more cities worldwide enforcing plastic bag bans, it only makes sense to make the switch to reusable or biodegradable bags. Canvas bags and even though reusable bags you can buy at the local market or department stores are great for travel too. Not only are the lightweight and sensible, but these days they are even being made trendy with many colors and designs to choose from.

Buy Local Products

Some of the most unique souvenirs tend to come from local artisans. So not only will you be contributing to the local economy, but you’ll also be helping to reduce the carbon footprint by avoiding those mass-produced souvenirs that are made in and shipped from international companies.

Chose Eco-Friendly Lodging

Before you travel, do your research to see what accommodations adhere to eco-friendly policies. You’ll find more and more hotels and other types of local accommodations are switching to a more environmentally friendly structure, such as offering you the option of reusing your towels to save water.

Girl with map at Brandenburger Tor

Girl with map at Brandenburger Tor

Walk and Use Mass Transit

Take advantage of the public transportation options available in your travel destination. Instead of renting a car, opt for the bus, train, or subway. Not only will it help cut back on greenhouse gases, but it saves you the hassle of trying to find tourist destinations on your own, plus it gives you the chance to interact with locals. And if you’re visiting a city that is pedestrian friendly (especially ones that offer walking tours), don’t be afraid to us your feet or rent a bicycle. Sometimes the best way to see a city or the countryside is by foot or bike…and it’s pretty much the most environmentally friendly way to travel!

Use re-chargeable batteries

Disposable batteries are one of the major culprits when it comes to leaching toxic chemicals into the earth in landfills. So when it comes to your electronics, opt for re-chargeable batteries instead. Look for a charger that has a “quick charge” feature. That way you won’t still be waiting on them to be fully charge in the morning.

Stay on marked trails

They are marked for a reason…so that we can enjoy nature with as little impact to the surrounding environment as possible. So when you’re out hiking the great outdoors or following a local footpath, don’t be tempted to take a “shortcut” or go out exploring on your own. You may do more damage than you realize.

If you’re interesting in finding local companies that are eco-friendly, check out EcoBusiness it’s a great resource for researching eco-friendly companies worldwide.

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