The 10 Best Things About Being a Lesbian That No One Tells You

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1. Kissing a girl is totally amazing. Its so much softer, sexier and lovelier than kissing a guy.

2. You get to snuggle with someone who’s not covered in body hair.

3. Watching The L-word with your girlfriend

4. You don’t wake up to a boner sticking into your back.

5. Women smell a lot better than men.

6. Women have boobs, which you get to touch.

7. You never ever have to experience pregnancy scares.

8. Another woman knows exactly how to touch you and at what speed.

9. When you move in with your girlfriend, your wardrobe literally doubles.

10. The sex is better, which has actually been proven by science.

BONUS Thing. You get to break all societies patriarchal rules!

5 thoughts on “The 10 Best Things About Being a Lesbian That No One Tells You

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  2. An Cartwright

    Number-2 is a bit off base. It certainly isn’t ‘smashing society patriarchal rules’. Some of us are hairy. Some of us are proud of that. And some of us aren’t. Don’t make girls feel bad about being au naturel please.

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  4. Mariana

    It doesn’t make me feel bad and I’m hairy….I agree with it. I think it’s trying to say body hair on chest or beard, etc..

  5. Daisy Holingsworth

    So these for sure only apply to cis lesbians. Me and my trans gf woukd argue that waking up to a boner is a great way to start the day

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