The art of Flirting – Keep fresh and keep it real

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The gay community has definitely not fell behind on the flirting bandwagon. Most relationships always start off by flirting. There are various was to flirt and if you utilize them correctly you could be looking at a brand new same-sex relationship! Make sure you don’t compliment someone on something bad or you could end up with a black eye, a broken nose, and a broken heart.

When ‘gay’ flirting, hold the persons eyes, eyes always communicate your emotions more than your mouth can. A look in their direction could make them feel welcome and open to talk to you. Look in his eyes more than you can look into anyone else’s, graze your eyes down and back up his body so he knows for sure that you are interested in him.

When having a conversation with someone you are flirting with- whisper. Whisper anything into his ear. This will grab his attention more than if you spoke in a normal tone. Try to mock the way the other person is talking to you. This way they will know you admire them and how they talk. Everyone does this, we all try to imitate the person we love, we talk like them and walk like them.

As with any flirting, don’t make any sexual advances on your first day of gay flirting. If you have been flirting for awhile then it is okay, but if you haven’t tried it before and it is the first day, you will be shut down immediately. Use any other skills you have to flirt but leave that sexual advance in the back of your mind for another time, to save a possible relationship. Be confident, not cocky, or shy, and all should go as well as planned. I hope you enjoy your new relationship!

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