The Difference Between ‘Having Sex’ & ‘Making Love’: 9 Intimate Positions ALL Lesbian Couples Should Try

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These sex positions make the difference between “having sex” and “making love”!

There are a million articles out there that will tell you how to “wow” your partner with something new and exciting, but what if you and your partner already have passion and chemistry to woo you along?

Sometimes, we want an intimate way to show our partner that sex with them is more than just sex; sometimes it’s more important that we remind her that we really do love her and intend to keep her satisfied.

While intimate sex is definitely not for everyone, those who wish for a romantic sexual activity should give some of the following moves a try:

Fun and Games

Fun and Games

This position takes a bit of practice to get right, but once you have it down it’s definitely worth it. One partner will be in a semi-squatting position with her bum pushed to the rear. Her partner will be sitting or kneeling behind her for a bit of kissing.

It seems a bit awkward in the planning stages, but it’s sure to get the juices flowing and ready you for the next step in your sexual escapades.

A Room in Rome

A Room in Rome

One partner should be lying flat on her back, with her partner sitting over the top of her vagina. The partner on top should have her legs spread to allow the partner on bottom a perfect view, as well as the ability to rub her clit.

The partner on top can caress the breasts and sides of her lover, and then when the time is right you can easily roll over to finish the job.

Swan Dive

Swan Dive

In this position, one partner will be lying on her back, with her legs up slightly. The other partner will then lay on top of her – similar to a 69 position, but on her back, rather than her stomach.

She can then rest her head on the bottom partner’s legs while her lover teases and pleases her. It can be a bit difficult to master, but it’s definitely worth it once you get it right.



This is similar to the standard, missionary position, but with the partner underneath wearing a strap-on. You will then be able to ride the toy and have complete control over the pleasure you receive.

Wrapping your legs around each other can provide for increased intimacy and control.

Stand and Deliver

Stand and Deliver

If you’re interested in the idea of shower sex or sex up against a wall – this is the ultimate answer. The partner who will be receiving should stand up (against a firm surface will make it easier, but you can definitely do it in the middle of the room if you desire).

Then, the giver should position herself at a lower angle, licking and optionally penetrating. If you’ve never had sex standing up, this is likely the first position you’ll try, but it’s a classic that will never get old. Just be sure that the receiving partner doesn’t collapse from the pleasure!

Magic Touch

Magic Touch

If one partner prides herself on her skill with her hands, this can be a great position to demonstrate that. Straddle your partner (who is lying down) and use your hand to simultaneously pleasure both of you.

This has the potential to lead to simultaneous climax, as well as the possibility of the partner on bottom taking control and turning the tables. (There’s something incredibly sexy about being tossed around a bit during your play time!)

Forbidden Fruits

Forbidden Fruits

One partner should be seated, while the other partner kneels between her legs, facing her. The seated partner will have perfect access to lick and suck on her partner’s breasts as her lover uses her hands or a toy to provide her with pleasure.

If you get quite worked up, the seated partner will probably decide to use her hands as well – and the kneeling partner will be in a great position to be penetrated.

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

Both partners should be lying on their sides, facing each other, similar to the lateral 69 position.

However, instead of both partners pleasing each other, one will get comfortable on the hip/butt of their partner while receiving the ultimate oral pleasure.

Best Finger Forward

Best Finger Forward

Although the name of this position would suggest you use your fingers, it is ideal for play with toys, as one partner will have a wonderful angle for penetration.

Partner A should be lying down in a comfortable position while Partner B lies on top facing her feet. While it would seem that the partner on top is in control, that’s certainly not the case, as she cannot see when the partner on bottom will be alternating between penetration and oral pleasure – leading to infinite satisfaction.

Perhaps one of the most important parts of making love (as opposed to just having sex) is the reminder to your partner of what she really means to you.

For this reason, we at KitschMix encourage you to cuddle after sex and never let your partner forget that you love her for more than just her smoking hot body. (That’s just the icing on the cake!) Don’t forget to give her a kiss and tell her she’s beautiful, every day.

11 thoughts on “The Difference Between ‘Having Sex’ & ‘Making Love’: 9 Intimate Positions ALL Lesbian Couples Should Try

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  2. amanda carney

    Thanx for the tips when U have been with someone for a long time something different brings back the spice

  3. MarLa Hansen

    Wow. No. Do you have actual lesbians writing these?? Because these are pretty standard and when I think of love making I think of positions that allow two women to be close, to facilitate eye contact and being able to hold one another.
    It’s not so much about naming a position or technique but explaining how to achieve them and I’d pull these mundane positions out for one-nighters. And the cartoon women really has me thinking this must be a joke.

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