The Missfit’s Carnival – London’s Newest Lesbian Night

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Tomorrow night is Carnival Night, so today we made it our mission to meet up with one-half of the fantastic duo behind the lesbian event taking London by storm – Effi Mai.

KitschMix: So, guys who are Missfit? Can your tell our readers more about the team behind the events?

Effi Mai: Missfit started last year when my flatmate (Sandra Davenport) and I wanted to do more for the queer girl scene. We wanted to put on nights that didn’t have to cost the earth, and create something where everyone would feel comfortable – could have a good dance, and drink some tequila.

KM: And the name?

EM: The name was Sandra’s idea, a few drinks and boom – Missfit.

KM: So, it was drink inspired?

EM: No – not at all. If you’re part of LGBTQ scene, you’ll know we’re all different. We’re individuals, we’re brilliant, but we can be considered Missfit by the rest of society. So that’s how the name and the event came about.

KM: So what events do the Missfit put on?

We do a monthly club night, which is actually called ‘Missfit’, where we play the songs people want to dance and sing along too. This event appears randomly all over London.

Otherwise we do big nights – like the Lesbian Prom, which was on in March and now the Queer Carnival, which is on tomorrow at Scala, London.

KM: And whom would you say your events for?

Our events are for everyone and anyone. Even with the word Lesbian in the title we had allsorts attending the Prom – some up at the front drooling over CharliXCX and others at the bar making their own cocktails.

I think the lines have blurred a lot more now on the lesbian scene – the scene is less divided. We just have a no dickheads policy. If you’re a dickhead, you’re out.

KM: So what is it about Missfit that makes the nights different from other lesbian club nights in London?

We don’t just do club nights where there’s Djs and drinks. We like to mix it up and add a little extra to the night – like having amazing performers such as Neon Jungle, Ms Dynamite, Heather Peace and Chvrches.

KM: What made you decide to put on a Carnival night?

EM: I love fairgrounds and rides and toffee apples and all that jam, so it sounded like a fun event to do. It’s definitely more than a club night. Neon Jungle will be performing in all their glittered glory and we have the glorious Bela Takes Chase headlining. They’ll be a few more surprises, but I’ll stop there, because I’m really bad at keeping secrets. It only takes a small shot of vodka to get them out of me. Lets just say the night will make its mark.

KM: At Carnival you are collaborating with some popular lesbian nights – Ruby Tuesday, Bar Wotever and Domo. What made you want to join forces?

EM: We thought Bar Wotever definitely had the twisted gender-queer the Carnival theme was after. DOMO is one of my favourite nights, so I wanted them involved, and with Ruby Tuesdays, well we wanted to bring the soho scene in as well and mix it up. We don’t have to be all separate. Lets all throw our glitter in the air like we just don’t care.

KM: Has working with different promoters been a challenge or well received?

Our rooms are pretty separate, so they’re in charge of their own room and we’ll just hope it comes together! And then I only have one room to worry about and I don’t have to start freaking out.

KM: Will Carnival be a regular event?

EM: Yes! As long as no one chokes in glitter at this one, we’ll do another next year.

KM: Lesbian Prom was a massive success, are their plans to do another one?

EM: Yes we will be doing another Prom next year too. Which is just enough time for me to find a dress. Just.

KM: Why do feel it is so important for you to hold these events?

EM: We wanted to bring the scenes together and there’s just not enough for girls on the scene at all. Last week we were all in Soho and after 1, there was nowhere for us to go. I wanted to dance until the early hours of the morning, not sulk home on the N73 drinking vodka and cranberry from a can. I put on heels and everything!

KM: What does the future look like for Missfit?

EM: We want to do a lot more events and we have a lot of different sort of stuff planned for the end of the year.

KM: Do you have plans to hold any events outside of London?

EM: When we take over the world yes. Being Welsh, I would like Cardiff to be our first stop. I’ll bring the glitter.

Carnival is coming this Friday 23rd May…

Scala – 275 Pentonville Road, Kings cross, N1 9NL London, United Kingdom

Buy your tickets here

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