The Real ‘Alex Vause’ Says OITNB Relationships Are “Total Fiction” (Video)

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The real life Alex Vause has described Orange Is the New Black relationships as “total fiction” in a new interview.

Cleary Wolters, on who the Vause character is based, says in this preview of a Security Brief interview that the show made prison look “like a lesbian bed-and-breakfast”.

If that’s really the way prison were, I probably would’ve stayed.”

Cleary Wolters 02

The hit Netflix series – as if you didn’t know – is based on Piper Kerman’s account of her stay in a women’s prison for money laundering and drug trafficking charges. Charges brought about by Wolters (her one lover) naming her.

Wolters has been a critic of the show and Kerman’s interpretation before. However, given that show now has millions of adoring OITNB fans, she may want to hold off on exposing the accuracy of the relationships we’ve laughed, cried and very much blushed over these past few years.

The full interview is yet to be aired, and hopefully Wolters will clear things up for us and maybe even reveal some secrets as to what’s left to come in the story.

Watch the clip of Wolters below:


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