The UK has confirmed no aid will go to Ugandan Government

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The Department for International Development has confirmed that the only aid money spent by Britain in Uganda will go to multilateral aid agencies and non-governmental organisations, rather than the Ugandan Government. This means the aid money is spent on helping the people of Uganda without funding the country’s legal and political system.

“We ended all budget support payments to the Ugandan government last year. The UK strongly opposes all discrimination on any grounds and Justine Greening has been clear that governments receiving UK aid need to meet a specific set of principles, including human rights.”

– DfID spokesman:

DfID confirmed that aid was cut to Uganda’s Government last year due to a corruption scandal, but reiterated that the human rights concerns raised by the Anti-Homosexuality Act would most likely deem it ineligible to receive aid.

Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands have also confirmed they will cut their aid to Uganda following the decision to sign the bill by Museveni.

The United States and Sweden have said they are now reviewing their relations with Uganda, following the President’s decision to sign anti-gay legislation. Also, the Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have called for an end to a political agreement with Uganda over the law.


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