Things You Realise When You Date a Woman Who Treats The Way You Deserve

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Lets all admit that bad girls are addictive. But there comes a point in life when you think, “Wow, there got to be more to love than this.”

It starts with the little things, like maybe she uses up the last of the milk, or she never listens to what you have to say. Sometimes, she doesn’t text you back, but, hey, look! She just tweeted about Ruby Rose’s pride performance, so she’s definitely by her phone. Or, she’s only ever down to hang when it’s super late and you’ve both been drinking.

Our experiences with bad “relationships” teach us to put up with this type of behaviour, because romance and chivalry are dead

But then, someone comes in and mixes it up.

She makes you question why on earth you put up with such awful treatment before.

You see each other when it’s not late, she’s not drunk, and dare I say, you even go on a date!

Maybe it isn’t love (yet), and you won’t get married and have kids with this person, but she gives you a dose of reality that makes you mushy inside and suddenly realise…

That wow, this person thinks you’re worth something…

You never have to lie to yourself that she’s good for you, or make excuses for her. This epiphany fills your heart with happiness and hope, two things that had been lacking for quite some time.

… because you are.

Not only do you realise she thinks you are special, but you also realise you are special.

You look in the mirror and smile with confidence. It’s not that she gives you confidence, but she did help you realise exactly how strong and beautiful you are.

You raise your standards

After the royal treatment, you raise your standards – as you should. The next time you go out into the game, you know what to look for.

You know how to identify the players and their moves. This time, biceps and booty won’t blind you. No amount of smooth talking will win you over.

You appreciate the woman you with

This woman made you pause and think about your love life and how badly previous people treated you.

Even if it doesn’t end up working out with this person, you still want to thank her. She helped you out from dark, murky waters so you could see all the nice and colourful fish in the sea again.

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