Good news, Tig Notaro’s One Mississippi is returning to Amazon this September.

Based on her life, with some fictionalised elements, One Mississippi follows Notaro as she returns to her hometown in Mississippi to cope with her mother’s sudden death, and some complicated family dynamics, not long after recovering from a double mastectomy.

Poignant and at times heartbreaking, One Mississippi is billed as a dark comedy. But much like Notaro, the series maintains an impressively optimistic spirit.

Talking to Deadline, Notaro spoke about what to expect on the show’s second season.

That’s really been the fun of it: I don’t know where it’s going to go; let’s figure out where this is going to go. I’ve brought in ideas to the writer’s room of where I’d like things to go; everybody has. We follow those storylines, and sometimes we get to a place where they have to scrap it. Those have been sad moments, because I’ve had a couple of storylines that I really was excited to do, and then it didn’t quite make sense with what we were doing with other elements of the show. As time has gone on, and there’s been more distance from that traumatic time that I went through, it’s been so fun to move away from and let go of it more and more, as thankful as I’ve been for all these different outlets to let me express myself in all these different ways.”


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