Top 14 Reasons to Love Your ‘Free Spirited’ Girlfriend

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Hippie chicks know where it’s at.

Have you ever wondered if you should be dating a hippie chick? As a self-proclaimed hippie, I might be a bit biased – but there are definitely some perks to dating a girl who identifies as a hippie.

Of course, this doesn’t apply to all women who call themselves a hippie – the term itself is open to interpretation, of course – but among those that I hang out with, we generally identify hippie chicks by the following perks:

1. She’s always a free thinker.

She doesn’t do things just because they follow the norm, nor does she do things specifically because they’re against the norm. She always has her own opinion, and she’s not afraid to share them.

2. She’s down for anything – as long as it’s harmless fun.

She’s not going to judge you based on the things you think are fun, as long as they don’t cause harm to yourself, to her, or to others. She also cares about animals, which is why –

3. She loves your cat more than you do.

Let’s be honest: From the minute she moved in, that became her cat.

4. She likes to stay healthy.

This means she’ll love going on a simple date like a walk or a hike – which can save you money! Additionally, she’s likely to know some awesome healthy recipes that you won’t be able to tell are vegan. (Okay, that’s a lie; you’ll totally be able to tell. But she’ll be so cute when she’s making them that you won’t even care.)

5. She doesn’t need you to spend all your money on her.

Some girls want a lot of gifts – but not your hippie girlfriend. She’s just as happy with a single daisy as with a dozen roses, and she probably would prefer the first one.

6. She doesn’t care if you miss a few days shaving.

She might even be of the mindset that shaving is a waste of time (you can’t really deny it, it totally is). If your legs are a little stubbly, she’s not going to care, because “shaving is a symptom of the patriarchy” or something like that.

7. She has great taste in music.

She won’t judge you if you’re not into the same stuff she is – but she’ll turn you onto some great classics like Stevie Nicks and The Eagles.

8. She’s always got something to smoke.

If you’re into getting high, she’s always got some in her back pocket. If you’re not into getting high, she probably won’t push you to do it – as long as you don’t make her quit.

9. She’s probably the creative type.

It’s a proven fact that creative types (such as artists, writers, or even women who make candles) are better in bed. They can bring this creativity to every other aspect of your relationship – just let her show you!

10. She makes love, not war.

She’s not afraid to stand her ground on the things that matter to her – but she’d rather talk it out with love first. If you’re used to girls who are too angry, this can be a real relief.

11. She’ll probably run around the house naked.

After all, clothes are so constricting, and a product of a society that teaches us to be ashamed of our bodies. Your hippie girlfriend isn’t ashamed of her body, which means you’ll get to see it. A lot.

12. She prefers yoga pants and skirts over “real clothes”, any day.

Yoga pants and skirts both definitely have their own perks – not that we’re going to get into them here, but I’m sure you can piece it together!

13. She’d probably let you have a threesome.

Her hippie nature tells her that she should be open to the idea of free love. This could potentially be a bad thing if you don’t have open communication, but if you’re honest with each other (and have been dying to bring another girl home), your hippie girlfriend would probably be okay with it.

14. Because hippies are misunderstood creatures.

Just like a rare and magical unicorn, “real” hippies are unique and hard to find. Once you’ve had one, you won’t understand why you haven’t had one before. Sure, they may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they don’t care – because they’re happy just being themselves.

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