Touching Video, Lesbian Army Wives

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A touching behind the scenes video, which looks at a lesbian relationship in the US army.

Back in 2011 Massy and her wife did not having equal rights when it came down to Jalisa’s employer, the United States Army.

“I [used to] come to visit her and I’d have to stay in the barracks, kind of incognito. I would always think if something were to happen to her, I’d be the last to know.”

Since DADT and DOMA were repealed in America, they’ve been able to live their life together — openly — at Fort Irwin in California.

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This video shows a day in the life of the couple, and what the recent change in policy means to them.

“As a military wife I feel like they are taking me serious. They are really counting me in. I think allowing gays and lesbians to express who they are freely makes them want to give it their all.”

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