Western society is full of double standards when it comes to feminine beauty. Ben Hopper (London-based photographer) has taken a small step towards dealing with some of these problems by creating a simple photo series that turns our ideas of feminine body hair and beauty upside down. This photo series is called “Natural Beauty,”

“Although armpit hair is a natural state it has become a statement. Why is that? For almost a century we have been brainwashed by the beauty industry, encouraging hair removal. By creating a contrast between common ‘fashionable’ female beauty and the raw unconventional look of female armpit hair thoughts are intrigued and a discussion is made.”

Ben Hopper

Hopper challenges the idea that hairy women are in any way unattractive or unhygienic.


Armpit shaving came about in 1910 through the first women’s shaving campaign; and since then the industry has taken off and not looked back. Along with their new line of feminine hygiene products cam countless ads convincing women that armpit hair was unhygienic and unattractive.

Source: therealbenhopper.com



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