Two Clueless Girls And A Gay Man Visit A Sex Shop

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Like all good stories, it all started after sex. As me and my girlfriend were lying in bed, about to fall asleep, she came up with an idea:

“Do you wanna try… you know…” I didn’t know.

After a ridiculous amount of tries, I finally figuring out what she meant and the plan for the day was set: we were going to a sex shop to buy a strap on.

But where do we find one? What are we even looking for in a strap on? Girth? Size? Colour?

Me, a recent non-virgin; her a goldstar lesbian, where both entering uncharted territory. It was time to consult the one man I could trust with all our questions, my flatmate and fellow gay man.

We decided to go to the sex shop right next to my flat, which proudly holds a sign upfront saying “sex supermarket”…I was already apprehensive. I mean, why would they choose the word supermarket, it’s not like I am going there for a dildo and bread?!

I was quite surprised by how big the store itself was and how white, clean, and neatly organized everything was. Rows after rows of sex toys, ranging from leather jockstraps all the way to the biggest dildo I’ve seen ever seen in my life. To put it mildly, it was hard to know where to start.

Bear in mind, I live in a city in Central Europe, so, to my amusement but not surprise, there was a whole section of porn VHS cassettes that looked straight from the 80s.

But why did everything seem so damn big? And veiny?

We did end up considering buying a small purple strap on which my flatmate could only describe as “cute”, although we ended up not buying it since, as my girlfriend put it, “It reminds me of Barney and I am quite sure that’s a turn off”.

Empty handed but not discouraged, we left the store and decided to bet on an online store. So far, the hunt has lead us to a complete dead-end although I am sure we will eventually find something suitable.

Tel us about your first experience at a sex shop! Do you have any suggestions when it comes to sex toys?

One thought on “Two Clueless Girls And A Gay Man Visit A Sex Shop

  1. Ruperetta Miklos

    When i bought my first strap on, i went with my instinct. When i went to pay for it, the sales associate recommended a different product which was of better quality. It ws more expensive as i had to buy the harness and attachment seperately but well worth it. Don’t be afraid to ask the sales associates for help, it is what they are paid for

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